HIV-Positive Gay Couple Inspires Early Exit on German Big Brother


On Germany's version of the reality show Big Brother, Carlos and Harald, a couple both living with HIV, entered the house to live with the housemates. The couple's addition inspired the immediate exit of a fellow castmate tattoo artist, who said he didn't want to deal with living with people with a medical condition, and, if they were cancer patients, he would behave the same way.


  1. DavyG says

    I can’t really say how I’d react in that situation. In one way, of course I’d want to not care at all that the couple sharing my house were HIV+ but I really, really doubt it wouldn’t bother me at all …

  2. Joe says

    Nothing against being poz, But this is just stupid tv. its such a shame its global.
    the producers must of thought hhhmmmmm lets shake things up, lets throw a couple of hiv poz people into the house and see whats happens. its kind of sad this is what entertains us. the only thing I can say to the couple, Where is your dignity?

  3. AlexInBoston says

    How does the saying go? “Ignorance is Bliss”! and this in 2010, even from posters here!!!
    Guys go out and get educated on the transmission of HIV!

  4. JohnInManhattan says

    I’m with DAVYG and JOE. I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing a house with HIV+ people. I’m also not comfortable seeing them on reality shows. Nothing against ’em though.


  5. ColinATL says

    I hope John in Manhattan’s tongue was firmly in-cheek when he typed that…

    That said, I cannot believe there are GAY people who are uncomfortable sharing a house with HIV+ people? What the heck are you idiots thinking? Do you understand how difficult it is to transmit the virus? Heck, I dated a guy who was HIV+ for almost 2 years (I am HIV-), and never even was scared of transmission. Please go and educate yourselves before you post your ignorance for the world to marvel at…

  6. jerry says

    Wow, johninmanhattan, I’m hoping your post is meant to be irony, or sarcasm or whatever. If it is meant to be ironic or sarcastic it is really poorly written and does not get the message across. If your post is meant to be serious/sincere you are one really sick, stupid individual and as a New Yorker I do not like sharing my island with people like you, please leave…right now.

  7. TPDavid says


    Exactly why would you not be comfortable sharing a house with someone who is HIV+? Do you know anything about how it is transmitted?

    It’s really depressing when ignorance and prejudice about HIV comes from within the gay community.

  8. Pekemo says

    I kinda get what the tattoo artists is saying. I don’t think he was scared of getting it, I think it’s more likely that he would feel that it would be more like every conversation that they were involved in would revolve around being HIV+ the same way that cancer survivors on tv can be exploited and have ever conversation around them be focused on how they survived. Not condoning it but I think I get what his point was.

  9. says

    I know (and have known) many HIV+ folks and it’s just one aspect of their lives. Really, unless you’re having sex with someone positive, I don’t see what it has to do with anything.

  10. says

    Oh yes PEKEMO, people with HIV and cancer are required by law to only discuss their conditions. They have to bring it up in every conversation. “Oh, I need to take the garbage out and did you know I have cancer?”

  11. TPDavid says

    Pekemo, I agree with you.

    I wouldn’t want to be in a house with someone who has a tattoo covering his face; all he would talk about is his tattoo.

    For that matter I wouldn’t want to be in a house with gays either. All they would talk about is being gay.

    Sounds intelligent, right?

  12. Lexxvs says

    (IRONY) I understand. I wouldn’t share a house with diabetics. It would make me feel as if every candy I eat would give me diabetes too.(/IRONY).

    Mental disease is sometimes the worst. And hey, who said the gay community is immune? Certainly not.
    By the way, people who freaks out so easily are the first to be lax when in comes to prevention. Take care. Don’t fear.

  13. Sean says

    I’m surprised about the stupidity exhibited in a lot of these comments.

    Pekemo, I’m sure all they will do is talk about how they are HIV+ ! They will get up and talk about their HIV and when talking about breakfast talk about how they got HIV! You’re an idiot!

    I wouldn’t care if there was someone in the house who has HIV. I find it ironic that the tattoo guy leaves because people would judge him for that. So silly!

  14. ImAQueer says

    1.) Wait, what, he’s wearing Ed Hardy?

    2.) Why would they let a couple on? I mean, one that was already together before entering the show (obviously they can’t stop people from coupling up once inside.)

    3.) To make sense out of the guy’s decision (to leave), it seems like it would have something to do with sympathy votes. Yeah, ok, maybe some people wouldn’t let (potentially) deadly illnesses affect their vote, but some will. I kind of wouldn’t want to deal with that, either (though I don’t think I would leave the show over it.)

  15. John says

    In fact, persons with HIV are required by law to discuss it in some circumstances. I don’t know if that is the case in Germany. But it is certainly a very real threat in America.

