1. DG says

    I have tried to understand the reasons behind the correlations between Republican and queer without success. The real question: is there only two types of hair styles for these people?

  2. says

    Who says news is fair and balanced? Just listen to the correspondent call the folks from GOProud “gay activists” and somehow the National Organization for Marriage aren’t activists.

    I can’t even imagine why GOProud would spend their money to co-sponsor an event where their very presence is met with hostility.

    And the staged meeting between the two groups? Puhlease!

  3. Walter says

    there is NOTHING sleezier than a Gay Republican or a Gay Black Person — they are fighting to get in on “the elitist” gravy train — and leave all other people gay, straight, white, black behind.

    DISGUSTING — esp when they know the party they are a part of scapegoats gay men for power.


    If you can not understand it — you must not know elitist narcissists who believe they are ACTUALLY better than most people – just seek out some money and career freaks.

  4. GregV says

    “there is NOTHING sleezier than a Gay Republican or a Gay Black Person”

    Walter, my first guess is to assume that’s a typo and you meant something less unreasonable.

  5. says

    Note that the so-called accepting young conservative said people have a right to what they want in their private lives “and take the consequences, too.”

    Just what are the “consequences” of being gay, Miss open-minded conservative?

  6. Nick says

    They like their bank accounts and clubby whites-only
    life more than anything else. Their entitled-we are not. Self-loathing and hypocritical come to mind when they breathlessly bypass the hatred for gay people which is a hallmark of the republican party-limited government except in your private lives and unrestricted greed and arrogance- goes well with these folks.

  7. JohnInManhattan says

    It’s all about pleasing conservative Mommy and Daddy for these fuckwads. “I may be a faggot but I’m a Republican! Please love me.” Oy.

  8. Charlie says

    Maggie Gallagher at her appearance at the Cato Institute earlier this week claimed to have gay people as volunteers for NOM. When challenged to provide their names she refused to do so, however, claiming that if she did they would never get dates again. She also said they would be welcoming of transgendered people who want to volunteer to support traditional marriage. She also claimed that many gay people voted for Prop. 8.

    The video is on line at

  9. Andrew says

    “Poker (poke her) is not a crime” sign behind him is just another propaganda tool trying to turn all gay people straight. Those jerks.

  10. Disgusted American says

    Im sorry, and YES I will USE the “over-used” analogy – JEWS FOR HITLER is what the Gay GOP’rs are….You want to be republican, then WAIT 5/10 or more yrs until these religious wack jobs are gone…you think there would be a “Pro-Choice” booth there,and sponsering this fiasco? They stand there while being the “Laughing stock”..even the reporter treated them with disrespect and as another commentor stated called them “Gay Activist”….as a OUT 49yr old Gay man (been out for 30yrs) I can not for the life of me understand thier reasoning ,other then typical GOP GREED! Ever notice on Gay sites..many people state in thier ads..IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN, DON’T BOTHER ANSWERING MY AD …I myself do NOT associate with any Gay GOP’rs knowingly, and will not!

  11. Admiral Ackbar says

    Not to bash on gay republicans, but I totally get the concept of trying to change the minds from inside the party. However, the history of Log Cabin and now the neoconservative off shoot GOProud shows that they really don’t acomplish their goals.

    The problem here is that GOProud nor Log Cabin will ever call on the carpet a Republican for hateful legislation or comments.

  12. JeffRob says

    Unfortunately, Charlie, I’m hard-pressed to disbelieve her. The world is a strange, strange place.

  13. MickW says

    Walter, you are a racist pig for saying there is NOTHING sleezier than a Gay Black Person…I hope some homophobic person beats the snot out of you one day.

  14. BrianM says

    I look at what the governor of Virginia did this week in rescinding employment protection for gays and lesbians for state workers and I have to wonder what gay Republicans think they’re accomplishing. And this guy was supposed to be a moderate! I understand if you have policy differences with the Democrats on non-gay issues — the Democrats have certainly been a big disappointment on those as well, although they aren’t trying to turn back the clock. But you don’t have to ally yourself with a party that treats us like the enemy.

