Towleroad Guide to the Tube #610

I'M ON A HORSE: The making of the Old Spice commercial.


WESTBORO BAPTIST: Gets a counter-protest at Wilson High School in Long Beach, California.

SONIC BOOM MEETS SUN DOG: Watch the Atlas V rocket send shock waves as it breaks the speed of sound.

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  1. REYnoldo says

    Sassy Gay Friend rules!

    You should see some of the resonces on You Tube.

    There’s one ultra PC women … oops womyn that’s throw a shit fit about it.

  2. kansastock says

    When Westboro comes to town these days, the kids make it a big party. When Phed kisses dirt soon, I may be alittle sad to see him go now that he’s totally irrelevant… except for that party thing.

  3. gregorybrown says

    Isaiah is a remarkably handsome man, but I find the ad annoying. What I think is more amazing is how this subverts the white male world: millions of het white men see this adonis blatantly telling their “wimmin” to compare their sorry beer bloated carcasses to his testosterone reeking perfection. Obama did this!! Then the next step, seeing that horse, is to start thinking about that other scary feature they all believe in and fear….