1. Rob says

    Poor Scott Brown — all you do is show your PUBIC HAIR in Cosmo and people treat you like a sex object. It ain’t right!

    Marriage equality — basic civil rights — is not OK with him, but being masturbation material in the grocery store checkout lane is just swell!

  2. John says

    It is funny because it is true.

    The Democrats are so lame.

    Only they could behave as if they were the minority party with a 78 seat majority in the House and a – even after the Scott Brown debacle – 19 seat majority in the Senate.

  3. John says

    And yes, I’m counting Biden as part of their “non majority” because only in the land of Harry Reid does each and every bloody vote have to garner 3/5th super majority, including getting permission to go to the bathroom.

    The Senate operated for decades with the Vice President breaking 50-50 ties all the time and the universe has not collapsed.

    The Bush tax cuts were passed with Cheney as the deciding vote.

  4. Scott says

    I find the vast majority of SNL skits unfunny nowadays, especially since most of the time a gay character is included it’s an insulting and unfunny stereotype.

    But for some reason I really enjoyed this, even the Barney Frank bit!

  5. Shaun says

    I will vote for Scott Brown if he runs for president – after seeing his interview with Barbara Walter this morning. He is so damn cute. and I thought I will never ever vote for a Republican. I guess a handsome face trumps principles.

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