  15. Chitown Kev says


    I think you had better hurry up and amend that statement about “gay black person,” really…

    because I really wouldn’t want Andy to ban me from this blog.

  16. GrabbinNewscum says

    Apparently “diversity” in the liberal gay community means “people who think just like me.”

    If you’re gay and you dare to have conservative viewpoints and wish to associate with others who share those viewpoints, then somehow you’re self-loathing. The anti-Semitic among us even compare them to “Jews for Hitler” which diminishes the unique horror perpetrated against Jews by Nazi Germany.

    What’s interesting is that the Democratic party doesn’t really have that great a track record on gay issues either, as witnessed by the increasing number of gay people who say they refuse to donate to Democratic political groups.

    Call the gay conservative groups what you like but at least they have the courage of their convictions and are attempting to make actual change.

    Also, remember that it was the Democratic party that was once the party of racism and Jim Crow and the Republican party that was the party that the vast majority of freed slaves belonged to. Political parties can and do change.

    Let’s see if anyone on Towleroad can actually respond to me without hurling personal insults. If you have a good argument, you don’t need to. If you have to resort to personal arguments, then you’ve already proven you’ve lost the debate.

  17. G says

    Walter. I hope too like many of these readers that statement was a mistake although i don’t know how you could make an error like that.So i would like it very much for you to explain yourself or damn you are no better than the same Go Proud ppl.

  18. daftpunkydavid says

    @grabbinnewscum: you are 100% right (well, almost, i don’t share your viewpoint that people are anti-semitic b/c they make easy comparisons).

  19. John says

    Since sexual orientation is a “non-issue” according to the Republican Unity Coalition’s own manifesto, perhaps they should disband and join other GOP caucuses. I’ve also heard many Log Cabiners utter comments to the same effect. That sexual orientation isn’t “important” and Republicans are great on all those other, non-LGBT related issues.

    Fair enough, but the reason you have a sub-party organization is to lobby for recognition. If you say you are already well represented in your own founding document, then what is the point of even having the caucus?

    In other words, it is odd to assert that gay rights is not an issue of national interest. And then turn around and claim your advocacy for it is having a significant impact within the Republican Party – a federal political party.

  20. Alexander says

    Walter I think you need to rephrase your statement. There is nothing sleezier than a gay black person? WTF??

  21. arundel says

    This is a great opportunity for me to say something I’ve been thinking for a while as a CNN viewer… Brianna Keilar is a great reporter! I’ve seen her cover a lot of diverse stories and she always comes across as well informed, authoritative, and smart. Go Brianna!

  22. Dennis says


    The ‘argument’ is as plain as the reality of the content displayed in ths clip… the VAST MAJORITY of CPAC attendees were upset that the gays had co-sponsored/”crashed” their little private party… again, 2 booths down, NOM, actively working against our right to have legal recognition for our relationships, and the other “spokesperson” asserting that our relations are responsible for the downfall of civilization. I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds of examples of similar anti-gay sentiment RAMPANT at CPAC.

    I’m trying not to insult you, but what more proof do you require? A literal bashing to take place?

    How is this any different from a watered-down version of a black person co-funding a KKK event? Or a jewish person contributing to Al Queida? Answer…it’s not!

    What ‘conservative’ values and/or activism have contributed IN ANY WAY to LGBT freedoms, rights, and progress? Please, name these advances that were co-sponsored, lead by, or achieved by gay conservatives that have benefitted the lives of LGBT people? Name them…Where are they? THEY DON’T EXIST!

    I would assert it is only the “right” to stay closeted, to remain second class citizens without complaint or redress, the right to settle for crumbs tossed by the generousity of our kindhearted ‘christian’ rulers, the right to be bashed, insulted, and harassed without consequence.

