1. Carissa says

    After visiting Glacier, I left it thinking it was the most beautiful place in this country. These pictures are gorgeous and really capture its beauty. Thanks for posting this Andy. :)

  2. Dan says

    Andy, thanks for posting these pics of the place that for those who have visited is certainly the most spectacular place in the United States.

  3. IAWrangler says

    Thanks for this post, Andy. I was raised in Montana and hiked in Glacier National Park each summer. Its beauty is as stunning as your featured photograph (a shot taken in the vicinity above the Going to the Sun Road).

  4. Odsbjorn says

    Grew up just south of there in a little town on Flathead Lake. It is breathetaking and awesome!

    While I do think wistfully on that time, you couldn’t get me to move back there for all of the gold in Fort Knox. lol

    Funny story: Every summer, my friends and I would bet on how long it would be before an out-of-stater would get mauled by a grizzly. Important life lesson: bears (of the non-human, non-gay persuasion) are not as cuddly as the popular culture would make them out to be!

  5. Jay says

    Glorious. Thanks for posting this! I’m sure I’d hate living in Montana – a born east coaster I am – but obviously I must visit Glacier Pk.