1. says

    Good for Tatchell; I could never feel sorry for someone like her.

    Meanwhile, looks like we’ve got the Irish Levi Johnston in McCambley if he goes for ATTITUDE’s offer. (I’m aware the parallels are not exact, since Sarah Palin never had sex with Levi…but still.)


    I don’t know why one would expect a change in Robinson’s viewpoint just because things haven’t gone her way. If I had the sympathy or approval of someone like that, I’d have to reexamine my life. She’s let us know who she is: completely self-absorbed and perfectly willing to exploit other people and to jeopardize the safety and welfare of millions to get what she wants. We’ve declared war for less. Much less.

  3. archie says

    Reports today suggest that she has had at least three affairs, not sure if that includes the 19 year old (remember she was 59 at the time – umm…).

    Also, the key pint politically is that she did not declare her financial interest in a business project (the young man’s cafe) that needed planning permission (or some such thing) from a local authority of which she was a member ( as well as being an MP in both Westminster and Stormont parliaments). The strong suggestion is that her husband knew and did not report this serious infringment.

    (For your information this type of political corruption/conflict of interest is considered very serious in British political culture and is a potentla criminal offence)

    She and her husband have also been under attack for alleged irregularities over their parliamentray expense claims.

    Frankly this woman (and her husband) are in so much trouble that it could not get much worse – although it will because everyone is now investigating every aspect of their lives…

    The bad thing is that all of this could derail the peace process which has actually delivered a workable peace for the people of the provice as well as for Brits like me and the citizens of Eire.

    One can only hope that the other politicians involved (including the Southern Irish, British and our friends in the US and EU) sort this thing out before serious damage is done.

    As for Mrs Robinson…well I think we should all sit back and enjoy…

  4. peterparker says

    I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! Thanks for following this, Andy! And yeah…Kirk McCambley is hot, but given that he consorted with a known (and rabid) homophobe, I’m not sure we should be putting him on the covers of our magazines.

  5. TANK says

    If it does topple the government, more people will die. But if the protestants are going to continue to act like jack booted thugs as they had throughout the troubles, violence will continue to be met with violence.

    She is a hypocritical bottom feeder. Would I hope that this incident would instill compassion for lgbt people in her? That’s ridiculous. SHe needs to be unfaithfaul to her husband with a much younger man for that to occur? That doesn’t even make sense. She’s a broken piece of merchandise; that’s why she’s toxically homophobic. This just eliminates her credibility as a spokersperson and representative of the “people’s morality”. Sanctimonious cunt.

  6. says

    I’m basking in Schadenfreude! Iris Robinson is truly an evil cunt whose karma has come back to bite her. I was an LGBT activist in Belfast when she made her ‘homosexuality is an abomination’ and ‘can be cured’ comments and the impact was seismic. Northern ireland is a religiously conservative statelet (particularly on the Protestant side) but it will weather the storm if Peter Robinson resigns. He will simply be replaced by another evangelical wingnut. As others have pointed out it is the financial discrepancies that might bring him down.
    And please no to McCambley in Attitude. How can anyone find McCambley attractive when they know where he has dipped his stick?

  7. Rowan says

    She’s a cold hard predator.

    I wait patiently for more tlrd commenters to chime in considering they were all over that mayor with Breedlove when they guy was not even THAT much older than Breedlove.

  8. ER says

    I hate the use of the work “cunt” on these posts and around the site. It makes the commentors seem so gynophobic and misogynistic whether they are or not. That’s not what I’m about and nor is it what most gay guys that I know are about, hating and rejecting women.
    I don’t want to censor people just call it out so we can use the language with consideration. I’m embarrassed if a woman–straight or gay–happened to read the pejorative usage of the word here. It’s a real putdown.

  9. peterparker says

    @ ER : I too am disturbed by misogyny in the gay community. I think that gay men who act bothered by the thought/sight of a woman’s naked body are immature and beyond ridiculous. I think that gay men who don’t like to socialize with women are missing out on half the potential for happiness in friendships. However, sometimes the word ‘cunt’ is an appropriate way to describe someone. And in describing Iris Robinson, ‘cunt’ most certainly fits the bill.

