1. tom says

    The advertisement that Tebow is doing is only natural because the NFL is awash in fundamentalist Christians. Fans are subjected to group prayers on the field before and after many plays, players pointing their fingers to the heavens, etc.
    Solid Rock, Athletes in Action, and many
    organizations are made up of players who prostheletyze and preach from middle school throught the college level and into the pros. Tony Dungy and other coaches both retired and active -impose their narrow, fundamentalist views on their team -in the name of discipline and focus -with no tolerance for an opposing view or indifference. CBS and the NFL will not
    change their minds- they know which side their bread is buttered on.

  2. E. says

    “I’ve always been every convicted of it…”

    I’m convicted that he should spend less time evangelizing and more time studying for his English classes.

  3. Will B says

    I’m convicted he should spend less time pumping his body full of steroids and more time studying for English classes.

    Actually… he’s hot… let’s stay with the steroids…

  4. Superman says

    Thank God his mama kept him! He’s a sweet and talented kid, incredibly respectful, and doesn’t deserve the backlash he’ll get for this. Focus On The Family is using Tim’s story to push their larger, hateful agenda. The focus of our anger should remain on the bigoted organization, not on a kid who is grateful to his own mother that she decided to give him life.

    On another note, what’s with all the typos in this story?

  5. John M says

    Wow, how very lucky that you and your baby survived such a horribly ill-advised medical decision.

    I’m sure the families of the dead moms and babies will be comforted that you convinced mommy to do something against medical advice that resulted not only in a terminated pregnancy but a dead mommy.

    It is sick that someone would advise people to ignore medical advice when their lives are at stake.

  6. says

    CBS thinks the ad will not carry a pro-life message? Really? Do they think it’s just a feel-good spot celebrating Tim Tebow’s presence on earth? Either they’re very naive at CBS or very disingenuous, I’m guessing the latter.

    As for the Tebow story. I wonder if his mother’s doctors would share her version of the events. Whatever they advised her, ultimately she had the freedom of choice, and she made the one that was right for her. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion. It’s pro letting a woman decide for herself, which worked well for Mrs. Tebow.

    Of course Focus on the Family only wants to deprive everyone of choices they don’t support, so this story is actually a false and sentimental portrayal of their agenda, something that will likely be lost on dim Tim and the football audience.

  7. jomicur says

    I really love Tebow’s statement. So now they’re using punctuation marks as a pretext for tearing down people’s rights?! Every time I think the Christian right can’t get any dumber, son of a gun, they prove me wrong.

  8. rayrayj says

    Money Talks!

    I hope everyone will email CBS, or more importantly, as many of the usual Superbowl advertisers as possible; to let them know that you will not be watching the Superbowl on CBS. With the wide availability of the internet, broadcast television needs viewers much more than any viewer needs broadcast television.

  9. damon says

    Before people start criticizing Tim, they may want to rush a few yards in his shoes. Had his mother made the decision to abort him when it was suggested to her, he wouldn’t be here. For him to go against that is a slap in his mothers face. It stirs the question “You weren’t aborted but others should be?” I think people hold Tim on to high a pedestal. He is a man that plays football. A man that has a point of view like the rest of us and has the right to defend his point of view. I don’t think he has tried to force his view point on anyone. During the Super Bowl, if you are watching and have a dvr, do what the networks do, put yourself on a delay. If the game starts at 7pm, set your vcr to catch it. Then at 7:15pm start watching on your DVR. If you take my advice, you can fast forward through the commercials and miss Tim altogether.

  10. ED2 says

    Putting aside how gross the implied politics are and how obviously desperate CBS is for money, what the h*ll is this guy saying. I’ve read his first quoted statement over and over and I really can’t figure out what he’s trying to put together with the english language.

    Obviously he’s dumb but is he really this dumb?
    Probably yes, but can’t focus on the family offer him a pr agent. Well, here’s a toast to their bankruptcy in the near future.

  11. says

    As a person with very little faith, people of faith fascinate me endlessly. Not because I think they’re deluding themselves (how am I to know?), but because they are so very sure. I wonder where it comes from, what experience in their past made them so sure that in the face of vehement (though not nearly majority) opposition, they keep the faith? Personally the existence or non-existence of god(, God, gods) matters very little to me. I strive for the betterment of myself and my lot in life and for reproductive success of myself and my species. That last part is pretty tricky considering I’m gay and the world has an enormous overpopulation problem. I just don’t see why they feel their three score and ten on earth isn’t enough time to leave their mark.

  12. PearlsBeforeSwine says

    Well, the reports are that ad sales are down this year for the Super Bowl. A lot of business that traditionally advertise are giving it a pass this year because of the economy. That may be why CBS is accepting this ad.

