1. Mark says

    LOL! Peter Vadala is a huge self-loathing fucking “Gaywad”. He has a HUGE Gay accent, Gay hair and Gay Face!!! Seriously, is he thinking anybody does not see his fagitude?! He needs to be at Exodus International with Ted Haggard, John Paulk and former Congressman Mark Foley learning to throw a football.

    Stewart has more balls than the entire Democratic party.

  2. peterparker says

    @BGKEV: You are idiot. In order for him to be charged with any sort of threat, a reasonable person would have to believe that the threat was real and that it placed others in danger. There isn’t a prosecutor in the country that would even consider bringing a case against them BECAUSE IT WAS CLEARLY COMEDY!

    I love Jon Stewart.

  3. Rowan says

    Why is it the Conservatives can get away with hugely offensive, racist, violent threats (eg Obama) but when we make a clear JOKE out of something FROM a jokey programme, it’s an outrage??


  4. patrick nyc says

    BGKEV you clearly know nothing of the law. That is the same lame excuse that the right wing is using with the Matt Sheperd hate crimes bill, that clergy will be prosecuted for hate crimes, if someone commits a crime after hearing them preach on the bible’s stance.

  5. Tex says

    Peter Valdala is very vocal on Facebook. He likes nothing better than to spew his homophobia on various discussion boards. (Many of which have been screen captured and sent to the legal council at Brookstone.)

    Feel free to stop by, check out Peter Valdala’s page, send him a message of support, and let him know what a laughing stock he’s become.

    And BGKEV….for the record….you’re a certified douchenozzle!

  6. Paul R says

    Curiously, the Colbert Report used the very same clip of the kid last night, and even mocked the interviewer for the “What’s a gaywad?” question in much the same tone.

    Both shows have always been gay friendly, but both have really ramped up coverage of gay-related stories recently.

  7. John in Boston says

    I feel bad for this kid. He’s being used. Children shouldn’t be used by anybody as a prop. There are plenty of adults who should be speaking up who can defend themselves.

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