1. Brad says

    I think it looks fun. Hopefully it is not a downer like the first movie. They are at their best when they are having a good time, being silly, etc.

  2. crispy says

    Who’s getting married? That does not look like Stanford Blatch up there… unless he’s wearing a piece.

  3. JeffNYC says

    Liza said in an interview that she sings “Single Ladies” at the wedding. Does she? Or was she being delusional again?

  4. Marc says

    Oh god! Try to keep an open mind and wait for it’s release.

    I NEVER trust any “critic’s” review of a movie, I like to make my own mind up thanks.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Was a fan of the show but the first movie sucked, the only good thing was Samantha’s next door hottie Gilles Marini, who they do not bring back in the second.

  6. Jay says

    My gripe has always been that these two didn’t like each other when they met and have had half a second of screen time together. After the bummer of a first movie, it seems like the writer thought, “Let’s do a gay wedding to keep things light!” – and since they only had two characters to choose from, they married them.

  7. Josh says

    They have probably chosen two ugly actors to play the gay couple. The hot ones play straight men.

    I seriously don’t understand why so many gay men like SATC, when it’s obviously not made to please us.

  8. says

    I loed the first movie and I am sure I will love this one as well.


    Sanford and that annoying Mario Queen are So not each others types! It’s like the producers figured any two Gay guys would naturally be with each other. It reminds me of when people just assume all Black people at a company know and hang out with each other.

    And could someone , everyone, PLEASE stop hiring that awful Mario Cantone? Blech.

  9. DR says

    am i the only gay man in America who has never seen and will never see this show? or the movies? i tried watching season one and just didn’t get it. what is the draw for gay men about watching a bunch of catty chicks carry on about whatever?

  10. CJ says

    “what is the draw for gay men about watching a bunch of catty chicks carry on about whatever?”

    I think you answered your own question πŸ˜›

  11. says

    Wow…this is a lot of vitriol. I must have accidentally clicked on the NPR webpage..

    The show and the movies are just candy-colored fun for people who like fashion, hot people, and NYC. If you’ve actually watched the entire series, it did an excellent job of commenting on the culture of the moment, and A LOT to do with bringing positive women’s sexuality into the mainstream.

    I mean, it’s not ‘Six Feet Under’ people, but also not a reason to critically pan it.

  12. DR says

    Great, a show which did a great job about showing women’s sexuality in a positive light… so again, I ask, what is the draw for gay men?

  13. clayton says

    Not only did the gay wedding make the cut, but a friend of mine who was on set for it has audio of Liza singing Single ladies for it. (which really, is just a little too old especially by the time that the movie comes out, i mean LET. IT. DIE.)


  14. Steven says

    That’s actually a man and a LIZA standing at the altar…if you look close you will notice the sequins…a dead giveaway! However, the case could still be made that this is a Gay Wedding

  15. TANK says

    “am i the only gay man in America who has never seen and will never see this show?”

    No. Though I tried after several people I no longer respect sang its praises. I couldn’t get past five minutes of an episode.

  16. TANK says

    Why don’t they make a movie out of arrested development? That wouldn’t make me want to put a cigarette out in my eye. That’s right, they are! “Oh girls, let’s go eat a big huge tub of ice cream with our big amorphous sweaters on and talk about SITC!” How do people expect to be taken seriously who are that two dimensional?

  17. bading says

    I agree with you Derek Washington, that Mario Cantone is as awful and despicable in real life as in the series.

  18. sj fan says

    i liked the first one but they’ve been getting more and more superficial as the series went on, more brands + less style. more ‘marry me’ with a big rock instead of fuck me with a big cock !…i guess its called settling as u get older sigh.

  19. TANK says

    SJ FAN for the win. That was seriously the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. I hope we never meet in real life…it would cause me sharp pain in my right eye. No offense, of course.

  20. HOT says

    Mario Cantone is not awful or despicable in real life, he is just like thousands of other queens caught up in the drama of their own lives. I have never met anyone less impressive who was so sure he was a diva. Oh well Mario bravo on your success but down to earth is so much more appealing.