Towleroad Guide to the Tube #608

GREEN SCREEN: Almost nothing you see on TV is as it seems.

TWISTER: Rare tornado hits Australia farm. Australia gets about 20 tornados a year.

WOMAN SLAPS COP, COP SLAPS WOMAN: Incident captured on camera in Romania. The woman is reportedly a teacher under investigation for abusing her students.

FLAME: Here's what happens when you try to light a cigarette off the Olympic torch.

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  1. shivadog says

    Seems like a major overreaction on the guy with the cigarette. It’s not like he hurt the torch or anything. (It looks like a giant joint anyway) Wonder what they will charge him with.

  2. Billy says

    The idea that a man can’t hit a woman doesn’t really apply here for several reasons:

    1) Hitting an officer is an arrestable offense regardless of gender.
    2) He responded in kind, not with excessive force.
    3) She’s being investigated for ABUSING CHILDREN.

    I hope she gets slapped on a daily basis in jail.

  3. patrick nyc says

    GOGMAGOG, I know it’s wrong to use violence but she hit first, and I had to laugh. Her cry was so fake as well. It easy to believe that she does abuse her students as they claim.

  4. says

    Hmm, the torch/cig one, yeah, not a big thing but, you know he just wanted to be a douche and tell his buddies he lit one off of the olympic torch. But it is the olympic torch, which they guard to keep lit and from being put out by wackos during it’s journey. It’s a huge symbol of the greatest athletes on the planet, not a joke moment for some douche. So, I think he got what he deserved. As did the romanian woman. Hey lady, you’re being arrested for possibly abusing kids, then arguing with the cop, then had the balls to do a “Zsa Zsa” on him? Big mistake. And then afterward, a mixture of crocodile tears and real pain, as she adapts the “I’m just a female delicate flower, I feel a fainting spell coming on” stance. Please. Also, note how the cop flinches afterward when she raises her hands like he thought she was going to attack again. Priceless.

  5. says

    TORNADO- We get quite a few tornadoes over here in Australia- probably in the same range as in the USA; it’s just that since most of our population is settled on the coast, rather than the desert centre, our cities don’t get threatened by tornadoes very often. Mind you, in 2008 there were *seven* tornadoes around my city of Perth, most out to sea…

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