1. Ryan says

    He looks better without make-up. I’m happy for him to wear it if that’s what he wants to do but I don’t think it serves him as well as he thinks it does.

  2. Carlton W says

    One of the posters had a good point. Why did Ruiz have him in black nail polish? I am familiar with Mike Ruiz’s work as I’m sure a lot of people are and Mike pays attention to detail big time. My guess is Mike’s doing old Hollywood but purposely keeping trademark Adam Lambert. Note the big ring too. The ring is Lambert yet the style is old Hollywood. Marc, I’ll be seeing you in Palm Springs it looks like.

  3. jesse james says

    “…a cultural object used so casually as a prop…”

    Are you talking about Adam or the mask? (rhetorical question)

    African Queen? or did he say, a fricken queen?
    (Could not resist the word play) I like him too, just as much for what he does, maybe more, than his singing.

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