1. Derek says

    Yeah he is going to be photographed with a nicotine patch on his arm…

    I’ve read some stupid Towleroad questions in the past but that one is a winner for sure. A nicotine patch? Really?

    Tank you like to regularly call so many others here dumbasses or worse , well (major) dumbass how does it feel?

  2. TANK says

    Derek, how many chromosomes do you have? Serious question…because I have difficulty believing it’s the standard 46. Now, asshole (as that is your proper name, derek), he’s more than comfortable being photographed near cigarette butts, so it stands to reason that a nicotine patch would be a more healthful message. Don’t you think, asshole? Second, I wasn’t being serious…I rarely if ever am…especially round these parts. Kthnxbai.

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