1. Mike says

    I watched this a few days ago. A pity the homoerotic elements go no further than this scene and an implied sexual encounter covered over with segue to (cough) snake-charmer.

  2. says

    Really disappointing adaptation. An oddly heterosexual interpretation of the story – he only goes gay either to get his way or to show the level of depravity to which he’s sunk. And Ben Barnes isn’t my idea of attractive either.

  3. says

    Peter Rivendell is right. Have seen it and it’s a VERY HETRO adaptation. Actually the above is the ONLY gay scene. The rest of the movie is Dorian smoking opium, schumpling girls, and killing poeople. Its a very well made pretty movie though. But as far as adaptaion. 6 on a scale of 10.

  4. WizardBoy says

    Have you read the book? There’s no real gay sex in the book, so to complain about a “hetero” interpretation means the movie is probably faithful to the book. What do you want, Victorian porn? This is as close as you’ll get!

    I liked the scene (without the sound particularly).

  5. says

    Actually the version of the book that we all know of today is expurgated. Wilde’s original version was far more explicit about Teh Ghey.

    A few years back there was a mmodern dress adaptation that was quite good. In it the ‘portrait” was a video installation rather than a painted canvas.

    In any event I’m looking forward to this version.

    Does anybody remmeber the one that starred Helmut Berger?

  6. says

    Yummy. Prince Caspian. Chaplin has a slight resemblance to Antonio Banderas. I started the movie two days ago and turned it off because it was too slow moving then saw the clip above and wante dto check out the kiss. I love a sexy man on man kiss. We just don’t see enough of ’em. :-)

  7. says

    Yumm, Ben Chaplin. David E. is right though, the original version of Dorian Grey, which appeared in a literary magazine, is more specifically gay.

    For aficionados of the story, you can also check out Will Self’s delightfully (and still sadly) debauched, “Dorian”.

  8. Amy says

    I know that there are a lot of homosexual undertones in the book, but BASIL? No. Basil cannot ever have any actual sexual fulfillment from Dorian. If this were one of the many characters that we know are too ashamed to hang around with Dorian now because he knows something they did, that would work fabulously. I would love if the scientist he gets to dissolve Basil’s body were actually afraid of being blackmailed about gay sex, but BASIL? I am taking this off my Netflix. You ruin the character if he ever gets anything back from Dorian for his admiration.