1. Rodney says

    Garbage. When are these nuts (and the SCOTUS is among them) going to realize there is a VAST VAST difference between pedophiles and gays???

    Did anyone ask Ollie if straight marriage means it’s okay if his pre-teen daughter marries a 50 something year old man who only wants to steal her innocence?

  2. dc-20008 says

    Wow he is really OLD. I thought he was dead. By the looks of him it won’t be long til he is.

  3. alguien says

    why in the world would pedophiles join the military so that they could be surrounded by…grown adults?

    that makes utterly no sense at all.

  4. MikeMick says

    I wonder why only Fox will give him a platform? Oh yeah, the other networks have at least a few grains of discretion.

  5. Strepsi says

    MEMO FROM A CANADIAN: Yes it is an experiment, but the experiment has already been conducted, proved SUCCESSFUL, and validated! Britain, France, Canada, and Israel all have openly gay service members serving in the most volatile areas on earth (alongside US troops), and collectively have not had a SINGLE negative incident. Not one.

    MEMO TO FOX: Why are you inviting the views of a WAR CRIMINAL?

  6. TampaZeke says

    BILLY O, assholes everywhere are offended by the comparison.

    I think you owe assholes an apology for the insult.

  7. jason says

    Dear Mr Oliver North,

    Oh, get off your goat you aging turd. Your assertion is a vile slur on the gay community. Are you just as concerned about heterosexual pedophiles who dot the landscape? Has allowing heterosexuals in the military brought about pedophilia in the ranks? I doubt it. Maybe you ought to get back with Fawn Hall or whatever her name was. She might knock some sense into you.

  8. says

    Jessica H. Christ! Apparently incapable of even understanding the unfortunate age tastes of the NAMBLETTES which, therefore, makes his associating them with DADT repeal ludicrous [he must have been thinking aboutt the Boy Scouts…REALLY thinking?], Olive is sounding even nuttier today than when she allegedly “ran around naked, babbling incoherently and waving a .45 pistol.”

    Now one hesitates to quote one roaring asshole to indict another, but while the late legend in his own mind David Hackworth [he falsely claimed he was the “reputed model” for Col. Kurtz, the Marlon Brando character in the movie “Apocalypse Now,” who was, of course, based on a Joseph Conrad novel] was a pompous prick on a stick who viciously opposed lifting the gay ban in 1993, calling gays a “third sex” who shouldn’t even be allowed to work as civilians at the Pentagon even suggesting Clinton might be killed if he showed up on a military base, he seems to have done a great sketch on Olive called “Drugstore Marine” for “Playboy” in 1994 [even if there’s some evidence he could well have been describing his own lack of character]; excerpts below. Ya really got to read the full piece to get just how dark and dense Olive has been for a lonnnng time. When it comes to homophobic histrionic hyperbole, Olive is a size queen.

    David Hackworth on Oliver North
    Source: Playboy, June 1994

    Abstract: North’s career shows an undeniable streak of deceit and misuse of the trust of colleagues and the American public. His most significant betrayal was engineering the trade of arms to Iran for US hostages.

    LET ME TRY to describe Oliver North in a few fast bursts. He’s a jackass. He is so preposterous that there is a temptation to laugh at him. He’s smarmy, a flatter, a brownnoser. He’s also a twisted impostor, a drugstore Marine with an apparent compulsion to bullshit just about all the time. But while he tries to fool people with his fantasies, he is also very easy to fool. He boasts that he was an can-do guy when he was in the White House, but the record spells no-can-do. North did terrible damage to the U.S. until he was caught. One thread runs through his performance–getting conned. The Iranians conned him, the contras conned him, the crooked arms dealers conned him and even Manuel Antonio Noriega conned him.

    North is also one of the most dangerous men in America today. I’ve talked with him only once, by telephone on Michael Jackson’s radio talk show on KABC in Los Angeles. I had done my homework and wasn’t surprised when North put on his usual act. By the time I debated him I had talked with dozens of Marines and soldiers who knew him, as well as with former National security Council staff colleagues. I had seen him on countless TV shows, had read about him in several books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. “Does Oliver North Tell the Truth?” was the title of a June 1993 investigation in Reader’s Digest. The writer, Rachel Wildavsky, presents a watertight case, providing names and dates and plenty of reasons why the answer to the headline is no. My own sources confirmed or amplified what Wildavsky reports: North “could not be believed–even under oath.” One of his former colleagues is quoted as saying North “had trouble distinguishing between what was true and what he wished to be true.”

    In almost 50 years of being around soldiers, I have bumped into my fair share of bullshitters, but Ollie would have to take the first-place ribbon. The fact is that North is the sort of guy who cringes at the truth.

    North was convicted on three different counts: for helping deceive Congress about the Reagan administration’s trading arms to Iran for release of hostages, for destroying documents and for illegally accepting a home security system that was paid for by a government contractor (Richard Secord), whom North had brought into his operations. Now he claims he was “exonerated,” which is another lie. An appeals court threw out the convictions on a legal technicality.

