1. Dan Cobbb says

    IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS READING THIS: Can you please tell me what I need to download so I can view the video clips on TOWLEROAD.COM? As it is right now, the video is blank and there’s a small square in the upper left-hand corner that has a smaller square (red), a blue triangle and a green circle in it. THANKS for any info!

  2. SF_Scottie says

    This is so funny. I’ve been cleaning houses for about 2 years now after I headed back to school. Last night during dinner, a conversation came up about if I would ever clean an house in a jockstrap.. the whole table got involved in the conversastion, including the 60-something mom and dad of our host. Would I ever clean a house in a jockstrap? If somebody wanted to see my hairy-40 year old body in a jockstrap and the price was right, why not. :o)

  3. Jane Roe says

    Oh yeah, CBS. Happily married elderly hausfraus and giggly bachelorettes are the main patrons of lispy, effeminate jock-strap wearing men (a fetish in the gay community).

    Gah, I hate the media.

  4. MK972 says

    I think the following snip from the “terms and conditions” says it all with regard to what they’re about:

    # you will not use the Service to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any material […], unless you are a registered advertiser (i.e. an escort or a masseur) on this site;

  5. xtian2010 says

    @Jane Roe, I totally agree. CBS & the other major networks have gotten so ‘straight-paranoid’, that every story with any obvious gay undertones has to be amped-up with heterosexuality. This is fluff, yes, but it’s still on a ‘news’ show, which means that people take it as fact, versus the spin that CBS is putting on it.

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