    It seems that the decision is not firmly made the way things are being phrased.

  13. John says

    I’m appalled by some of the comments here – they are almost as bad as some of the stuff Focus on the Family says. Now I’m 100% pro-choice, and I sure wish Tebow didn’t do an ad for Focus on the Family, but the level of vitriole being leveled at a 21 year old kid for saying he supports people making the choice not to abort is ridiculous.

    Even more amazing, is everyone has such strong opinions when nobody has even seen the ad! If the ad condemns people for having abortions or advocates taking away abortion rights, then that’s one thing; but to applaud his mother for not making that choice and hoping to persuade others to not have abortions is a different animal. Like I said, I’m pro-choice, but I can at least understand the mindset behind the pro-life folks, and if they sincerely believe that abortion is murder, so long as they peacefully advocate against it, I think that’s their right as Americans and not deserving of the scorn I’m reading.

    Having said that, feel free to unleash on Focus on the Family for all the horrible stuff they support and on CBS for being such hypocrites. There, I think, is a valid argument and place to direct all this anger. Not a kid who has lived an exemplary life and is standing up for his beliefs in a peaceful and non-controversial way.

  14. AM says

    More gays would be criticizing him if he wasn’t a straight white muscular jock. Disgusting. It tickles me how many people here will forgive the homophobia of white “hot” celebrities like this, but then trash say Kanye West (the posts here post Taylor-gate were stunning in their vitriol) even though Kanye has come RIGHT OUT and said that gay people need to be treated equally and that there is too much homophobia in hip hop.

    Also, Tebow is an idiot. How many times did he repeat “standing up for something” in that inarticulate statement? And “convicted?” LMAO!

    Also also, Dawid8611 — that was awesome and hilarious!

  15. DR says

    The venom being spewed here is appalling. Why am I surprised at the inability to be civil? You people saying his mother (or mine) made a mistake are truly sad examples of humanity.

    Disagreement is one thing, but you’re really making yourselves look foolish.

  16. Jason says

    I agree, the venom here is rather disturbing. As a Gator I have tremendous respect for Tim Tebow. He has been very clear that he wants to tell his story and isn’t telling other folks what they should do. One can infer from his message that his religious beliefs don’t allow for abortion. Good for him for standing up for what he believes in. Pro-choice certainly doesn’t have any more moral high ground than Pro-life. Fortunately for him his mother chose not to listen to, what turned out to be, bad advice from the Doctor. I am disappointed by the organization he has allowed to use his message. Regardless, the vitriol expressed here is uncalled for and typical of the so-called open minded left. Supports a well known quote by W.F. Buckley.

    “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

  17. TANK says

    Lots of people stand up for what they believe in. That isn’t automatically worthy of respect; therefore, he hasn’t defended his choice to stand up for the antichoice/freedom view. From suicide bombers (who really STAND UP) to the greatest butchers in history. He’s very stupid, and has sullied the name of the university of florida.

    “The fundamental cause of trouble in the world today is that the stupid are certain while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

    “It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.”

    -Lord Russell.

  18. Oberon says

    Of course Mr. Tebow has every right to spew his nonsense. I also have the right to boycott the Super Bowl and CBS. I do not need some brash young millionaire to tell me how to live my life.

  19. TANK says

    I suspected that this would turn into a strawman about free speech. You idiots just don’t comprehend that the right to criticize his thoughtless worldview is protected by the same right.

  20. Jon says

    THANK YOU Tank! Excellent point! We’re not criticizing Tim Tebow for “speaking his mind” (however inarticulately he does so), we’re criticizing him for his content, his belief, and his alliance with a homophobic group, all of which we disagree with and find repulsive. If Tebow has the right to say whatever he wants (and he does) then we also have the right to criticize him. It’s that simple.

    And Tank, please notice that this straw-man “free speech” argument always comes up when gays on this site et al want to excuse the vile conservatism and narrow world-view of straight, white, muscular jocks. For these gays, politics, social issues, and every manner of discrimination can be overlooked in the service of giant pecs. It’s straight worship, white privilege, and self-loathing at its worst.

    Just know Tank that we may be few in number, but some of us appreciate your recalcitrant and often correct comments. Keep fighting the good fight!

  21. says

    “One can infer from his message that his religious beliefs don’t allow for abortion. Good for him for standing up for what he believes in. Pro-choice certainly doesn’t have any more moral high ground than Pro-life. Fortunately for him his mother chose not to listen to, what turned out to be, bad advice from the Doctor.”

    Yes, and many people’s religious beliefs don’t allow for the existence of gay people and our equality. They have every right to express that view, also, but don’t expect those of us who believe in freedom of choice and equal rights to cheer them on.

