1. Bayley says

    That’s beautiful. In the wake of Michael conVICT getting a vile “Courage” award from the NFL, it’s refreshing to see other athletes stand up for animal rights, living things that have no voice and can’t defend themselves. I’m sick of hearing how sports stars don’t give a flick about anything and are rewarded for their terrible behaviors with salaries we can’t see in our next few lifetimes. Michael Vick and what he did to those dogs is a tragedy. Only 3 dogs managed to leave the dog rehab they are at in Utah. The others have such emotional wounds that they literally pee themselves when a human approaches them. The man grabbed them, slammed them against the wall and drowned them all while punching them in the head and today our society is REWARDING him for it…

    More athletes needs to take a stand that there is no excuse for animal abuse.

  2. B-rod says

    Unfortunately for PETA, bad timing. Arenas has been suspended indefinitely and could possibly be banned from the NBA for pulling a gun in the locker room on another Wizards player, who also pulled a gun, which was loaded.

    “Ghetto-thug” is never great as an advertising slogan.

  3. Chitown Kev says


    You’re right, this is a great advertisement campaign even given Arenas recent problems with guns and all. This is a respectful ad campaign by PETA. And, yeah, Arenas is a hottie…if I remember correctly, he used to wear a ‘fro but tis looks much better.

  4. Eric26 says

    Well as long as he plans to use the gun to shoot people and not animals. Phew. Once again PETA proves that the only things sloshing around in their skulls is a bit of silken tofu.
    On a side note, if anyone knows where I can get some sealskin gloves I’d appreciate it. I’m a proud Canadian but I mostly just want warm, toasty hands.

  5. Eric26 says

    I prefer to not get tattoos because sometimes I like to be able to see my skin, but if you want to play paint-by-nipples that’s up to you.
    I’m totally not joking about the sealskin gloves. I’m rabidly opposed to the American and European ban on seal products.

  6. Jason says

    As I think all PETA folks are crazier than sh** house rats he is a perfect spokesman for those idiots. I love animals and certainly don’t believe in ever causing undo suffering and cruelty to them. The reality is we eat them and they taste very good. I fish and hunt so obviously I don’t have much respect for them. My biggest issue is these wierdos want to put animal life on the same strata as humans. Sorry, I guess I do believe we are bit special in the Universe. However, with that place in the Universe comes a responsibility to dispatch our food as quickly as possible without undue cruelty. For the most part we are the only animal that actually kills for fun and that needs to be kept in check.

  7. Eric26 says

    @ JASON
    Lots of people that fish and hunt still respect animals. I eat meat and although I don’t own any fur (I do dream about the aforementioned sealskin gloves) I respect all living things. I was the huge geek in my boy scout troupe that told the other scouts to stop peeling the paper-like bark off of birch trees (it damages the tree a lot, and birch are very beautiful I think). If you need some kindling look on the ground for dry birch bark that has fallen off, it’s great for making a fire…. there’s a fun fact for you lol

  8. JeffRob says

    Why would being comfortable in your own skin equate to not wanting to cover it in beautiful, original, permanent artwork? The opposite seem true, to me.

  9. Eric26 says

    If my boyfriend covered his beautiful black skin in tattoos like that I would be very displeased. If he needs a canvas for art… well he could try a canvas.

  10. Bayley says

    Why is it when Michael Vick comes up people automatically bring up meat eaters and how humans are above animals?

    Do you realize you are absolutely DEFENDING michael vicks and his actions with careless statments like that?

    Are you suggesting animals killed in manners that are humane and FDA approved in factories is the same as a man who puts two dogs in a ring together until one eats the other? a man who drowns his own pet animal? are you saying me eating fish is the same as a man who beat the living sh8t out of helpless dogs? because if you are YOU are as f*cked up as Michael. GO GET HELP!!!!!!

    Just because we’re humans and have literally destroyed this planet does not mean we have authority to turn the lives of other species that SHARE this planet with us into complete nightmares. Karma is a beautiful thing, and to those who defend the actions of animal cruelty….I smile knowing your karma WILL catch up with you, and I can’t wait for it either!

  11. Eric26 says

    Who on earth are you talking to? No one in this thread has said anything positive about Michael Vick. Oh well I guess we all need a soap box, I know I love mine.

