Buffalo, NY Woman Has Face, Eye Slashed in Possible Hate Crime

A Buffalo, New York woman was slashed in the eye by a group of attackers on New Year's Eve outside a club in the city's Allentown neighborhood.

WIVB reports: Lindseyharmon "Buffalo Police are investigating an early-morning stabbing outside a club in the Allentown area. A woman was taken to the hospital after she was slashed in the right eye. Police responded to the incident on Main and Allen Streets, outside Club Roxy's just after 2 a.m. Friday. No word on the victim's condition or if an arrest has been made."

There is, word, however, of the victims condition on Facebook, and based on the report there should be hate crime charges here:

"On dec 31st, 2009 my girlfriend lindsay harmon was stabbed by a white female that was walking with a group of 4 black males, and 1 other white female. They were walking down main street in front of roxys complex towards virgina when they decided to harass and assault lindsay, dina, and myself using very hateful words towards gays, and lesbians, while then the situation turning into a physical confrontation. Lindsay was stabbed in the right eye, right cheek, and left arm causing very serious injuries. The girl that did this got away by running with her group of friends down main toward virgina street. Please if anyone has any information or saw even a little bit of what happen that horrific night please contact me @ 716-225-8181...or detective tim rooney @ 716-851-4403. ALSO please send this page out to all friends so that it gets around, and we can catch this person!!!!! Thank you all again for all your support.

"Lindsay was rushed to the hospital at 3am that night, to be followed by surgery later on the next afternoon to her right eye. She had a 9mm slash coming from the top of her eye lid, going into her eye ball. She has stitches in her arm, cheek, top of eye lid, and they repaired the damage to her right eye. Its about a 50/50 shot at her eye sight being completely normal again, but she is already progressing. She can see shadows, and light which is a very good sign. Time will tell, time will heal, the only thing she can do is rest, and be surrounded by love! She is stil same ol lindsay, being a smart ass, and laughing.... We all have 110% faith in her that she will get through this, and be "A" okay! She is in very good hands..PROMISE.....and every little thing means the world to her, and us close...Thank you all again for your support, love, and concerns!

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