1. lessthan says

    @ clemsonaj It appears to be. No Wikipedia entry and the website is password protected. (WTF???) The one current information available appears to be related to this story.

  2. scott says

    I don’t think that I have ever heard of anyone being “hunted” by the so called predatory A/X ads. However I do seem to recall numerous children being preyed upon by men of the cloth. So maybe these groups might want to (in the words of my grandfather) clean up the dog s$#t in your own backyard before you go looking in someone else’s backyard.

  3. Walter says

    Imagine how sad and full of imaginary evil the world is for these monsterous people who fear a world with FREEDOM OF CHOICE when it comes to sex and affection.

  4. Dave says

    Promotion of obscenity?!

    Have they seen their daughters’ cheerleading uniforms? Have they seen their sons’ wrestling uniforms? Have they seen WWE? Or music videos? Or most any magazine that advertises clothing or perfume? Or the friggin Hot Topics store in their mall? Or any primetime sitcom?

    Sorry, but kids are exposed to sexualization of the human body in more significant and profound ways than seeing these posters in the mall.

  5. G says

    Wait…the women are “scantily dressed”? A tank top and shorts are now too risque for women?? Since when did we become a Muslim country adhering to Sharia Law?

    I think AFA Moms is a secret Al Qaeda cell.

  6. Paul says

    Why can’t these fucking just say “they” don’t like the ads…why do they always have to bring the children into it? Fucking assholes!! Its a fucking ad…get over it!! Maybe because they are turned on by ads…I mean look at that guy from some child advocacy group…he looks like a child molester!! I am sick this right-wing country with its mixed up values as if the country belongs to them. Well, I am a tax payer G*d damnit!!

  7. David in Houston says

    I reworked the AFA Moms inappropriate response:

    Dear President Irvine:

    I COMPLETELY SUPPORT your company’s decision to cover your window displays with posters of scantily-clad models. Your decision is RESPECTFUL to me personally, and to my family. If A|X continues to use such ARTISTIC and CREATIVE marketing choices, I will make a conscious effort to shop THERE MORE OFTEN.

    Your current posters are BEAUTIFUL and I find them extremely TASTEFUL.

    I implore you to publicly CONGRATULATE YOURSELF and immediately INCREASE the AMOUNT of “artwork” at your stores and website.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my ACCOLADES.

    You can send it here: (thanks, david t)

  8. Alex says

    I wonder how many of these people have dressed their young daughters in sequined bathing suits, put some feathers or glitter in their hair, and had them dance or twirl a baton on stage.

    Seriously. And they call it a recital.

  9. ravewulf says

    The women are “scantily dressed”? PLEASE! That’s like day wear!

    I love how they are too horrified to use the word “bisexual” because the word “sex” is in the middle. Sooo lame!

    It would be an AFA project *eyeroll*

  10. patrick nyc says


    You know, the ones they send to see Saw and other horror flicks where people are tortured but God forbid they have sex. Fuck off you uptight Christian assholes.

  11. Paul says

    Thank You David T, for providing the link to Armani’s customer service. I sent a letter explaining that I am a customer and that those ads mean a lot and the people critizicing the ads are homophobes and are NOT customers. Real Armani’s customer’s will still come to the store and now they may get even more business!! I told them the pendulum swings both ways…if they remove the ads…they will lose customers. I am going to make it a point to buy my bf something at Armani exchange today!!

    And where are the Jersey Shore guys when you need them…I mean, isn’t that where they get their T’s from? just a thought. People love them.

  12. PM says

    “The women are scantily dressed while it is questionable if the men have any clothes on at all.”

    Left model guy’s wearing a watch, right model guy’s wearing a necklace – that’s clothing enough in my book. ^_^

  13. Andalusian Dog says

    Here, once again, we see the very effective right-wing tactics at work. Making up a group that speaks in the voice and jargon pattern of “working moms” (Sarah Palin anyone?). Putting an asterisk in the word “bisexual” as though it were a curse. And a demand for the images of homosexual affection to be erased from the public sphere.

    These people know that if you control the images and symbols, you control thought. They can put all the asterisks inside of prefectly fine words all they want; they can erase images from public viewing. They can try, but stil can’t control are our bodies yet, no matter how many hate crimes and false arrests are perpetrated.

    This is why coming out and being out and, yes, MAKING out, is imperative. If you have a partner or lover, and you’re shopping or just strolling around in public, please please don’t shy away from holding hands or being affectionate. Don’t cede control to these cave-people.

  14. Brian from Tucson says

    Freedom to love is a threat to the bigots. Funny how the right wing always steps up and cries freedom when they object to the wealthy or corporations paying even one penny more in taxes. They claim it is a threat to their freedom. But freedom to shop where you desire? Freedom for a store to project a message of inclusion? That requires threats and a boycott from the knucle draggers! Truly pathetic, but entirely predictable.

  15. Disgusted American says

    and the complaints coming from Fake-Christians..most likely OVERweight / built like upside down lightbulb moms..who’s husbands long ago stopped touching them…who, never would shop Armani to begin with…they are out & out WALMART moms no doubt! Hey AFA – STFU!

