Lawmaker: Gay Soldiers Would Offend Muslims, Inspire Terrorism

Missouri State Senator Gary Nodler, a candidate for Congress, said that repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" would inspire acts of terrorism against the U.S. by Muslims offended by homosexuality, according to the St. Louis Dispatch:

"The Muslim nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, where America is fighting two wars, are opposed to homosexuality. Changing 'Don’t ask, don’t tell' would offend the terrorists in such a way that could put soldiers — and America — at risk of further terrorist attacks."

Nodler  Nodler later clarified his remarks: "I never said that this would be a cultural affront to terrorists. I don’t care what they think. I said it would be a cultuaral affront to the Muslims in who’s country we are operating. We can not win the hearts and minds of the people by insulting them and ignoring the standards of their culture. This is about the people who live there and the armies we are serving with. Your comment makes the common mistake that all Muslims are terrorists."

Said VoteVets co-founder Jon Soltz: "Sen. Nodler is as clueless as he is offensive. We have women serving in uniform, in theater, every day, despite many people in the region believing women should play no such role. It has posed no problems for our Armed Forces. What is a problem is that we’ve lost hundreds of translators, and thousands overall, under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, so our troops are fighting shorthanded. Sen. Nodler should be a lot more concerned about that."


  1. Gregsy says

    its always funny to me, for every illegitimate reason people tell us we can’t do something, there is always a GLARING error that nullifies their point.

  2. Veritable Virgo says

    Just another bigoted clueless politician espousing their own bias about full equality in the U.S. For chrissakes we’d be out there in regulation fatigues not pink poodle skirts. WTF? For a country that can be progressive on so many issues, we are so very retarded when it comes to upholding the vision of our founding fathers for equal treatment under the law.

  3. Joseph says

    Surely someone would point out that openly gay French and British soldiers serve in Islamic countries and that hasn’t inspired any terrorists.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    And because the gay soldiers are gonna wear a special pink insignia on their fatigues and will be on the street corners making out in whatever Muslim country we happen to be invading at the time.

  5. griffin1573 says

    Other than the British and the French.
    The Canadian arm forces,who also allow openly gay soldiers,are the American allies in Afghanistan.
    No problems their or here.

    Another uninformed douche bag politician heard from.
    Why can’t these people just crawl under a rock?

  6. Chitown Kev says

    Well, they that Missouri is the Show Me State.

    And this fool just showed us his bigotry and stupidity.

  7. says

    Yet another big, fat, white pasty politician with the sense of a cue ball. It’s nice to see he’s concerned about offending terrorist.

  8. David says

    Soooo, on the question of discrimination he identifies more closely with the religious extremists we’re fighting than with the American soldiers serving during this war. Why doesn’t he just join the Taliban? He seems to like their perspective on the world.

  9. says

    Muslim soldiers would probably be offended by all the women in our armed forces too.

    Since when do we allow muslim opinion to dictate the decisions made by our armed forces?

    Why does he hate our freedom?

  10. says

    I guess he never got the Memo from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, essentially being recycled by the inbred Phelps clan today, that it was his Judaeo-Xtian God who caused the World Trade Center to be destroyed and Washington to be attacked. Yes, it was “the homosexuals fault,” among others’, but still…..

    Forget Global Warning or swine flu [tho there IS a correlation to the latter]. I worry more about the pandemic of shameless psychotics that seems everyday to be growing.

    From Glenn Beck to the ones at the Nutbaggers Convention warning everyone that a part of Obama’s intent is to station an armed UN guard in the home of every American to alleged followers of Jesus claiming that trying to stop harassment of perceived gay kids in school is an attack on Religious Freedom to Ollie “I’m Naked & I Have A Gun” North confusing NAMBLA salivating over the Boy Scouts with gays wanting to serve openly in the military to Bigots Who Aren’t Bigots convincing the US Supreme Court that broadcasting their testimony on the Internet could put them in mortal danger it’s smelling more and more like a Munich beer hall in 1932.