    Be a gay conservative, attend CPAC, fine, that’s your right as an American…but if you do these things AND expect the support and encouragement of the remainder of the LGBT community, you are seriously misguided.

    Gays should support CPAC like women should support the Taliban. Sorry, but I have to tell you to wake up.

    Love what the earlier post said…

    “Gay Republicans? I prefer traditional S&M.”

    Hilarious!…and oh so true.

  23. White!Onthefloor says

    Actually, the democratic party has an amazing record on gay rights, just not on the federal level, although they still beat the republicans 3-0 in that regard. If you look at what the democratic party has accomplished at the state and local level, you wouldn’t be so hard pressed to claim the democratic party does nothing for the gay community. As a political party, they’ve been at the forefront.

  24. Kyle says

    @Grabbenewscum: As a very good (former) friend of mine who was Tom Delay’s chief of staff advised me when I called her on supporting the GOP and it’s hateful agenda: Don’t take it personally. We don’t dislike you because you are a gay republican. We don’t like you because you are a republican. I mean really? Take the gay thing off the table, and look at what that party has done to this country. You can trot out all of the conservative policies that you and yours support, and then we’ll all reflect on the complete and utter failure of those policies over the past decade. Grow up and learn to love your country again.

  25. White!Onthefloor says

    Also,Grabbin, you’re right about your small history lesson but remember that change that racial shift in the 60s and 70s with the Southern Strategy never reversed and the Republican party to this day has never apologized or regretted it. Since the 60s the republican party has only existed to unabashedly protect to wealth and power of the heterosexual upperclass white male.

  26. John says


    Apologize for it?

    Not a chance.

    Hell, they are still doing it. The so-called “Southern Strategy” is very much alive and kicking today. Although it is no longer limited to just the South. Look at the composition of these tea parties for instance. Even at the events in Los Angeles and San Francisco – two cities known for racial diversity – you had crowds of 2,000 or 3,000 people that were almost all white. And completely oblivious to the irony, many of them were holding up signs with pictures of Obama as Adolf Hitler.

  27. Jane Roe says


    I love when Republicans point to Democratic Dixiecrats of the sixties–as if that makes the Republican full embrace of these same racists OK.

    The civil rights movement was not a triumph of the Democratic party, it was a triumph of liberalism. Conservatives opposed it, mainly in the South, but all over. Don’t ever forget that these dixiecrats left the Democratic party and became Republicans (they were ALWAYS conservative.)

    But you are right that parties change and undergo realignment.

  28. patrick nyc says

    Irony has always been one of my favorite dishes.

    GOProud, to a group of people who try to fit into a group that openly hates them.

    Then there is DIGNITY, a group of disillusioned Catholics, trying to change the church ‘from the inside’. Whose leader, our dear Pope in Prada, calls them EVIL.

    Good luck people, let me know how that works out for you.

  29. TampaZeke says

    GRABBINEWSCUM, you’re playing fast a loose with the facts. The Democratic Party was NEVER the party of racism. Granted, it was the Republican Party that fought most strongly for abolition, but to act as if the modern Republican Party in any way resembles the Republican Party of Lincoln would require delusion. You’re making some of the same misinformed assumptions that many conservatives make when trying to defend the modern Republican record on civil rights and social justice. For example, through the 50’s, 60’s and into the seventies, there was a very visible contingent of Democrats who were on the front lines of racism. They were Southern Democrats called “Dixiecrats”. They were never the majority and they were accepted in the greater party with noses held in the same way the Democratic Party accepts Blue Dog Democrats today. These Dixiecrats joined Republicans in fighting the Civil Rights Movement. During the Reagan administration these Dixiecrats, almost TO A MAN/WOMAN, left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party, specifically because of the Democrats’ social justice platforms. That is precisely when the Republican Party went off the rails as an extension of the Southern Baptist Church. I know this to be true because I am a former Southern Baptist Republican from Mississippi (son of fundamentalist, racist, homophobic Dixiecrats who became Republican under Reagan) and I witnessed this with my own eyes.

