1. Rob West says

    The only way to save the CNN New Year’s Eve telecast is to move it to Key West or San Francisco and have it hosted by Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest.

  2. KFLO says

    What’s the big deal? Anyone who would choosen to watch CNN on NYE would have been old enough to have heard that word. What’s the CNN NYE demographic? 40-80 years old?

  3. Walter says

    Saw Kathy last Summer in Boston for her Pride Weekend show.

    Big Fan — I think this was my 5th or 6th time seeing her.

    She has jumped the shark and just is not really that funny anymore. Sad … back to the D List she goes.

    I think the money fame and botox went to her head.

  4. Chris says

    I’ve watched this clip a bunch of times….I don’t think she actually said it. I got the impression she was baiting AC with the whole “Falcon” thing….like Falcon the gay porn movie studio. Maybe I’m wrong, but….

  5. Paul says

    My God – don’t get em wrong. I love the USA but this makes the country look so ridiculous. Thank God for people like Kathy Griffin: she only highlights how stupid some Americans can be. And she’s funny as hell. Look at Cooper’s face – he obviously adores her.

  6. says

    First of all, CNN’s on cable, not network television. They are not subject to the same restrictions from the FCC, because they don’t air over public airwaves. So, contrary to what’s perhaps conventional wisdom, it’s not like CNN could get in any real trouble over people swearing on their network.

    Second, I could see the network not wanting swear-words used during normal telecast, as they want to be a news network. Fine and dandy, but inviting Kathy Griffon on for a New Years Eve special sort of negates that, doesn’t it? At that point, it’s not really news anymore and is just some stupid holiday show. And the fact that they got Kathy on to begin with shows they wanted to up the ratings by having the person on who’s *most likely* to do or say something stupid. It’s not as if CNN can feign ignorance here. They got *exactly* what they paid for.

    Lastly, it was on at between 11pm and 12am, right? What, exactly then, is the problem? Should any significant number of children actually watch CNN (doubtful), they’re not very damn likely to be doing it on New Years Eve at hours many of their parents would have them in bed (and if they weren’t in bed and were watching TV, chances are rare they’re watching freaking CNN).

    This is all very, very stupid.

  7. adamblast says

    Try as I might to love Kathy, she’s just not witty, shocking or even likeable. Or very professional. Everything reeks of desperation, and I don’t need to watch celebs out of solidarity or pity.

  8. Joel says

    It’s too bad, but I doubt it’s going to last. They have such great chemistry together. Andy can only let his hair down so to speak with her. I really enjoyed these two on NYE. To take a queue from Kathy, this move has Ryan Seacrest written all over it.

  9. says

    Kathy Griffin HAS NOT BEEN BANNED. popEater, desperate for attention, made it up!

    Despite an earlier report from Rob Shuter at Popeater, linked to by Huffington Post, Kathy Griffin has NOT been banned from CNN, the network said.

    The statement from CNN to Huffington Post in response to that report reads:

    Stories about Kathy Griffin being banned from CNN are incorrect; no decisions have been made regarding next year’s show.

    The false report from Popeater read:

    Following her very controversial F-bomb-dropping New Year’s Eve hosting gig, CNN executives have decided Kathy Griffin will NOT be getting a 2011 invite. “She was a total embarrassment to the network that calls themselves ‘The Most Trusted Name in News.’ Even Anderson (Cooper, her co-host) thinks it’s time to say goodbye to Kathy,”

  10. anon says

    The real horror that night was watching Dick Clark trying to maintain control over his every move despite clear indications it was probably killing him.

  11. Bob says

    I think Kathy has kind of lost her lustre comedy wise. She has no new material and relies too heavily on Oprah/Ryan Seacrest etc. She USED to be funny and original but then again Joan Rivers used to be funny 25 years ago but not any more.

    I agree that she was trying to pla up the “Falcon” as in the gay porn movie studio-I am not hearing her use an F Bomb.

    This NYE show was sooooooo boring and Kathy just kept running over Anderson to the point that she was simply annoying. She needs to work on a new act or get off the stage. Stop riding te backs of gay people thinking that we are so desperate for allies that we will align with anyone who panders to our cause for profit Kathy.

  12. Eric26 says

    Yaaay, gays are finally realising that Kathy is NOT funny. She better save up her earnings because whatever easily amused gay fanbase she has left is going to fade away.

  13. DAN A says

    I still think she is funny. I laughed quite a bit during the NYE broadcast.

    I was disappointed that she swore like that, but only because I want her to keep doing New Years on CNN.

    Last season on her show, when she went to Florida and screwed with those realtors, that bothered me because those people have to work for a living. But they are selling multi million dollar houses so I am guessing they are going to be ok.

  14. Andy F says

    Was wondering how much hating on Kathy there’d be in this post. This was the only new years eve telecast I wanted to watch and she was as delightful as ever, and I feel bad for the people who can’t just roll with it and take a joke.

  15. TANK says

    Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny, andy? It’s like listening to cats fucking. Kathy Griffin’s performance makes bone cancer seem like good times. Christ, it’s so boring and shrill–“Okay um, okay…um but then like oh my god! RIGHT! AM I RIGHT?!” The only people who laugh at her are tons of fun fag hags and their gay accessories. TROLL BLAH!

  16. says

    She was unwatchable that night… she could actually be a moron.
    Anderson Cooper deserves a much swifter sidekick than that fucktard.
    Erica Hill would be quite fun that night, they really do have great chemistry.

  17. John Merzetti says

    I don’t know what it is with the US. You can show all the violence you want – real or imagined (yet very real-looking) – and all is well; however, say fuck, or show a nipple and all hell breaks loose.

    Most western countries don’t really give a rat’s ass about nudity or swearing. You guys should really get your priorities straight!

  18. Tara says

    You know what kathy gripphian shut the heck up about talyor swift she is awesome and you suck who are you to talk about talyor when your no better every one has a sucky life at some times andeveryone complained about them so don’t trash some one that you don’t know Taylor swift is the greatest person that I know and she is amazing inspiring trust worthy smart a great singer and I love her she is my hero and even though I have never in my life meet her I have way more respect for her then you do one more thing happy new year and good-bye

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