    North has a magic mouth. He’s part natural politician and part huckster. He could sell camel shit back to the camels. He has the aura of a savior and he instinctively plays to his audiences. He wants to be looked upon as a military hero, the hairy-chested underdog who can save our country, a kind of leader stud who will follow the example of other warriors who continued to serve and defend our country after they took off their uniforms. North is a perversion of that great tradition.

    The fact that North invokes a war-hero image offends me and disgraces all the brave warriors who serve our country with honor, not deception. North is the sort of guy who could give war stories a bad name.
    Part of North’s spiel is that he was a warrior who followed the orders of his masters–the lowly, good Marine who was the fall guy for the White House ratbags. Nazi generals used the just-following-orders plea when they explained their mass murders. The Uniform Code of Military Justice protects American soldiers from obeying unlawful orders.

    Retired Major General John Singlaub, a man well-known for his physical and moral courage, said, “To people all over the world Ollie North was a hero. But I knew better. There was a wide gap between the media image of Ollie North–the honest, loyal Marine–and the sordid reality of his true character and performance.”

    Between 1969 and 1974 he spent most of his time in offices and classrooms and on training assignments. In late 1974 he again took charge of troops when he became a company commander, as a captain, on Okinawa. Just 29 days into the assignment, North–described to me by a follow officer who saw him at the time as an “emotional wreck”–surrendered his command.

    He returned to the U.S., where he spent as much as three weeks at Bethesda Naval Hospital for some deep-shrinking by psychiatrists. The episode is shrouded in mystery. North himself is vague about it in Under Fire, his autobiography published reports that parts of his medical record were expunged. Meanwhile, there have been published reports (which North never legally challenged) that provide details about the apparent nervous breakdown. In one account he ran around naked, babbling incoherently and waving a .45 pistol.

    He tirelessly shuffled papers, taught classes and for the last five years before Iran-contra exploded, worked as a presidential advisor on national security matters. In the White House his dangerous and destructive fantasies took on the hallmarks of megalomania, perjury, double-dealing and gullibility. He was still a serving Marine, but he wore civilian gear and his weapons during those five years were a word processor, a file cabinet and one mean shredder.

    According to one of his colleagues, North boasted that Ronald Reagan “loves my ass.” North certainly brought the power of the White House to his projects. And for some of the worst people in the world it was a lucky day when Ollie walked in. He was an answer to the prayers of sleazebags from Panama City to Bierut. It was as if they had one of their own in the White House.”

  9. RICHL says

    The experiment has already been conducted, proved SUCCESSFUL, and validated!

    Britain, France, Canada, and Israel all have openly gay service members serving in the most volatile areas on earth (alongside US troops), and collectively have not had a SINGLE negative incident. Not one.

    MEMO TO FOX: Why are you inviting the views of a WAR CRIMINAL?

  10. RJP3 says

    Wow — just when you think this criminal who thought he could lie to Congress (and did) could not get any worse he goes on national TV and compares Gay Men to Pedophiles.

    The fact that we are not in the streets smashing in EVERY FOX NEWS window around the country proves we have been conditioned to accept this Bullshit from Corporate America.

    Disgusting as he ever was.

  11. Andrew says

    He illegally sold weapons to Iran why would he be a respectable voice on our national security?

  12. GrabbinNewscum says

    I play a little game where I try to guess which post is written Leland Bedwell Trollovitch. I can always tell by at least the second sentence, and that saves me the time of reading his long-winded screeds.

    Poor dear has so-oooo much time on his hands. I can only assume he’s either unemployed, has no social life, or both!

  13. Peter says


    Where is his brain at?

    Really – how does one equate pedophilia with being gay? I could never figure this out! Most pedophiles are married with kids.

    In Canada, there hasn’t been any increase in any sort of pedophilia since gays were OK’d to be in the military.

    How does this man come across with such fear-mongering, baseless drivel as that?

    It just astounds me that someone can be serious about something like this!

  14. jakeinlove says

    Well they let lying treason un-American bastards like you in there, so it really couldn’t be any worse.

  15. Derek Pearce says

    Nice attempt at a dodge there Grabbin– you’re post avoids the real issue entirely, namely that North is a lying criminal douchebag.

  16. patrick nyc says

    Remember people, North is not just a convicted Republican, he’s a Republican, Fox contributor, who they think is a hero. As my Aunt Mary would say, pay him no mind, he doesn’t have one.

  17. terry says

    Ollie North: still an asshole after all these years!—strangely comforting to know that some things don’t change.

  18. terry says

    Peter, unfortunately most people have this mentality that if a man doesn’t want a woman (especially a gorgeous woman that all the guys will be scrambling for) than there must be something wrong with him. Even straight women are encouraged to look at other women as sex partners because if a straight man wants it, than everyone should want it, right?

  19. says

    @STREPS & PETER: You do a disservice to the argument for DADT repeal by including Canada in your counter-argument. There are enough differences between the US and Canada that it really doesn’t help.

    – The Canadian military is much, much smaller, administered through one branch (Canadian Forces). The U.S. Military is still composed of three branches (with the Marine’s technically falling under Navy jurisdiction). Each have administrative oversight of their policies.

    – While I value and appreciate the Canadian men and women serving in volatile areas of the world, the number and proportion of your servicemembers who are front-line soldiers, when compared to the U.S. proportion, is extremely low.