    As for Tim Tebow’s mother, the important word is choice. She chose not to listen to doctors, was allowed to make that decision, and it was the right decision for her. It may not have been for another mother, but FOF only allows for their choices.

    I harbor no particular ill will towards Tim Tebow, but gay people should be criticizing anyone (Tebow and CBS both) who chooses to associate themselves with an organization that works to deprive us and women of our right to make choices in accordance with our own morals. They’re a despicable organization using a football player to sugarcoat their vitriol.

  22. DR says

    Tank, there’s a difference between criticism and idiotic rantings and personal attacks.

    As usual, there have been more of the latter than the former. Free speech doesn’t give you the right to troll a blog and make vicious comments about someone whose views you don’t agree with.

  23. TANK says

    DR, there’s a difference between an argument and an opinion. As usual, you fail to grasp the distinction. And as to thoughtless rantings, your comments are thoughtless rantings, but with a sincere effort to placate bigots. You are in this thread as in all others, a useless voice that props up bigotry.

  24. TANK says

    And yes, free speech does allow you to make “vicious comments” (to you, those that disagree, apparently, about an acutely controversial issue) about someone on a blog.

  25. Jon says

    I’d like to know, if Tim Tebow’s horrible world views were coming from someone who wasn’t “hot” or even white (yeah I said it), would so many panting gay men on this board be defending him? If Kanye West had done this, I bet you anything this site would crash from all the gays logging in at once to register their disgust and proclaim him the worst creature on the planet.

    How lucky for Tebow that white straight worship supersedes critical thinking for so many gays (and not just white gays either).

  26. Dawid8611 says

    DR: The first amendment does, indeed, protect my political speech. It also protects your speech, however silly and condescending it may be. Even if the political speech is vile — just watch Fox News any evening as more proof.

    JON: Your comments are insightful. If Mr. Tebow had been of color, fat, ugly, and/or old — he would not have the support of those unfortunate members of our community who hold on to broken dreams of being taken to the prom by the local football star and spend most of their lives chasing unobtainable straight men.

  27. DR says

    I’m sad to see that people find it so simple to just engage in childish name-calling. Even sadder, I’m not surprised. Personal attacks and name calling is apparently what passes for debate these days, at least in the blogoverse. Guess I may as well get used to it, no matter how much I wish, it doesn’t get any better here…

  28. Jon says

    DR, childish name-calling is nothing compared to the more troubling worship of straight white men that inundates the gay community (and this site). Gays are constantly excusing the sins of people who look like Tebow, and I know you don’t see that as a big problem but…that’s kinda my point.

  29. BobN says

    “He has been very clear that he wants to tell his story and isn’t telling other folks what they should do.”

    So… is he just blissfully unaware that abortion is a political issue in this country? Is he unfamiliar with Focus on the Family’s political campaign that has funneled tens of millions of dollars into trying to ban abortion.

    He’s working to make sure that women like his mother WON’T HAVE A CHOICE or he’s dumb as a post.

  30. Javier says

    I always admired Tim Tebow, but now I find him to be a hero, for being a man who loves Jesus Christ above all else. He is a true testament to what it means to put Jesus Christ before all else. He is a man of integrity, not just on the field, but well beyond. This dude is the real deal.

  31. says

    Focus on the Family, a non-profit Christian organization, is not elaborating on the commercial’s message, but the story is expected to detail the Tebows’ pro-life message in line with Christian faith.

  32. nikko says

    JAVIER, you’ve got to be kidding me, right? A 21 year old jock millionaire represents Jesus Christ well to you, does he?! How exactly is his worldly lifestyle reflect jesus christ?

  33. says

    Super Bowl, Super Bowl.
    Really taken my soul.
    Here again u’ve come!
    pleasure, brought more than some.

    I’m looking forward to attend the gmaes, I even got ma tix from and waiting for February!

    Come on February!
    what surprise u carry!
    who’ll win who’ll loose!
    the latter is a moose.

  34. Tim says

    Lets be clear about why Tebow is REALLY doing this: as he heads into endorsement-land, he does not want anyone to think he is GAY. His bromance with Coach Urban Meyer was noticeable here in Florida, as was his prancing off the field late in the season with a bouquet of flowers. Plus the kiss. Like Lady Macbeth, “me thinks she doth protest too much…”

  35. HF says

    I respect Tim’s right to express his thoughts. Afterall, this is the USA.

    Having said that, Tim you should consider the following angle about your Mother’s story:

    Your Mother was given the “choice” to terminate her pregnancy or to carry to full term. She “chose” to take the risks. Fortunately, she and her son survived.

    Imagine if the “authorities” forced your mother to end her pregnancy “for her own good.”

    Is this acceptable?

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