    I should really stop commenting on this thread so much.

  12. TANK says

    “the only reason NOT to get tatoos is if you are jewish”

    And they’re hideous looking. It’s a disfigurement. The come in two types. The shallow insecure ones who need to be unique somehow and crave attention, and lack the personality to do it without disfiguring themselves; and those who want mastery over their bodies by changing it to their specifications….there’s a good deal of overlap between them, too.

    tattoos are gross, and yes, it’s mostly a goyim phenomenon…though, I’ve known a few jews with tats. And yes, you can get them if you’re jewish, it’s just that they will be removed with a scalpal before your burial in the rites of purification. But you know what…you’re dead…

    And there’s a good reason peter singer distanced himself from peta.

  13. Jason says

    Somebody altered my post. I didn’t write “obviously I don’t have much respect for them”. That wouldn’t support my point very well. There must be a PETA freak moderating here or my other personality leaked out. Probably the latter.

  14. TANK says

    “Are you suggesting animals killed in manners that are humane and FDA approved in factories is the same as a man who puts two dogs in a ring together until one eats the other? a man who drowns his own pet animal? are you saying me eating fish is the same as a man who beat the living sh8t out of helpless dogs? because if you are YOU are as f*cked up as Michael. GO GET HELP!!!!!!”

    You do know what they do in factory farms, don’t you? It’d make what michael did to those dogs (which was horrendous)…seem tame…live pigs squirming helplessly on meat hooks and dipped in vats of boiling water…

  15. DR says

    PETA needs to rethink its PR sometimes. It’s a wonderful ad campaign and Arenas is a good-looking man to start it… but he just got suspended. Do these people think things through? D’OH!

    And fortunately there are plenty of tattoo fans to make up for the jokers and armchair psychiatrists. At least this PETA’s campaigns are interesting, and yes, this one moreso than the Bamber ad.

  16. Xavier Deron says

    OOoooh werk, privileged white gay Towleroad queens! Werk!

    Making racist comments about black men in any other post….unless their shirt is off or their are showing package.. Then you love them!


  17. sonofabutch says

    …after being suspended for a gun in his locker, I see it didn’t deter him from bringing out even bigger guns in this photoshoot…yummmm, Oh, and to be fair xavier, the white gurls also frequently make inapproriate comments about different white men featured on this site…unless their shirt is off or they’re showing their package..think about it, though not exactly the same thing, I think you know what I mean…and that’s not to excuse anyones bad behavior but just to try and provide a little perspective ‘cuz you know boys will be boys when it comes to sex appeal, and although annoying and ironic, (i.e., those who praise arenas support of animal rights while some of those same others would deem arenas himself an animal), don’t waste time sweating the small stuff xavier, don’t even sweat the small stuff…

  18. Eric26 says

    Both my mother and sister have tattoos, and although I’m not a fan what you said about tattooed people doesn’t describe them at all. Somewhere in the back of your mind I think you don’t really believe the blanket statements you make that are so thick they might as well be quilts.

  19. TANK says

    Really? They just did it because they thought they were cool? Why is that? Just did…nothing beyond that, huh? Notice I didn’t say ONLY two types, just those who reflect before disfiguring themselves. I just think people with tattoos are kinda trashy is all…I don’t want to be around them. I know it’s a stereotype and I’m sure there are exceptions…but not too many.

  20. Chitown Kev says

    @Xavier Deron

    Hold on, for 1, Arenas IS a hottie and I’ve thought so ever since he played for the University of Arizona.

    For 2, Arenas also has a rep for being a bit of a weirdo (in that sense, this PETA advertisement is not surprising).

    And 3, speaking for myself, I am not privileged and white.

  21. sonofabutch says

    @TANK–p.e.t.a. does NOT mean please. end. tatto. abuse. But since you appear so dead set against them I suggest you begin such an initiative…personally, I don’t think that all ink is stink…and like so much else it’s all in how it is done, and highly subjective according to one’s taste…the body as canvas, no?

  22. DR says

    Wow, this thread brought out all the trolls! Look, the cries of “trash” and “racist” are beginning. No wonder we get nowhere as a community. Can’t even post a pic of a PETA ad without the bitches coming to roost.

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