Obama Will Call for Repeal of ‘DADT’ in State of the Union

Sotu White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod told CNN that Obama will call for a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell' in tonight's State of the Union speech.

Of course, as many of you know, this is nothing new. Obama has called for a repeal time and time again. What is needed is action, not more rhetoric.

As Richard Socarides put it in an article today in Politico: “His time is running out. We are not waiting for a second term. It must include an immediate
moratorium on the witch hunts and expulsions."


  1. David says

    Once again, more speaking on the issue and no action. Blah-blah-blah-blah. No money until substational legislation is passed! Action not words!

  2. says

    Bringing it up in the State of the Union is much more encouraging than just more rhetoric or more speaking, and it’s not blah blah blah blah. It pushes this issue forward again and recommits. That’s also what people are looking for on health care and a host of issues. I would vastly prefer that he ask Congress to end it while simultaneously saying he’s doing a stop-loss, but it’s still a much-needed boost and will likely get lots of buzz and help move things along. We’ll see the context in which it comes up, though.

  3. David says

    This is blah-blah-blah. I hear talk talk talk and no action. Let’s talk about this every year, make promises, allow bashing, and kept saying, we’ll get to it.

    Obama should cleary state, either makes gays equal or make being gay illegal. We will not have a class of citizens with 1/2 the rights of other Americans.

    By the way, this bill has no chance of passing on it’s own. The house is already planning to attach it to a defense spending bill to get the necessary votes. Democrats are just has homophobic as Republicans. We are a class they do not care about until it is an election year and they need our dollars.

    As we enter the election year, we once again have to hear how we are entitled to rights, and still no progression.

  4. says

    I hope he fights harder for this then he did for health care, but I’ll certainly be surprised if he does. These are just more words, and until he acts by stopping the discharges I’ll treat them as such.

  5. Shawn says

    I voted for Obama and all I can say is enough with words already…take action as the Commander and Chief and end DADT now.

    As this is a civil rights issue, we don’t need debate from Congress or the American people. The President has within his power to right a wrong and thus far has chosen to do nothing. That’s wrong.

    Many idiots that I know think that by ending DADT the military will allow men to have sex with men (“a social experiment) while in active duty…such BS, so Obama will have to remind the People that’s not what’s going to happen.

    Ending DADT will simply allow one who is gay to be so publicly and not be harassed and attacked, or wrongly discharged for being so.

  6. says

    “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lighting bug.” – Mark Twain.

    We’ll have to wait until tonight whether he employs the former or the latter.

    As for tying repeal to the 2011 defense budget, unless he says differently tonight, that remains the wishful thinking of some, not fact.

  7. says

    Is it me, or are we reliving Clinton and the 90s all over again. Listen to the speech tonight as Obama rips a page out of the Republican handbook, looking very Clintonesque. As for healthcare, that’s out the door. They’ve wasted an entire year on this and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it. Had it passed, the things that would have been immediate such as expanded coverage, no pre-existing conditions and better pricing on meds would have been felt by the American people immediately. Oh well, I wanted Hillary and this is what I got. At least with her, I knew what I was voting for. Come to think of it, she’s looking pretty stately these days…2010 isn’t that far off. Things that make you go, hmmm…

  8. David says

    @David Kaufman, that is not the only issue here. It is an issue of doing what you say you’re going to do, and along the way, standing up to those who continue to deny gays rights. He has the power to stop gays from being thrown out today, by a simple order, and until legislation is passed. Do not overlook that.

    The Democratic Party will never pass this legislation, especially this year, now that they are scared from a loss in MA. The Democratic Party is full of spineless cowards who will look after the millions they make, over the interest of gay americans. They will cave, and we will have this discussion again next year, and the next, and the next.

    At least republicans look us in the eye when they fuck us. No dollars until legislation is passed. They had an opportunity to pass the legislation this year, to keep a promise, but instead he and the party has alienated so many Americans they lost a seat that should have been a clinch win (besides running a bad campaign). Do you really think deep down, they will have the nerve to pass something so contraversial this year, an election year?

  9. gaylib says

    more empty rhetoric from the liar in chief. He’s been saying this for months. Congress has already taken the lead on this issue, and has pleaded with Obama to stop discharges immediately while they work on passing legislation, which he absolutely has the power to do, but won’t. It is beyond arrogant and patronizing that anyone in the Obama administration would think this would in any way would appease gay voters. Obama thinks we are stupid, and any gay person who falls for this load of manure is proving him right.

  10. Chitown Kev says

    And quite naturally the house faggot David Kaufman shows up.

    Obama can

    1) The Administration can submit DADT repeal as a stand alone bill.

    2) The Administration can submit it into the defense appropriations bill.

    THAT would be putting the full weight of the Administration behind it.

    If some sort of stupid ass study needs to be done then issue a stop loss.

    Lastly, if all you can do is pass the buck to Congress, then say that DADT repeal is vital for national security.

    Anything less than 1 of the 4 is words and more empty rhetoric…

  11. says

    hey Keith I wish we were reliving the 90’s all over again- the economy was great, i had my pick of jobs, we had a budget surplus, etc. it’s been all downhill from there!

