1. RB says

    Sorry, I don’t see how bad this is. I don’t think anyone, anywhere should get on a plane without going through a scanner! I just want to get on a plane, get to my destination without being blown up! I fail to see the problem. So Drudge pokes at the whole big brother is watching. Who cares? Protect my freakin plane!

  2. PDX Guy says

    Drudge seems to have daily reports against this scanning. One has to wonder if there is something under his clothes he doesn’t want anyone to know. Are you feeling under-endowed, Drudge?

  3. MichaelB says

    Oh, come on! This pair of images + the headline is hilarious. He knows his audience – big government fear coupled with the head nod to the gay rumors. I think it’s clever.

    Also, regardless of how you feel about Drudge – he isn’t irrelevant. His site is still seeing around 10M visitors a month.

  4. Interested Bystander says

    Ref the Towleroad headline: So is “gay-baiting’ implying someone is gay? I always thought the “baiting” part came in, when it was done in the presence of or directly to the person who was “baited”.
    What is the difference between “gay-baiting” and “outing”?

    Ref the Drudge thing: It’s sort of Republican/Libertarian creepy/clever; that Karl Rove thing that is so last administration.

  5. anon says

    Well, I’m sure some of us here are salivating at the prospects for full body cavity searches at airports, but I think we are debasing ourselves enough already. These full body scanners are just “security theater” as they say. How about air marshals on every flight? Sounds a lot better to me.

  6. mike shackleford says

    i’m hopeing that i get scanned at b.w.i airport next week. i plan on having a metal cock ring on and a dildo up my azz.

    btw, were drudge gay, wouldn’t he have been outed long ago?

  7. Matt says

    While I agree with the general idea that his gay-baiting his audience is terrible, I also disagree with the full body scanners as the are being proposed. To those who say, I just want to be safe, let me reply, in Benjamin Franklin’s words, They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Privacy is one of those “essential liberties” he was writting about.

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