    I think the bottom line here is not whether it’s a noble thing to try to change the Republican Party from the inside. I believe it is. It’s not even whether or not one can be conservative and gay. In my opinion the two important things to consider are: 1. Is the current manifestation of the Republican Party actually conservative in a traditional sense as you and others claim? Does it still believe in fiscal responsibility, personal freedom/responsibility, state’s rights, aversion to “nation building” and other things that have traditionally been the foundation for conservative ideology? I challenge you to look at the years where G. W. Bush was President with a Republican congress and make the argument that they represented these values. and 2.) What have the Log Cabin Republicans (in 30+ years) and GOProud accomplished in THEIR OWN stated goal to make the Republican Party more understanding and supportive of the gay community? Name ONE single years since 1977 where the Republican Party was more gay positive than the previous year. Better yet, name ONE single year that the Republican Party wasn’t MORE anti-gay than the previous year. By ANY standard of measure Log Cabin Republicans (of which I used to be one) and GOProud, BY THEIR OWN STATED MISSION, have been dismal failures.

    I support these organizations in their goals but I believe they must admit that their methods have been terribly ineffective and devise new strategies. I don’t see that happening. They are too busy defending the indefensible to turn a critical eye on themselves the way, as you noted, gay Democrats, in ever increasing numbers, are.

    You asked for a civil, respectful response. I believe I have provided it.

  30. GrabbinNewscum says

    It is not an inherent contradiction for someone to be black and gay. It is, however, an inherent contradiction to be black and gay and continue to affiliate with homophobic black churches. That would be the appropriate analogy to being gay and Republican.

    Of course, now someone will argue that how else should black gay people try to create change within the predominantly straight homophobic black church except by standing your ground and being actively visible and vocal as a proud gay black person?


    Now apply that same logic to gay people who stand up for their beliefs and values and decide to take a stand within the Republican party, and you’re closer to enlightenment.

  31. PaladinDave says

    @CKNJ: Great to see how truthiness is more important to you than reason-based debate.

    @the anti-political diversity caucus:
    The question is not whether Republicans deserve to be graced with your queenly presence (most don’t), but whether or not you should turn down an opportunity to win new hearts and minds. I have no doubt that GOProud and others are setting the groundwork for an LGBT-friendly Republican party in future. How can anyone not support this?

    Furthermore, parties with monopolies on LGBT politics don’t feel compelled to act in our favor. They do the absolute minimum to remain preferable to the other side. As anyone can see, the Democratic dominance on LGBT politics has lead to no progress in the past year. And no reasonable person is anticipating DOMA repeal before 2012. 4 years of undivided Republican government lead to no changes on the federal level, so Republicans aren’t that much worse at a federal level. This is why changing Republican attitudes is important. GOProud should have our support for this reason if no other.

  32. anon says

    These guys would be libertarians except that there are fewer libertarians than gays–which is saying a lot! Anyway, the Cato institute should hire them.

  33. WTF says

    whatever. you don’t make change by making nice with terrorists. shoot ’em. shoot ’em all. and fuck all you hand wringing bitches worried about having a conversation with these ‘people’ – they are not human beings. they are beneath contempt.

  34. TANK says

    I think John hit the nail on the head. If sexual orientation is a non-issue in the conservative movement as the LCRs and GOPROUDers have insisted by deed and rhetoric, why on earth have a group that identifies sexual orientation as significant within that movement? IT doesn’t make sense. If sexual orientation isn’t important or even nearly as important as other issues, why bother to form a group identifying the sexual orientation of its members? Why not just be republican? It seems like a transparent tactic to improve the appearance of the republican party while not changing the content.

    These groups have not changed any republican minds on this issue, and one could argue convincingly that the republican party has become more homophobic in spite of the presence and efforts of the LCR, and goprouders. So obviously change from within isn’t going to happen. So that’s no answer to the questions posed above.

