1. Dan says

    Off topic, but…

    Those random “You Won!” audio ads were annoying enough. But now an entire f*cking Mucinex ad? Not making enough money, Andy?

    Kill the ads or I think good number of people will take a hike. I know I will, at least.

  2. alguien says

    certainly kill those freakin’ ads that blast loud noises at us or that we cannot find anywhere on the page to press the pause or silence buttons-like that mucinex piece of shit.

  3. Ryan says

    If ONLY there was a way to surf the web without audio!
    Apparently your POS computer doesn’t come with a volume control. Sucks to be you don’t it…

  4. Joel says

    Goodness, people, install Firefox and the AdBlock plugin. Most every ad on this page will be blocked, and with the right filters, you can disable the rest of the crap that would otherwise make this site damn near unreadable.

    Seriously, has Andy Towle ever met a blog widget he didn’t like?

  5. Scott E. says


    agreed. I have Adblock Plus and NoScript in Firefox, and I totally forgot there were ads online at all. =P

  6. jim says

    hey y’all… IE is the only option at my office. I think bloggers should pander to 9-5 procrastinators under IT departments that rival the nazi regime.

  7. Andrew F says

    As a frequenter of, I can freely admit that I squeeled quite loudly when I watched this.

    “You’re a deer!!! Yes, you are! Yes you are! Awwwwwww!!!”