Anderson Cooper says Haitian Adoption Story ‘False’


I reached out to Anderson Cooper for response following a report in the National Enquirer that he had adopted a Haitian orphan after being moved by the suffering there following the devastating earthquake.

Said Cooper to Towleroad: "While the plight of children in Haiti has touched us all, and I continue to cover the situation there closely, stories about me adopting a baby are false. I am not adopting a child, Haitian or otherwise."

(image gawker)


  1. Ted B. says

    Hehheh, Coop said the adoption story was incorrect…but not the part about “hunky BF” Ben and the firehouse? I love how even the sensationalizing NE treated AC and BM as just a “normal couple”….

  2. JohnInManhattan says

    While reaching out, did you offer to pull him out of the closet? Cooper is pathetic.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    LOL at Andy for reaching out for a response, though yes, it is interesting that AC denied the adoption story and not the boyfriend….

    Hay, Andy, do you think that AC would consider adopting MOI?

    Oh, and I just know that AC is reading this to. *waves* Hi, AC!

    I can think of some creative thangs to do with those firepoles as a indoor playground.

  4. bastian says

    So, no comment on alleged boyfriend Ben, yet he gives explicit rebuttal to accusations of a pending adoption. Yeah… way to bury the lead

  5. Tonic says

    Wow. He can’t even acknowledge his boyfriend by using “we.” Look, he’s not willing to provide millions of gay children and teens a gay role model, so obviously he wouldn’t be a good role model for an adopted kid anyway.

  6. Ryan says

    Wait… Back up…

    Since when has ANYONE needed to follow up or fact check stories coming out of the National Enquirer?

  7. Anon says

    @Roscoe Less judgemental people than you?
    @Tonic So many gay children staying up watching CNN.

    Whatever. I like him. And I’m really jealous he gets to live in a firehouse.

  8. @Anon says

    Anderson Cooper is one of the most well known news reporters in this country. If you don’t think children know who he is you’re either crazy or didn’t watch any television when you were a kid. He could make a huge difference simply by coming out.

  9. Truth says

    I think he’s probably worried about the potential target coming out could have on him during his work in countries where homsexuality isn’t tolerated.

  10. Anon says

    @@anon Just that? His coming out will make there be no more homophobia anymore ever and the sun will shine every day seems to be the consensus with the vitrol he gets spat at him. It’s still his life.

  11. question says

    What I don’t understand is, why do some of you insist that he tell you that he is gay? We all know he is, so what more do you want? His life is his life, he doesn’t need to broadcast his life for us. He’s a news broadcaster, not Paris Hilton.

    I think some of you criticize him WAY too much than he deserves. He is not a hypocrite who is married to a woman and trying to pretend like he’s straight. We all know he’s gay, he knows we know he’s gay, so what’s the big deal? Get over it!

  12. terry says

    Question, Thank you! You nailed it right on the head! We’re so obsessed with AC that when all is said and done it’s none of our business who he wants to be out with.

  13. terry says

    Question, Thank you! We’re so obsessed with AC that in the end it’s nobody’s business. It’s not like any of us (so to speak) will have any realistic chance with him anyway.

  14. says

    It’s 2010. Defending closet cases – however well intentioned and/or nice they are – is too old fashioned to be taken seriously. Towleroad has stories every day about gay bashings. Every public figure – actor, politician, tv talking head – who lives a closeted professional life is to a degree complicit in keeping homophobia alive.

    They actively feed the atmosphere of fear and shame of the closet, but more importantly they squander a very real opportunity to break down stereotypes. And it doesn’t count when they come out after their careers peak for attention – there’s nothing more sad.

    But on a more basic level – it’s just a cowardly thing to do.

    (and the homophobia of other countries is a particularly weak justification – Republicans are trying to use the same bs to justify DADT)

  15. Marty says

    The whole “role model” thing is such bs. Any gay kid with half a brain has access to the web and can find tons of gays to look up too. Anderson coming out won’t talk any gay teen off the ledge, that’s just crap. Most want him to come out and then bash him for not “doing enough” (ie, speak at every gay pride, head up some task force, talk endlessly about being gay ad nauseum) while they sit in judgement (and envy)

    He’s doing it the right way, on his own terms.

  16. TANK says

    Very good, srsly. The fags here just don’t get it, and never will. They live for a bump of tina, a fuck and their next fashion “statement”.

  17. TANK says

    But…having said that…you can’t blame celebrities (and let’s face it, AC is a “celebrity”) for staying in the closet. THeir careers are over when they come out…or greatly limited. And don’t give me that NPH argument, as his career flatlined before he came out, and met with a resurgence as a sitcom actor…and broadway actor…he’s by no means an A lister and never had the potential to be one (and neither’s AC, though…)

  18. Gen of Montreal says

    I think AC did the closest thing to a coming out by just correcting the story about the adoption.

  19. Keith says

    Whenever Anderson Cooper is the topic of a post, some queens’ venomous fangs come out.

    You can cut the jealousy with a knife.

  20. Rizzo says

    Those two must melt the sidewalk when they walk down the street together in NYC, they’re so hot. No wonder they have to live in a damn firehouse.

  21. EmmyC says

    Just because someone doesn’t say that they are gay doesn’t mean they are keeping homophobia alive….
    It’s 2010. Why should people have to state their sexual status at all. It shouldn’t matter.

    Has Anderson Cooper ever denied that he was gay? That would be different but I haven’t actually read that.

  22. Reggie says

    We need to remember that each of us must make the decision to come out of the closet at our own speed, and respect it. If coming out puts AC at risk in his work around the world, then we should respect his decision even more. As far as being complicit in homophobia by staying in the closet, there are some cultures, and societies where being out will not change a thing, and might end up getting you killed, e.g. Jamaica. I for one would not like to lose AC that way. So, let AC be AC.

  23. mike says

    Gay kids know how to work the internet, you know. Anderson lives his regular life as an openly gay man and it gets talked about online and in the gay press all the time. He’s been outed a few thousand times.

    Whether they have any interest or not, gay kids find out that Anderson Cooper is gay and he is by all appearances happy with his gay personal life and his successful career.

  24. Janet says

    As if the other countries don’t know he’s gay. duh. And, if he so much as whispered “I’m gay”, the whole homophobic hetero population of the US-of-A would scream that he is “shoving it down their throats” Why the hell would he bother? He might be standing in the closet but the doors are wide open. At least he’s no hypocrite. Leave him alone.