1. gregorybrown says

    Is having a round face, smug look and acrylic looking hair a genetic set of markers for insensitive or vile and hateful people? I notice it among politicians and preachers, mainly.

  2. Bayley says

    The matter of fact is….this is only acceptable to say about gays, and the other fact of the matter remains…we LET them. We allow this stuff to occur. We play weak, we don’t stand strong in our voice, and are too afraid of being seen gay…well guess what? if you don’t speak up and DEMAND respect and say “hey! no one else gets this treatment, why do gays?”….then we won’t be getting this treatment.

    It’s scary to think elected officials have been the most OUTSPOKEN bigots and homophobes, makes you wonder what message that sends the normal citizen…but unless we have a horse in the race, unless we get out there and look into a career in politics, become passionate about politics (much like Ms. Parker in Houston) and encourage gay friends who have the know how, courgae, and confidence to go into politics…we’ll just be an outsider for this pieces of dirt.

    We obviously can’t see change happen…we need to make change happen!

  3. J. Bocca says

    So inappropriate and unbelievable insensitive. Piece of fucking shit, And you know these dumb breeders smile on the inside when they hear a “homo” died of Aids. Sickening.

  4. Blue Wizard says

    Quote from the article:

    James has come under fire before, including a 2004 email in which he wrote that urban blacks “live in a moral sewer.”

    Hopefully this person gets voted out of public office soon.

  5. Paul says

    i would like to understand how it was ever appropriate to refer to someone as a “homo”? and I take resentment towards our lives being called a “lifestyle”…umm, excuse me, but I get up, go the gym, go to work, and eat dinner with my partner…how is that any different then what a hetro couple does? assholes!!

  6. Bruno says

    One doesn’t apologize only when they do something on purpose. He deeply hurt his colleague’s feelings and that should warrant his apology. Otherwise, it just looks like he’s being a scumbag, which he is.

  7. Mitch says

    Nevermind residential info…

    It has been brought to my attention that we are not certain that is his house or home phone. The other information is correct, though.

  8. Precious Magillicutty says

    Oh yes where is GRABBNEWSCUM and JohnInBoston since he is always talking about homophobia from The African American Community.
    I guess this must be a relative of theirs.

    What a DAMN SHAME…..Old Southerners just have no shame!

  9. Myles Miller says

    Dear Folks,
    I live in Charlotte, NC, Mecklenburg County. We have put up with this man’s shenanigan’s since 1998 and “The Gang of 5.” He and four other commissioners were appalled at “Angles In America” being presented here. Hoyle Martin, Joel Carter, Tom Bush, and George Higgins. Bill James and the rest of the ilk tried to take over our Arts and Science Council. That way, They (Gang of 5) would say what can and cannot be performed here in our city. I have lived in this city for more than 45 years. It still has an awfully long way to go!

  10. Joshua Lee Weaver says

    @ Mike, Charlotte is a very conservative city. But Charlotte has yet to do anything in the favor of gay rights. Charlotte itself does not offer anything! Not even a non-discrimination policy. And that has to do a lot with Mayor Pat McCroy. Remember this is Mecklenburg County – those are two different governments. I went just a few months ago to speak to the city of Charlotte to see how we could incorporate gay rights into their policies such as a non-discrimination act, domestic partner benefits and the main focus to see if they would support a resolution in support of same-sex marriage. All these items were turned down. Pat McCroy even told me himself, that he didn’t believe in gay rights and would never approve any of them!! It was even suggested that I take my steak to the Mecklenburge County because they are more progressive. This is one huge step for Mecklenburg County, but the city of Charlotte still has a ways to go. I would suggest they start acting like Durham, Boone, Chapel Hill and Carrboro – who have already passed a non-discrimination act, domestic partnership benefits, and also support a resolution in favor of same sex marriage! I totally agree with you Myles!!

  11. Alan says

    Yeah, I’m not too surprised about this. If you really want to hear a nasty person say offensive things about us gay folks, you should listen to Democrat Fred Phelps. He hopes that us gay folks die and go to hell. It’s unfortunate that he campaigned for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Most people are under the impression that the liberals are doing something positive for the gay community. I mean, even Obama hates gay people. Maybe he will come around on the DADT policy, but don’t hold your breath.

  12. Nik says

    “slang word used when he was growing up”
    So when is he going to grow up??
    Ms. Leake is good one, cause I would have been removed for good from the Chamber… Just saying.

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