Illinois Senate Candidate Mark Kirk: I’m Not Gay

Illinois GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk today responded to allegations by rival candidate Andy Martin that he is gay. Martin ran radio ads pushing a "solid rumor" about Kirk's sexuality over the Christmas holiday while Kirk was on active duty in Afghanistan as a member of the Navy Reserves.

NBC Chicago reports:Kirk

"Republican primary frontrunner for Senate Mark Kirk today denied rumors advanced in political attack ads that he was a homosexual.

Speaking at the Union League Club concerning his recently completed Naval Reserve duty in Afghanistan, Kirk said simply: 'No, it's not true.'

To which he added that he's getting tremendous support from his constituents concerning the issue."

The AP reports: "Now Kirk is back on the campaign trail and on Thursday he called the ads 'completely outrageous and untrue.'
The suburban Chicago congressman says it's ironic that he defends free speech as a member of the military and then rival candidate Andy Martin uses the right of free speech to make false allegations.


  1. Zeke says

    Almost as ironic as how he can defend freedom, civil rights and the American way while on the battle field and then be against, and vote AGAINST, these things for gay Americans when he gets home.

  2. Marco says

    I heard the radio ad in question actually on air and I am pretty disgusted CBS radio (locally in Chicago) would air blatant, homophobic MC Carthyism.

  3. scioto says

    “uses the right of free speech to make false allegations”

    I thought that was in the GOP platform, but maybe I’m mistaking it with the Fox News guidelines or the Bible of Right Wing Radio.

  4. anon says

    According to Wikipedia, Kirk was married for eight years and is a UCC member. He is a moderate, pro-choice and in favor of birth control (though especially for poor Mexicans it seems). He does not seem particularly wing-nut and this is the primary, not the general election we are talking about.

  5. ChiGuy says

    The HRC supported him over an openly gay democratic congressional opponent, which is why I will never give them a penny again. Kirk is most definitely gay, just deep in the closet. Ask his former wife. Maybe HRC will endorse him in the general so as to increase our chances of achieving equality in the next Senate..

  6. blane says

    Chiguy, What do you mean they endorsed Kirk over openly gay congressional candidate? I only have known him to run against hetro people in the congressional race. Are you talking about the current Senate race?

  7. Chitown Kev says


    You must be talking about Jacob Meister who is only getting ~1% of the vote. Alex Giannoulais (?) will probably win that Democratic primary and he is a supporter of marriage equality.

    And no, Kirk is not wing-nutty and he can’t go to far to the right or else he will lose in Illinois.

  8. Rich says

    Ok, so say it’s untrue. But do you have to say “outrageous,” as if it were something horrible? That’s the difference between setting the record straight (ha ha) and jumping on the homophobia bandwagon. Unless thou dost protest too much…?

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