  16. sjorgl says

    For any organization with the word ‘Family’ in the title, read instead ‘Christian Pharisees.’
    eg. American Christian Pharisee Association, Focus on the Christian Pharisees, Christian Pharisee Policy Council, et cetera, et cetera.
    These people need to find a hobby. They must have barren lives.

  17. patrick says

    I have 2 points. First, The ads themselves are clearly made by adults, for viewing by adults, for the purpose of selling clothing to adults. Most children cannot afford Armani Exchange. Bringing children into this conversation, and the possibility/probability that some children will view these ads at a mall is so transparent it’s sad. These women are basically HIDING behind their children. How pathetic. Leave your baseless fears about children out of the discussion, and just own up to the fact that YOU are uncomfortable with the ads because the depiction of beautiful sexy people expressing affection embarrasses YOU. Discuss it in therapy.

    Secondly, I’m tired of these people complaining about what the evil world is “forcing” on their kids at the mall, on television and in movie theatres. If you think the mall is a bad influence for your children, then don’t let them go there. If you think TV is too sexually charged for your child, hand him a book. YOU are in charge of your child. It is not our job to parent your child and monitor what he sees.

  18. Timothy says

    WTF is a bis*xual?

    We’re censoring the word sex now? These people must not have full length mirrors in their houses for fear they might see their own genitals.

  19. Noah says

    Where have these moms been for the past 10+ years while Abercrombie and Fitch has been marketing thongs to 10 year old girls and displaying gigantic, similarly scantily clad photos in their store windows in every mall in America? Oh right, because it’s only obscene when it’s two dudes or two ladies. I forgot.

  20. ichabod says

    @David T – Thanks for the link. Just finished sending an effusive email their way.

    Way to get more press for Armani, “O.M.M.” (don’t these fool organizations ever think about their acronyms?)

  21. BGKev says

    I gotta say, in general I find the posters at my local A/X kind of tacky. Often the top of the guy’s pubes are showing. Hot, but tacky for a billboard-size poster.

  22. Harry says

    I am a covert agent against the AFA/OMM. I subscribed to their email list a while ago. When I receive an email from them, I do the exact opposite of what they ask. This organization of hate mongers needs to be put in it’s place. I received an email regarding this campaign and sent and email of support to A/X. Don’t let this group discriminate against the LGBT community. The last time I checked this was a democracy. They don’t have the right to tell us what we can watch on television or in other media. Please subscribe to their email service and send emails of support to the companies they boycott or threaten.

  23. GregV says

    The AFA is the same idiots who several years ago protested Sesame Street. One of their complaints was that Bert had sewed his own button on a shirt (when obviously a female puppet should be doing women’s work).

    I hope A/X doesn’t give them the time of day. I walked past the store yesterday, and commented, “Isn’t that campaign great!”

    I’m with Hank; A/X deserves my business. I could probably use a new shirt anyway.

  24. GregV says

    I don’t know why anyone is assuming that the crazies at the AFA don’t have a problem with Abercrombie and Fitch. They sent out an “Action Alert” to their sheep last year asking for e-mails and phone calls about their “trashy T-shirts,” suggesting there was a connection between them and STD’s.

    I think the marketers at A/X and A&F probably realize that a bunch of old polyester-suit-wearing crumudgeons at fire-and-brimstone churches in Tupelo, Mississippi, are not their target market, anyway. Most of the followers at the AFA probably have never even seen city-slicker stores like these before and their threats to refrain from going there should be laughed off.

  25. Paul R says

    Well at least those horrifying bi-whatever-they-ares are wearing sunglasses to hide their terrible shame!

    The same-sex couples get to show their faces. The damn bis are probably hiding because they’re cheating on their same-sex lovers. Damn them!

    Curiously, I know quite a few religious people who have a much bigger problem with bisexuals than homos. I guess it just seems more sordid and swinger-ish, as well as “Why can’t they just make up their minds?” I can’t imagine going through life with that kind of perspective, if you can even call it that.

  26. TANK says

    This is rich. These walmart shoppers have never stepped foot in a gap, let alone an AX. They represent a negligible share of the market concern, to put it mildly. Support AX…but also, support quality clothing…that might cause some heads to explode.

  27. MikeyL says

    I’m thinking most of the people who are offended by this campaign, have never shopped at A/X, nor do their kids, so why should they even care? Now, if this was at a Wal-Mart, then they have a reasonable gripe.

  28. says

    “The women are scantily clad”??? How are they scantily clad?? haha. Would a burqa suffice for these people?
    A|X’s message is so wonderful and necessary, and brings to light the disgusting hatred people feel towards this.
    I think One Million Moms’s statement really sums up how ugly their side of this “issue” is:
    “Sharing love! How horrible!”

  29. steve says

    If AFA wants to protect the teens from porn and alternative sexualities, they should confiscate their phones, their PDAs, their computers, their TVs and prevent them from seeing movies. Yeah, and, also, too, they need to stop listening to that devil music….

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