    I’ve said it before. If you’re a gay republican, you don’t care a jot about gay rights. So why not just be a republican? Your homosexuality has nothing to do with your political affiliation. I don’t consider those people to be gay, either; instead, they’re just homosexual. I hope that they marry women, actually, and live closeted lives where the only avenue to relieve their sexual frustration comes in the form of craigslist. Many of them already do that, however. The very existence of gay republicans is inconsistent by their own reasoning.

  35. JT says

    One comment on the video stood out…which basically trumps all of the typical GOP minutia being flung like chimp scat in here. At the 1:48 second mark, the young GOP woman states, and im paraphrasing “…people should be allowed to do as the want in their lives, and live with the consequences…”
    There it is folks…basically saying..”you can go ahead and be openly gay, but face the consequences..” And in the conservative mind, that runs the gauntlet from job loss, denial of benefits, all the way to physical attack and murder.
    And THAT, is what its all about with the gay repubs. They decided long ago, probably with help from their conservative friends and family, that to avoid any consequences of their “sexual preference” as many of them call it, they will just play by the GOP rulebook, claiming its because the policy is better (a fact disputed by the last two republican administrations)
    Its called fear people, the same way in high school the closeted gay kid would beat up the perceived queer with his buddies to maintain his status, these Log Cabin/GOProuders claim to be fighting from the inside. When? Where? and what has been accomplished? As has been stated already, the Dems, for whom I am no fan (registered Independant, thank you) have at least made some strides in civil rights and protections for not just LGBT, but all minorities, and also woman.
    GOP’ers long for the old days…namely the 1950s. Those, in there mind, were the golden days of “real America”.
    Hmm…u must ask yourself, where you would be sitting in 1950’s America?

  36. Leonard says

    GOProud gets my sympathy, not my respect.

    Because they stand up for what they believe in, they deserve respect? Um, no. Because they actively support a party that has systematically targeted gay men and women, they deserve our contempt.

    Yes, it would be nice if the whole “Gay republicans are trying to change the party from the inside” line of bullshit was anything but. The truth is that the Log Cabin Republicans combined with this new offshoot (or whatever) GoProud, hasn’t effected positive gay change in the republican party since their inceptions.

    It’s sad really.

  37. Brian says

    My favorite statement was from the NOM man who said gays don’t have the right to redefine the word marriage for others. Who gave him the right to define the word for others then?

  38. AG says

    Insofar as they could change GOP hearts and minds, more power to them to stand up to the face of a party that wants no part of them — at best. The nicest thing you can say about today’s Republicans is they’d simply prefer it if you went back into the closet so deeply, you may as well be registered to vote in Narnia.

    But I read that GOProud were touting “Dick Cheney in 2012″ stickers? Really??

    In that case, eff them and the horse they rode in on. No more torture-loving rat bastards near in positions of power, thanks.

  39. Doug M says

    Its funny. We are for inclusion and the freedom to be who we are yet so many people on this message board are so intolerant of gay republicans. Surly we have the right to choose any political party we wish. We are all different and shouldnt have to fit a stereotypical mold to be accepted.

  40. James Poppinga says

    It’s like they are the Jews in 1930’s Berlin. “Oh, they’ll leave us alone after they get in charge and settled down.” Better pack their bags.

  41. Rowan says

    @ TampaZeke

    You’re argument was too grown up. I wished Gabbie had taken the time and respect you did as a son a right wing racist etc etc and see that you were giving him a life line.

    But people like Gabbie are just bad eggs. He genuinely doesn’t care. He’s what you would call a sociopath.

    Thanks for your post but don’t waste your time on people like this.

    Gay Republicans are damaged.

    They care more about getting richer and lower taxes than gays being beaten to death.

    Notice how Gabbie is never there to say anything nice on the posts were gays have been killed or have been appreciated?


  42. john leddy says

    Being a gay republican makes as much sense as being a Jewish Nazi or an African-American member of the KKK.