Troops Tell Admiral Mullen They Are Ready for DADT Repeal;
HRC Issues Statement on Blog Swarm

HRC Statement from spokesman Brad Luna:

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has to be repealed this year. That has been the Human Rights Campaign’s position from the start, and at this point there is no one in the White House who does not know it. We and the community to whom we are accountable agree: This is the year.

We firmly support including repeal in the annual Department of Defense Authorization bill, and have not only indicated as much, but continue to make that case, all while working to gain support for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act….

We have been lobbying the White House relentlessly, and we’ve seen more movement in recent weeks than in the previous 16 years. Our nation’s top defense officials testified, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be repealed. That did not happen in a vacuum.

These events are just the start. There is a clear path to repeal, and that’s the one we’re on.


  1. Word nerd says

    I don’t think that’s a proper use of the word “nonplussed.” Nonplussed means puzzled, flummoxed, bewildered, perplexed, unable to act. It does not mean “unconcerned,” “disinterested,” or “nonchalant in regard to the matter.”

  2. says

    This is tremendous, further weakening the ground under which Gates has built his house of excuse cards.

    “Remember the major poll taken of enlisted personnel asking them if they felt like invading Iraq? The one that political leaders and military brass used to decide if they should pull the trigger or not? No, because there wasn’t one. … [T]his time around, obstructionists have sought to enlarge the numbers of their fellow opponents by adding ‘military families’ to the mix of people whose opinions should determine the fate of gay equality. As the ‘unit cohesion’ fable dies and opposition among troops crumbles, opponents of openly gay service need all the help they can get. But they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. The rest of us must do all we can to keep them honest.” – Nathaniel Frank, author “Unfriendly Fire.”

  3. gayalltheway says

    So everyone’s for repealing DADT .. even Darth Cheney supports the repeal. What else does the Congress want? A written letter of support from Jesus Christ?! Seriously, I agree with Rahm when he used the R-word to refer to Democrats. He shouldn’t have apologized because it’s true. Not that the Republicans are any better but there’s just no excuse for the Dems with majority in the House and Senate.It’s about fucking time to use the reconciliation method and get things done. Health care reform’s a mess, immigration is nowhere to be seen, god wtf is wrong with this country!!

  4. Ben says

    No, non-plussed only has one meaning. It’s a common mistake that it has the meaning of nonchalant! Widely used mistake. Non-plussed in fact means bewildered, puzzled, and at a loss of what to say. That’s it.

  5. steve says

    So the military will be a leader in GLBT rights – just like it was in interracial rights, just like it’s always been in education. The steps are: (1) make a decision, (2) educate everyone about the issue, (3) implement the policy, and (4) don’t tolerate violation of the policy. It worked in integrating the armed services. It will work for giving gays and lesbians their right to serve openly in the military.

    What are we waiting for?

  6. says

    Absolutely ZERO leadership from Pres. Obama and congressional leaders.

    Oh, and Ben, ‘nonplussed’ does not have a dash in it. English is not a static language. As the nonstandard usage becomes more common, ‘nonplussed’ will eventually have dual meanings, and both will be recognized as standard.

  7. gaga over gaga says

    The use of ‘nonplussed’ in the quote was like saying… They were bewildered that it was even an issue.. They were puzzled why it was an issue. What is left out of the text is the understood context subtext? (the issue of gays serving in the military or not). I think the way it is written, though, the author/reporter actually didn’t know the meaning of the word and was incorrectly using it like one would in saying they would not impressed.. thinking non meant not and plussed meant impressed. Just another reason to stop home schooling and go to national educational standards.

  8. jason says

    You gays are the useful idiots of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is lying to you, instilling in you this false hope of DADT repeal. The simple fact is that the Democrats want to keep DADT. They want to keep it so that they can have a wedge issue by which to keep “the gays” on the Democrats’ side. When are you going to wake up to it?

    The Democrats are liars and frauds, and Obama is part of it. You’ve been tricked – you deserve everything you get.

  9. jason says

    The Democrats actually like DADT. It gives them the political theater in which to display their supposedly pro-gay credentials. If DADT were to be repealed, they wouldn’t have this option, and they wouldn’t be able to point the finger at those “mean and nasty” Republicans.

    Wake up to it, gays. You’re either stupid or misguided for believing anything Obama or the Democrats say.

  10. Bart says

    I love Mullen’s wording that “the troops are ready for gays and lesbians to be serving among them.”

    Here’s the shocker! They ALREADY ARE. The military probably has a higher percentage of gays and lesbians among its ranks than you would find in civilian society. It seems that the only folks who aren’t willing to acknowledge that are the guys with too much salad on their uniforms and our Commander and Chief, who now seems to be working by some secret agenda (which will come back to bite him in his ass when he wants something from 10% of the population that helped get him elected.)

  11. Walter says

    jason – oh jason stfu

    It is under this DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT that this discussion is happening — and the repeal is becoming a reality.

    Under the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT we lived under the constant threat of being made second class citizens in the CONSTITUTION!

    So like I said STFU.

  12. ant says

    jason, if your goal is to get “you gays” to stand by and defend the democrats, then you have succeeded – by virtue of your flaming troll stupidity. stfu indeed.

  13. TANK says

    DADT will not repealed this year or anytime soon. It is not going to be repealed by either democrats or republicans, and it is delusional to think otherwise. Vote third party.

  14. CKNJ says

    @Jason, I agree with Walter… STFU, Republican-apologist-troll!

    @Obama: Just DO IT already, none of this stupid ‘let’s examine it for a year’ shit…. JUST FUCKING DO IT!!!!!

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