  12. says

    Democrats are not just as homophobic as Republicans and why, when it comes to politics, do the Republicans excite some gay men because they’re openly anti-gay? How is that preferable? If a Republican was president right now, repealing DADT not only wouldn’t be in a speech, it wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar screen, nor would any other pro-gay legislation, including the inclusive hate crimes bill that passed because of Dem’s.

    Now, will I be satisfied until the action lives up to the words? Absolutely not. DADT should be repealed already. The clock may be ticking on a Democratic majority, but if pro-gay legislation goes thru, they will be the ones to do it. Keep the pressure on them because they’ve made the promises, and the Repub’s only interest is making sure those promises to us aren’t kept.

  13. Jersey says

    Hmmm, is he still denying the partner of the lesbian in his employ her court appointed benefits? The man is full of shit.

  14. sharksfansd says

    OK, I am as frustrated as most of you on DADT. However, do you think DADT would come about in the SOTU if McCain were running things? How often was Bush looking to repeal DADT?

    Things could be looking MUCH worse (i.e. Bush’s Supreme Court judges).

  15. TCW says

    if he’s raising DADT, there’ll likely be a face in the audience for the cameras to focus on while he does it, i.e. someone who’s been impacted by DADT, no? and if so, who?

  16. says

    that’s a good question, TCW. too many haters in this thread. if he actually does it, that’s a big step forward. if he doesn’t do it after axelrod says he would… that’s cause for alarm. but not if he actually has to courage to face the nation and ask for its repeal.

    and sharksfansd, exactly. i don’t know where the bitterness is coming from. its like some gays don’t understand how politics works, and that if it really were ‘that easy’ it would be done by now. it is not. and it is not all on Obama’s head. one thing at a time. and you will get what you desire.

    i wonder what the political affiliation of most posters to this thread is, and why they vote the way they do?

  17. Jubal H says

    Obama ass kissers disgust me. Go fuck yourselves.

    What makes you any different from the ones who were apologizing for Bush? Answer me honestly and with a good argument. You have LOTS of space to write your rebuttal so have at it and sway my opinion. I’m all eyes.

  18. JT says

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we see, in the future, Republicans or Independents being the first true same-sex allies, in the Presidency and otherwise. Things change and develop. Which would be fine with me, since I’m not a Democrat-zealot nor a Republican one. Gay equality is the issue with me.

  19. sharksfansd says

    @zeta Not only do I wonder about the political affiliation (i.e. I don’t get the Log Cabin Republican thing), but I wonder about some of the tone in the comments regarding Obama, and I am not talking about his role as President. This refers to this thread and others on this website.

  20. NYSmike says

    Senator Levin was to start talks this week on it anyway. Obama asked him to postpone the talks until after the SOTU.

    It’s really all about him, all of the time.

  21. sharksfansd says

    @Jubal H

    Apparently you miss Bush and want to be tea bagged by Romney, Pawlenty, and Brown.

    I am not going to sway your opinion, but you may want to take an anger management class.

  22. gregory says

    Obama had to at least make reference to some of his campaign promises even if that is all that will remain on them. Empty promises. We should have trusted our hearts and voted for Hilary

  23. Leonard says

    Don’t call for an end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, just DO IT! End it NOW! It’s not that hard!

  24. Michael says

    This will be my LAST vote for a democrate if we dont make CHANGE in gay rights this term. I will give UP and vote for my wallet next elections.

  25. sharksfansd says


    Why not start a serious 3rd party? Doing nothing (on the Dem. side) means giving control to the Republicans. You do not want that.

  26. TANK says

    Just as I predicted, another soundbite. No substance. “It’s the right thing to do”…which justifies delaying legislation to repeal it? Are you fucking kidding me?

  27. TANK says

    “Change won’t be easy…democracy will be noisy, messy and complicated…”

    Well, kevin…what’s your verdict? He didn’t satisfy one through four…

  28. Jubal H says

    Posted by: sharksfansd | Jan 27, 2010 9:24:51 PM

    “@Jubal H

    Apparently you miss Bush and want to be tea bagged by Romney, Pawlenty, and Brown.

    I am not going to sway your opinion, but you may want to take an anger management class.”

    As usual a resort to, “Gosh at least he’s not ___________ “.

    You don’t know my politics or my heart so don’t pretend that you do. If you don’t have a legitimate argument then just say so and be gone.

    I want someone who is willing to lead. I don’t want someone who is a good orator. I want someone who walks the walk. What is wrong about that and I want people to start thinking for themselves instead of parroting some meme.

  29. Mike says

    The speech was inspirational and at times too long and silly. Such as when he said something about waiting until 2011 because families are in too much of a financial crunch now to start something and I and the audience laughed. I forget. And that is sad. Soaring and inspirational but rational? The R-pubs will never budge. He needs to try to work w/ a few of them and not many.

  30. Chitown Kev says


    Fail in respect to DADT, of course.

    How goes it?

    Well, since you ask…

    I am and have always been an Independent on principle since I have been eligible to vote.

    Mind you, I have worked for 2 Democrats in the past. And I usually vote for Democrats although I have also sat of elections (1996, for example) voted third party (I voted for Nader in 2000) and voted Republican (I voted for current prisoner George Ryan for Governor in 1998…but was was the most liberal of the 2 candidates for Illinois governor).