  10. TANK says

    Really, peepee? I’m more disturbed by misogyny in the heterosexual community–you know, the kind that gets women killed three every day united states by a STRAIGHT MAN. Gay men are victims of misogyny…you irrelevant idiot.

  11. Dwayne says

    Stone her!
    If homosexuality is an abomination, then she should be stoned for adultery.
    The point is times have changed. People don’t get stoned anymore, it’s about time they drop this “abomination” Bull…

  12. Sargon Bighorn says

    The Heterosexual “death” style. Multiple sexual partners, suicide, depression, cheating, deceit, bad fashion sense. Is it any wonder they are so unhappy.

  13. John says


    Has it been confirmed that McCambley’s business partner, to whom he sold a half share in the cafe to pay Robinson back the money she’d got from developers, is gay?

  14. johnosahon says

    OK, i now understand her homophobia.

    It seems that her husband is a gay man, because she is having sex with EVERY MAN but him.

    She certainly deserves this scandal.

  15. TANK says

    And further, relying on depression as an excuse to get out of something if you’re irish is like relying on breathing as an excuse to not. It makes no sense.

  16. Sean R says

    @ Hadassah etc.: In “irish lingo” the c-word is much more offensive, and wouldn’t normally be used as one might call someone an asshole or perhaps a “fecker” (for a man). Could we simply avoid calling a woman by that word, as it just perpetuates misogyny. You’re adults, you can use better vocabulary!

    While this woman, and her husband, are utter homophobes and hypocrites in terms of sexuality and morality, the underlying issue is about the possible misuse of funds/ abuse of power.

  17. Tony says

    I’m saddened at Attitude’s decison to pursue for their cover a man who would have an adulterous affair with a vile homophobe after she was done with his dead father, because he’s deemed to be ‘hot’. I guess we should be relieved Hitler, Stalin and the Pope are not hot or we’d be seeing shirtless pix of them on the front cover.

  18. John says


    Given the number of homosexuals in America who have a fetish for Nazi helmets and black boots, this disturbing fascination with right-wing extremism among gay men is not limited to Northern Ireland.

  19. One of those abominations says

    I lose respect for people who use that “c” word. It may feel good to say it, but it’s misogynist as hell.

    How about “evil dirtbag” instead?

    (from a guy)

  20. says

    We too can use (eh hum ‘cherry-pick’) verses from the Bible to solidify our views…

    Ecclesiastes 25:22 – “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.”

    Deuteronomy 22:22: “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.”

    Leviticus 20:10: “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.”

    The Seventh Commandment reads:

    Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)

  21. anon says

    The peace “process” in NI is governed more by things like the economy, US funding of the IRA and British funding of the Unionists. High unemployment has meant that people look to politics and terrorism to get ahead, which always spells trouble for the “process”.

  22. fml says

    “I’m saddened at Attitude’s decison to pursue for their cover a man who would have an adulterous affair with a vile homophobe after she was done with his dead father, because he’s deemed to be ‘hot’.”

    It’s doubtful that much of anyone at the age of 19 can be deemed to be the pursuer in such a situation rather than the pursued, regardless of the gender and the age of consent. She was in a position of authority and power. He was not.

    News reports say that she had known him since the age of 9, so she was probably grooming him from early on.

  23. Darrell says

    Goes to show you, What goes around comes around! She has stated that we are an abomination, she should watch herself, but then, It’s obvious she s**ts where she eats, So much for that holier than thou bitch.

  24. Contrarian says

    In the blinkered world of this blog, the larger picture is ignored. The only issue is peace in that troubled province and moving ahead with the changes in the police forces. Everything else is irrelevant soap opera so beloved by the queens who post here. Oh, and their need to show how they really feel about half the human population who don’t have a penis, i.e., blatant unlimited misogyny. The tone of these comments makes most of you look as narrow and bigoted as those you attack.

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