1. dizzy spins says

    leave it to the government/military to explain that it might take two years to remove DADT. What exactly needs to be “implemented” to allows gays in the military, besides a single stroke of the pen?

  2. James C. says

    I nearly fell out of my chair. I’m just flabbergasted. Who forgot to give the memo to this trio? It is worth noting that Doocey and the Beauty Queen were nowhere near this segment. I’m pretty certain they would have issued very different opinions.

  3. PearlsBeforeSwine says

    The methodology used in the survey reported by the Military Times is so bogus it doesn’t deserve any consideration. To quote from their description

    “From Nov. 11 through 30, Military Times conducted a voluntary confidential survey on “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

    Military Times e-mailed invitations to about 45,000 subscribers whose accounts listed a valid e-mail address and randomly inserted about 40,000 invitations into newsstand copies of Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times and Marine Corps Times. Each included a unique password and directed respondents to a third-party Web site to complete the questionnaire.

    In response, 8,001 subscribers who received e-mailed invitations took the survey as did 213 readers from newsstand inserts. Participation rates adjusted for undelivered invitations were 20 percent for subscribers and 1 percent for newsstand readers.”

    They then go on to make a report using those respondents who are active military duty. It is unlikely that the readership of the Military Times is representative of the military. They reported in 2008 that the military was supportive of John McCain. Other reports are that Obama received six times the number of campaign contributions from members of the military than McCain did. Their survey techniques are deeply flawed and should not be thought to reflect the views of the military.

    It is interesting that even their reports show that the trend is toward acceptance of LGB people in the military.

  4. stolidog says

    I am not from outer space, I am an American. No special planning needs to be put into place so that I can work in my country.
    It’s a job that I want and am capable of performing. Hire me.
    That’s that.

  5. says


    They’ve been “the emperor with no clothes” ever since the current head of the group took over and told reporters even before Obama took office that repeal could wait until 2010 or 2011.

    They have NO positive influence on the White House at all and have actually worked AGAINST demanding that Obama freeze discharges while TWICE being wrong in predicting that he would put repeal in the defense budget – – first last year then this year.

    That’s why I stopped giving money to them long ago and only support Servicemembers United and Knights Out.

  6. TampaZeke says

    Nice to know that America overwhelming supports our right to fight, sacrifice and die to protect THEIR rights, privileges and benefits while at the same time passing laws and CONSTITUTIONAL amendments, and fighting tooth and nail, to deny us those same rights, privileges and benefits for ourselves and our families while we’re fighting and when we come home (safe, wounded or dead) from combat.

    Don’t it just make you proud as a red, white and blue Bald Eagle, decked out in gold lame and singin the Star Spangled Banner, to be an Amurkin?

  7. TampaZeke says

    Before people get too excited about Fox supporting the repeal of DADT just remember what exactly it is that they are supporting.

    They aren’t supporting our rights. They are supporting allowing us to fight and die for THEIR rights while not giving us those same rights. This will help to fill all the uniforms NOT filled by all of the Chicken Hawks at Fox and elsewhere who never met a war they didn’t like and never met a military recruiter that they didn’t avoid like the plague.

    To them it’s not at all about our rights. It’s about filling recruiting goals to fight more of their wars.

    I don’t consider ANYONE an ally who supports the repeal of DADT but doesn’t support giving us FULL access to ALL of the rights, responsibilities, benefits and privileges of being human and an American citizen.

  8. Bill Perdue says

    The war for oil crowd, led by Obama and cheered on by Congress are considering their options. They’re way out of their league in their attempt to win permanent imperial hegemony over South Asia’s oil. They simply don’t have the resources to continue the wars against Palestine and Pakistan and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Further, in spite of the loud-mouthed bullying by Obama and H. Clinton they don’t really have the wherewithal to attack Iran.

    The central question they face is how to get those resources? Obama has committed to long drawn out and costly occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan, where his escalation has stirred up a hornets’ nest and led to the rapid growth of the Taliban, who, in spite of Karzai’s pathetic pleas show no sign of ending their insurrection against his US controlled puppet government. Likewise in Iraq the insurrectionists and the powerful, anti-American, militant oil workers union show no signs of giving up the ghost.

    To get the necessary cannon fodder they may have to reinstitute the draft because enlistments are down, way, way down. For a while Bush relied on stop-loss and recruiting criminals and veterans of formations like the neo-Nazi Guatemalan Special Forces and other military murder groups. But even those sources are drying up. The Pentagon, to say nothing of Obama and the Congressional Democrats are terrified of reintroducing the draft.

    Now it seems that some of the brainless idiots in the Pentagon and the White House want to give repeal of Clintons bigoted DADT a try. And it’s clear that they don’t give a damn about the real reasons we want Clinton’s legacy of bigotry repealed – the violence against GLBT servicemembers, their loss of benefits, kangaroo courts martial and the psychological violence of forcing people to deny their sexual preference.
    The one and only thing on their minds is a fresh source of meat for the grinder. In their desperation for cannon fodder they imagine that out of the blue huge numbers of working class GLBT folks are just itching to run off to the oil wars, get killed, wounded, maimed and return home suicide prone and suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, all to the applause of a grateful oil industry and a few pro-enlistment apologists for the war.

    Fat chance. Except for a few careerists, lifers and pro-war reactionaries LGBT folks are no more likely to enlist than the rest of the working class population. Maybe Obama ought to begin negotiations with his reactionary peer French President Nicolas Sarkozy to find out what it would cost to lease the French Foreign Legion for a few decades.

    To date deaths in Iraq as a result of the Clinton-Bush-Obama invasion and occupation of Iraq are 4375 and 31,616 wounded, roughly half too seriously to be returned to duty. If you add in soldiers form US puppet states the total is 4693. Similar figures for The Bush-Obama invasion and occupation of Afghanistan are 986 Americans, and the total including those from puppet states is 1,631. 9496 Americans have been wounded. Causality and death figures have nearly doubled since Obama took office (from ) Suicide figures for returning vets and active duty personnel number in the thousands and are rapidly escalating.