Vandals Slash Tires of Two Dozen Cars at Gay Orlando Nightclub

More than Police are looking into an incident Monday night at Revolution nightclub in Orlando, Florida in which the tires of more than two dozen cars were slashed:

Revolution "Monday night at Revolution is billed as an evening catering to mostly
Hispanic gays and lesbians, according to the club's Web site.
Police investigators have not confirmed if the incident is considered a
hate crime, but some victims said the tire slashing made them think it
was an attack against their sexuality and ethnicity. 'There are cars at
the nearby apartments and I have not heard of any tire slashing
happening there last night,' patron Miguel de Arias said this morning.
'It's been Latino gay night here for years and someone had to know that
to do what they did.'
If detectives confirm the tire slashing incident is a hate crime, it
will be the second such crime in the city in the last two months."

In November, The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Community Center of Central Florida in Orlando and a nearby gay-owned business were targeted with graffiti featuring a swastika and the words 'Gay Pawer,' 'Die Fags,' 'Go To Hell' and other homophobic slurs.


  1. says

    it kills me they way authorities seem to be so slow in determining whether or not a crime is a hate crime. the cars in a gay bar’s parking lot were targeted. the fact that cars in nearby apt buildings were left untouched says it all. years ago, in New London, CT, several cars in a gay bar’s parking lot had bricks thrown through their windshields. there was no such thing as hate crime legislation back then, but it was obvious to everyone involved the motive behind the attack was to scare gay people from going to that bar. this tire slashing in Orlando was meant to scare people from going to that nightclub. that seems to be a hate crime to me.

  2. TANK says

    This is a low thing to do. Just cowardly and scummy. One day, they’re gonna pick a fight they can’t win by getting caught by the wrong people…because I know my fair share of gays that if you did this to their ride…you’re gonna be in a world of hurt–and the scary kind. And yes, it is a hate crime.

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