    In 23 American states, including so-called “liberal” California, a person who deliberately lies about their HIV status – when asked by a sexual partner or employer – can be jailed for up to eight or ten years. That’s a maximum sentence of the same magnitude as involuntary manslaughter (e.g. gross negligence, serious recklessness, or indifference to human life that leads to death).

    Are these laws draconian and unjust?

    That’s a debate we can have in the context of legal reforms. The ACLU has been challenging their constitutionality for years now. But in the meantime, everyone needs to be aware that these laws are actually on the books.

  16. TANK says

    This is disgusting. I mean the show and anyone who would actively watch big brother. As to this, ignorance abounds everywhere. It always struck me as peculiar that some people believe that in europe, people are more intelligent or educated…LOL! No…no, people are people the world round.

    This is discrimination, but I…have an irrational phobia of hiv/aids myself. I’ve turned it into such a big thing–which is good, I guess…it’s kept from seroconverting…I don’t know how I’d feel sharing an intimate space with someone who was positive. But I know how I’d react, and it wouldn’t be to leave and verbalize my discomfort, insulting the person or people.

  17. Bryan J. Blumberg says

    I’m HIV-negative, and my partner is HIV-positive. We’ve been together for 16 years. I go with him to most of his doctor appointments. We take care of each other when one of us is sick. We share our house with two other gay men. None of us have any so-called “problems” with my HIV+ lover. Actually the biggest problem that we have in the household is that I often forget to close the garage door when I come home.

  18. Ryan says

    Anyone who has hang ups about living with/ interacting with/ befriending HIV positive men and women I encourage you to get involved with Gay/Lesbian centers in your area with HIV programs.

    California’s AIDS Lifecycle, a 7 day bike ride from SF to LA, is a fantastic event if you live on the west coast. My boyfriend & I were involved last year, raised over $5,000, and made the most fantastic positive friends ever! We as a gay community need to extend our support to positive members. Educate yourselves and give this disease a human face. Please stop with the hateful comments.

  19. Vince B. says

    I’m an artist, former tattooist, AND gay AND positive (FYI, the result of sex, not tattooing)It’s incredible seeing this sort of mentality from a professional who should know better.(we DO tattoo people with HIV, Hep C, etc. even if we believe otherwise) As a PWA I am so totally over stigma – particularly from other gay men not old enough to have lived through the worst of times. Today I read in the Advocate (on line article listing the gayest places to live in USA); first comment is from a man in Ft Lauderdale complaining about promiscuous gays, who goes on to berate us for “financially benefiting from having AIDS”.(roll of eyes) We hate ourselves better than anyone else can sometimes.

  20. MAP says

    seriously stunning to see this level of dumb in comments on a gay-oriented blog. Thanks for helping to perpetuate the chilling apartheid most poz people already feel all the fucking time, dimwits.

    Do you ever wonder why transmission rates stay so steady? Maybe because asshole attitudes expressed by a number of commenters has created an environment where disclosure is akin to inviting shunning. Welcome to 1810.

  21. Kyle says

    As someone who has had HIV for almost 20 years, and who has been involved romantically with HIV- men, none of which contracted HIV from me, it greatly disspoints me to read some of the ignorance in the above posts.

  22. Philip says

    I am HIV+ and live in London, big fan of this website etc, but am saddened by some of the attitudes and words bandied around on here by people I consider my family.
    Sometimes… I wonder, you know… what is the point of me fighting to stay alive and well all the time if all I get is hate and prejudice from non positive people?
    I have been positive now for over 13 years, and have never put anyone in a position of infecting themselves: Nor would I.
    But if I am such a pariah, such a non welcomed freak…whats the point of going on.
    I started this morning (its 12.00 GMT) feeling ok, now I feel sad, depressed and am questioning why go on.

  23. says

    I myself am HIV+ and find the tattoo artist as someone who is uneducated and HIV is a reality let’s not forget that. I have been trying to get on BBUSA for a few years. People don’t need to be afraid of HIV .. people need to be educated. I commend BB for casting these men…It is one step towards ending stigma.

  24. bigolpoofter says

    Damn, there are shallow-assed MFs up on this thread! The broad assumption is that anyone with a chronic medical condition is going to talk about nothing else but his or her medical drama… you mean, like how vapid, consumerist, fabulousness-obsessed Queermen and Queerwomen can only talk about clothes, other material things, and getting wasted??!!

    After almost 30 years with HIV and an unrelated condition that’s led to 28 brain surgeries, I can assure you that I’ve got a hell of a lot going on with my health, my body, and my life than what ails me. What does not kill us makes us stronger.

    But “Big Brother”??!! Really??!! I’ll do “The Amazing Race” any day!

  25. says

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