  11. Noah says

    There are literally hundreds of things that US servicemembers do every day that could be deemed offensive by the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. To single this out as an issue of “cultural sensitivity” is so ridiculous it’s laughable.

  12. says

    Mind you, the Congressional seat he’s running for includes Branson and John Ashcroft’s house.

    (Also: it’s the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, not the St. Louis Dispatch.)

  13. Bart says

    I just moved to Missouri. Can’t wait to vote against another idiot trying to get on the government dole. I will bet anyone a dollar to a donut that this guy is a Christian. Wonder what those radical Muslims think of Christians…hmmm, let’s think real hard here…could they too be an affront to the people whose hearts and minds we are trying to win over?

    So by Missouri congressman Noodles (yes, I misspelled it on purpose) theory, we should knock out all gays service in Afghanistan and Iran. We should knock out all women. We should knock out all Christians. We should knock out all Jews. Then the three dozen soldiers that are left will be there to fight the war! It’s brilliant! Another forward thinking politician. Now all I want to know is how he got his foot in his mouth with his head so far up his ass? Do you know how hard that is?

  14. jakeinlove says

    As if he ever gave two f*cks about what Muslims thought before. He might want to get a clue and realize that they probably don’t want Americans period invading their country.

    Dumb ass.

  15. gayalltheway says

    Muslims are also against consuming pork.

    So, we should prohibit U.S. soldier from eating pork so that the Muslims won’t be offended.


  16. Patric says

    That’s “whose”, not “who’s”, moron, but I guess we shouldn’t expect a teabagger to know how to spell. Of course that wasn’t the only misspelling or error of grammer in his statement. Embarrassing.

  17. RJ says

    Patric, there are far worthier things to criticize in Nodler’s remarks than focusing on spelling and grammatical mistakes.

    Btw, the proper spelling is “grammar”, not “grammer”. I’m sure your finger just slipped. 😛

  18. Rick C. says

    I have heard some pretty dumb arguments against DADT, this easily ranks a one of the dumbest yet. There must be someway to muzzle idiots like this.

    I am Canadian, and would like to point out that we have troops currently serving in Afghanistan. Our Armed Forces have been “gay inclusive” for quite sometime.

  19. walter says

    i would like which army this piece of shit ever served in looks like all he could defend is the local hamburger stand. and what is worst he will be elected. our troops both gay and straight serve so assholes like this can spout all this bile.

  20. terry says

    Wow, I thought they hated us because of our foreign policies? God, this is a good social studies lesson!

  21. says

    does he really think that anyone would believe that he’s concerned about Muslim sensibilities?

    did he keep checking the palm of his hand?

  22. Josh says

    This toad will not merit a footnote in the history books. Alexander McQueen, however, will be spoken of in 100 years.

  23. rick says

    i’m guessing that muslims are more concerned that Iraqi and Afghan civilian men, women, and children are being killed and maimed than the sexual orientation of those doing it to them….

  24. TheNiebur says

    “Other than the British and the French.
    The Canadian arm forces,who also allow openly gay soldiers,are the American allies in Afghanistan.”

    And the Danish, thank you very much 😉

    No problems their or here.

    Anyway, it’s just grasping for straws!

  25. SteveMD2 says

    These religious freaks should be sent to the front in Iraq and Afghanistan. With a large cross tatooed on their asses and their foreheads.

    And lets see how the Muslims make nice to them. Be sure to require everyone one of them to carry a video cam. So we have a good chance of seeing the proceedings on the internet.

    And for once in a long time, we’d have the extremists of the muslim world making our country a better place to live.

  26. Yossi says

    The logic behind Missouri State Senator Gary Nodler assertion to not repeal DADT is both flawed beyond reason and dis-information at it’s best.

    Perhaps we should remind our lawmakers that Israel has allowed Gay’s in the military for some time now, including, but not limited to: the United Kingdom; France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Nepal, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa…. the list goes on and on.
    for a full list.