    — Canada has 67,756 active-duty personnel, as of 31 Dec 09. ~4,000 (6%)of whom are deployed.

    — United States has 1,473,900 active-duty personnel as of FY 2008. This doesn’t count the ~850,000 (FY08) reservists who are routinely called to duty. ~250,000 (16%/10%) are deployed at any at any one time

    Secondly, just because you *haven’t heard of* any incident, doesn’t mean they haven’t happened. Do you hear of every hetero sexual-harassment case that goes on in the Canadian Forces? No? Then why would hear about the homo ones?

  20. Disgusted American says

    is it me…or is Ol’Ollie starting to look like George Bush and Pat Robertson? What an ignorant asshole.

  21. says

    @ TommyOC: one fails to see how pointing to the apparent success of gay integration in the Canadian military does a “disservice to the argument for DADT repeal.”

    Neither their size nor organizational difference is relevant to this subject. [And our Commander-in-Chief is over ALL of our branches, of which you left out the Coast Guard].

    If the issue were logistics, yes, it would take more time to move 1.5 million American soldiers that 68,000 Canadian soldiers.

    But it’s not anything like that. It’s all about, as everything from the 1993 RAND study, to institutional change experts, to the President himself: clear, absolute policies and leadership.

    Arguments that “our military” is different to those of the 28 countries who have lifted their bans, many of which aren’t too inferior to fight beside us in Iraq and Afghanistan, simply come down to one thing: a culture of homophobia has been bred and legally sanctioned in the American military, just as racism and sexism was, and the Pentagon dinosaurs don’t want or have the balls to give it up.

    There is a way to fix that, just as those bigotries were addressed. The issue is WILL.

    I don’t know which side you’re on, but is not the side of logic or RELEVANT facts.

  22. citadel says

    c. 15 years ago or so he did a lisping “imitation” of a male homosexual while speaking at some gathering.

    He hates us, no question, and I wouldn’t care what this absolute piece of shit has to say except for the fact that he’s being given air time.

  23. says

    @Micheal: You can’t talk about apples and apples if one of those happens to be an orange.

    While I don’t feel that being gay has any impact on a military’s readiness, I do happen to feel that there is a distinct difference in what these respective military’s prepare *for*. This goes a long way as toward explaining the culture of those in command; the culture of those resistant to change.

    — The U.S. prepare to enforce international law and their own interests (for good or bad) abroad.

    — The Israelis prepare to ensure their own survival.

    — The Canadians prepare for… well… with 4,400 abroad, what *do* they prepare for? Fishery enforcement? International peacekeeping? Someone care to enlighten me?

    Canadian sympathizers like to speak as if they’re some enlightened species. In reality, the only thing that separates them from their brothers to the south is priorities. Priorities can be legitimate or it can be in appearance only. Either way, politicians like to hide behind their priorities when doing anything else is inconvenient to them.

    Obviously the American public’s sentiment is behind the right cause. Even politician’s sentiment is behind the right cause. But I posit to you that with nothing else going on in the Great White North, the issue of gays in the military saw a lot more facetime with your politicos. Here, there’s always some other issue popping up that foes and the weak-willed can use as the latest and greatest reason to put gay rights on the back burner.

    Like protecting Canada.

    I’m by no means an apologist, but I definitely take umbrage with others suggesting that just because Canada easily did, so can the U.S. And, like it or not, that’s simply not true.

  24. Monkey says

    He’s a traitor and should have been executed long ago for high crimes against our country. Why would anyone care what he has to say about anything ever?

  25. nic says

    wait! this is the same traitorous crook who helped reagan-bush circumvent congress so they could trade arms for hostages in the middle-east and pump money and arms to rightist dictators in south america so they could murder pro-democracy citizens (male, female, children, priests, nuns)!

    wtf? what moral authority does he have to pass judgement. he, hannity, roger ailes and the entire right-wing rabble are bottom feeders.

  26. Paul R says

    His invocation of NAMBLA/pedophilia was some of the most irrational fear-mongering I’ve heard in a while. Exactly how would pedophilia affect the military? You have to be 18 to serve. (As an aside: how many members does NAMBLA have anyway? I so wish that organization had never been formed.)

    Would chaplains have to perform same-sex marriages? Well, since same-sex marriages aren’t federally legal, I think not.

    It’s sad that he has a platform, but it’s much sadder that anyone would believe anything he says.

  27. Arturo Beeche says

    And this a….ole…who wiped his behind with the Constitution; a violator of human rights, and a congenital liar and fabricator of half truths…has credibility????

  28. ab says

    Because god knows the military is FILLED with five year old boys fighting for the American way of life.

  29. walter says

    hey ollie pedophilia is committed by the older on the young which would mean the pedophiles would already be there since older people don’t enlist also how would you know about pedophiles in the military whats your computer been up to

  30. hiten says

    Ollie North is just seeking publicity. Lack of character and political support he is a predator on the weakest stream of social pressure in the name of protection, but than more than 60% of Americans are homophobic. The US of A needs to look at CANADA an icon of social tolerance.