1. AlexInBoston says

    Well if that is the way Harold Ford, Jr. and his staff are going to treat their “New Constituents” perhaps he should reconsider his jumping into the race! This video should be plastered all over the NYC area. From the bloggers to print and visual media!

  2. says


    My only suggestion is to find some activists of color to do some of these actions so that he doesn’t find some homophobic Black ministers to turn it into a race thing.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  3. Alan says

    I haven’t been following this enough… but it seems he’s changed his mind to our favor. Why are we targeting him rather than thanking him?

    I don’t get it.

  4. Zach says

    Alan, we’re targeting him because he’s full of crap. He voted not once but TWICE for the federal marriage amendment act, and was proud of this act of hatred against us.
    Now that he needs our votes, he’s suddenly on our side?

  5. says

    Ford has a history of claiming to have changed his spots to fit the voters he’s trying to attract.

    This sudden about face on marriage equality coincided with his reach for the US Senate seat held by someone who has grown into someone with very high ratings in the LGBT community. It follows his record of not just twice voting to amend the US Constitution to ban marriage equality, but also voting for a ban on using federal funds to develop school curricula that addressed anti-gay bullying and for a ban on gay adoptions in DC [though he did support allowing adoptions in the next Congress].

    Most tellingly, in the past, he’s became more antigay than more gay positive. He went from supporting hate crimes legislation to opposing it, thus falling to a 25 rating [out of 100] by HRC in his final term in Congress.

    When running in Tennessee he bragged about his friendship with George Bush, his NRA membership, being anti-Choice, supporting the so-called Patriot Act, and voted to put Repug Roberts on the Supreme Court.

    And, oh yeah, opposed repealing DADT and refused to support the Uniting American Families Act.

    Having moved to The Big Apple, he’s trying to shed his Repug-in-Dem’s clothing drag. His recent claims that he has actually supported civil unions since 1996 could not be documented but his having bragging that he would vote for Tennessee’s ban on marriage equality, and having gone out of his way to condemn pro marriage equality court rulings such as New Jersey’s easily can.

    And I agree with Derek that we need POC to be publicly calling him out, too.

  6. Chitown Kev says

    Poor Harold is just mad that Obama beat him to the Presidency, that’s really the bottom line with Mr. Ford.

    Oh, let’s not forget that picture of Harold perputrating a hillbilly complete with his picture in front of the confederate flag.

  7. tc says

    i’m no fan of harold ford, but that was pathetic. i’d have tossed the guy out myself if i were there.

  8. John says

    That photo was truly priceless. African American politician touting his “values” while standing in front of the confederate flag. That’s all I need to know about your values, Harold. You don’t need to actually say anything.

  9. JimSur212Jim says

    Be careful how much you alienate Harold. Gillibrand is a dud and will lose the primary. Harold may be late to the game for gay rights, but it’s a safe bet that his GOP opponent won’t play our game at all. Paterson appointing Gillibrand will go down as one of his biggest blunders. I would have preferred Caroline Kennedy with all her uhmms than someone perfectly content to live in Chuck Schumer’s shadow.

  10. NR says

    This is a general question, but Harold Ford’s change in position and our general reaction to it makes me wonder: how have we treated leaders (whether it’s community, religious, political or business) who have come around to our position? A lot of us work hard to change minds toward a mentality of inclusion. So what happens once they do? Do we still punish them for their prior convictions?

    I’ve not been following this real closely, but one thing I have not heard about is Ford’s explanation of what caused him to change his mind on issues of equality. Have those questions been asked? And if so, how did he answer?

  11. says


    We don’t “punish them for their prior convictions” if we have reason to believe they’re evolution is sincere.

    If you’ll read Ford’s history of relative gay-friendliness then gay-hostitility now gay-friendliness again in my comment above you’ll see why, at best, he deserves to be on probation until his actions back up his words.

  12. Georgia Cracker says

    Where does Harold Ford get off moving to New York and three years later running for the U.S. Senate, no less? Friend of the gays and progressive politics? Make me vomit. This politican-whore is only interested in power and self-aggrandizement. He’d “pass” if he could and sell his own mother down river if she had anything worth selling besides her duplicitous son.

  13. NancyBoyDrew says

    NY constituents will rue the day they believe in, and vote for Ford. As soon as he’s in office he will change his mind yet again, and then again when he needs the votes. He’s scum.

  14. Bryan Blumberg says

    Hey Michael at Leonard Matlovich dot com —

    How did Harold Ford manage to vote to put John Roberts on the Supreme Court if he has not yet ever been elected to the US Senate?

    Just Curious.

  15. Zach says

    Nr and Jim.. Harold Ford hasn’t come around to anything. He is stating he’s pro gay marriage now because he wants our votes to get him the New York Senate seat.
    That is the ONLY reason he’s changed his mind. This is a man who voted for the marriage amendment, not once but twice and made ads letting everyone know he’d keep us evil gays and lesbians from destroying marriage to ensure he got reelected down South.
    Sorry, his past actions clearly show that once he gets our votes, he’ll toss us and our concerns aside in a heartbeat.
    I know he isn’t the only politician that is willing to toss us aside.. but I’ll be damned if ge gets my vote.