Towleroad Guide to the Tube #600

RABBI YEHUDA LEVIN: Gays in the military will cause disaster.

GILLIBRAND AND CHOI: Post-hearing meet-up.

GABOUREY SIDIBE: Speaks with the ladies of The View about Oscar nom.

THE LEAK: For all you pug lovers out there.

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  1. TANK says

    That fat chozzer needs to go on a diet and cut that ratty looking beard off. Maybe take a shower or ten. He looks disgusting, and gives jews a bad name. And who is this POS to complain? He should go to israel with his complaints and get the shit kicked out of him at an officers mess. Eat a bagel, you weak fucking bastard.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    It’s alarming and outrages that the Rabbi connects the Bad economy, Sept 11-2001, Tsunamis, and Haiti with Gay Americans. I think he may as well connect Jews with stealing money, selling babies, all things evil with the world. (Just like the Catholics and Nazis did). That Rabbi has not served the armed forces a day in his life and he sits there and has the audacity to say who should not serve their country? Oi vay what a Pork Fanny he is! He must need to get new members for the Synagogue.

  3. alguien says

    fuckin’ a, there are those of us jews out in the world who have at least learned to speak correctly (ie. “in these toimes,” “homosexual misbehaviah”).

    seek a speach therapist fuck head.

  4. walter says

    nothing wrong with the rabbi that a bath, a can of bug spray and a brillo pad won’t help. considering the hate Jews have under gone all these years you would have to believe they would show more tolerance. this rabbi preaches hate just like the pope
    they should all end in hell and the soone the better

  5. echovic says

    wow! that asshole rabbi’s speech really knocked the wind out of me – where does he practice? shouldn’t we go and picket him? that he would tie 9/11 to gay domestic partnership is outrageous! how dare he! and he talks about haiti! what about the holocaust? he thinks that’s because jews were gay then? it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

    maybe i’m sheltered living in nyc but this type of argument needs a strong and public outcry. he shames jews and judaism.

  6. Julius says

    OH-MI-GOD! Who gives a fuck about that guy. Is the pug OK? The asshole just dropped the poor dog like a bag of garbage. F-ing hell! Damn, my heart sank … I hope the dog is alright and didn’t break any bones or legs.

    It’s just dog pee that can be washed or rinsed off. Geez, but that was a living, breathing (from personal experiences with the breed) a very loving dog.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Gabourey is so charming, and to land a role like that, on her first audition and know it out of the park. Good for you girl, hope to see more of you on the talk shows, maybe get rid of the Hasseldouche at the View.

  8. CKNJ says

    That fat fuck Rabbi knows NOTHING about spirituality if he is making all these ridiculous points… gays caused all these natural disasters? Please!! He should take his twisted notion of spirituality and shove it up his ass!

    We WILL have gays in the military, and his lies about the ramifications will be shown to be exactly that: lies by a bigot. Ugly, dark-hearted people like him, stuck in the past have NO PLACE and NO RIGHT to cast judgment on good people. He should look to himself for judgment!

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