Two Buffalo, NY Women Arrested for Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Two women who were reportedly part of a larger group of ten people have been arrested and charged with robbery, grand larceny, aggravated harassment and criminal mischief as a hate crime:

Walden "The attack occurred at about 1:30 p. m. in the lower parking lot near the Macy’s end of the mall. The victim, a 20-year-old Buffalo man, was threatened inside the mall by a group of about 10 people known to him as members of a local gang.

He was then followed outside to the parking lot, where he was pepper sprayed, kicked, punched and robbed.

The two women charged were Joy Darden, 18, of Zelmer Street, and Deonna Burnett, 19, of East End Avenue.' They confronted him a few times and followed him out,' said Speyer. 'They were pretty brutal in their pursuit. Obviously we need to take a stance against this.'

Darden and Burnett are accused of stealing a bag of jewelry, cash and other items worth more than $1,000.

Police also found a threatening note with gay slurs on the victim’s car, which was vandalized. The vehicle was coated with a soaplike substance, and a mirror was ripped off."

There were additional charges to those listed above: "Burnett also was charged with unlawful possession of noxious matter and unlawful possession of marijuana. Darden received an additional charge of criminal impersonation."


  1. Ed says

    IANAL but I think criminal impersonation has to do with providing false identity information for the purpose of committing a crime or avoiding apprehension.

  2. bridget says

    on 1/11 @ 9:00 am @ 25 delaware in front of judge Franczyk there will be sentencing of a man that left a guy in my town for DEAD. The crime was caught on tape and the local police interpreted as a HATE crime, however it will be sentenced as an assault. It was on tape and there were witnesses for cryin’out loud. Could anyone who reads this be down there with a sign for this man’s mother?

  3. Bayley says

    Ghetto trash….oh, let me not point out that the the two woman were black and there’s been an INCREASINGLY heavy duty ratio of gay bashing occuring in New York by minoritities (Hispanic and black) toward the gay community. Because we’re the bad guys, and of course, the race card is pulled…so sick of that sh8t. Trash deserves to be called out as trash.

    From the sound of it, these girls were going to end up in jail where they’ll reunite with family members anyways.

    Enjoy it!
    now if they could only find where their babydaddys are.

  4. amy says

    bayley, your a disgusting racist piece of shit. what the fuck makes you think you’re any better then a homophobe? or better yet a klansman? maybe your white hood should have a rainbow on it, since you’re a gay racist. I’M BLACK AND GAY. they aren’t mutually exclusive you stupid piece of shit. how do you know the VICTIM isn’t also black and gay? maybe you should think about who you’re maligning when you there’s only white people around and it’s safe to spout your racist bullshit. lgbt DOESN’T mean white.

    and p.s. if i was going to form a stereotype based on the fact that you’re white and how ignorant you sound, i’d say that you grew up in a trailer and that your parents are also brother and sister. i’d also say that half of YOUR family is in jail and on welfare, considering there are more white people on welfare then blacks. i guess stereotyping isn’t so funny when it’s done to you, huh?

  5. Jason R. says

    Hood rats. They used my tax money for their welfare checks and food stamps, now they’ll use it in prison away from society (which is one tax payment I’ll support)

    Nasty hood rats who will never amount to anything in theier lives.

  6. Shawn Rothwell says

    I was attacked and beaten during an attempted mugging an took a horrible hospital beating in 2005, from black youths which I was hospitalized 4 days with cuts and bruises to my face from glass bottles and around my neck from attempted strangulation, and I was sickened at the way the professionals from City of Buffalo handled case studies. I found all sorts of coincidences… I WAS IN NO SHAPE TO CONDUCT AN INVESTIGATION MYSELF… I was left on my own without any sort of immediate counseling.. Its sick. I was treated like a street bum, I’m healthy, I work full time and I have a future… Others with bad experiences will bring change to Buffalo s’ professional scene, including Erie County Prosecutors and District Attorneys’ office, as a whole, for the future.

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