1. Sean R says

    Once he returns to golf, the floodgates will open again and questions will continue. This press conference was a dumb idea because it excluded the press and questions. Should have stayed in rehab.

  2. crispy says

    Why is he apologizing to the public?

    Because he’s being dropped left and right for his endorsement deals, and he won’t ever get them back unless the public supports him again. Duh.

  3. Kyle says

    I’ll agree that it’s no one’s business but his and his family’s (and the corporation’s who pay/paid him millions to exploit his image), but Andy is right. That statement was painful to watch. His PR folks either suck or he’s not listening to them.

  4. patrick nyc says

    “You go out there and tell them I didn’t hit you or I’m going to beat your ass!” Elin

    While I agree it’s between him and his wife, his publicist should be fired, this is going to do nothing to help him in any way. Can’t wait to see what Stewart, Colbert and SNL do with this one.

  5. JT says

    It’s not for me to forgive him or not. Meanwhile, the gay-relevant sory is that Crystal Mangum is still being held on a million dollars bail. Not one coment yet from the gays that joined the lynchmob with other N.C. hategroups (Pam Spaulding, Andrew Humm, Andrew Towle, and a zillion smaller gay bloggers and activists)in trying to frame innocent men. Who’ll be the first to comment instead of just hiding?

  6. Nick says

    Americans love to watch falsely worshiped people being brought down and hopefully slowly so they can collectively claim-well at least I am not that kind of fool. They wallow in misery and scandal-keeps them from addressing issues that should matter.

    Tiger will be just fine- albeit a bit contrite and might possess an ounce of humility after all of this is over with but folks will have him back up on his pedestal so he can fall again. The “American Idol” culture loves that-and that is our culture now-sadly.

  7. says

    JT’s talking about the woman who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse team of raping her a while back. She’s in jail for an unrelated assault and arson… she threatened to stab her boyfriend and then she set his clothes on fire in the bathtub. Way to stay classy, Crystal.

    I fail to see how it’s relevant. I also fail to see how it’s at all unusual that some bloggers jumped the gun and assumed that the woman crying rape was telling the truth. Anyone who’s ever seen Nancy Grace’s show knows that our culture works that way.

  8. jamal49 says

    JT,honey, let it rest. Yours is about the most idiotic comment I’ve seen here in a long time. The names you mentioned, to my recollection, didn’t try to “frame innocent men”. To say something as stupid as that just to let everyone know that you’re an LCR with issues only shows that it’s time for you to maybe up the dosage or switch the treatment.

  9. Wh*re says

    It’s appropriate that he likes bimbos, because he is a total corporate whore.

    He has no connection with fans because its clear he cares more for his Tag Heuer watches than improving the lot of people.

  10. TANK says

    And oh no…no, siree…this isn’t just between his wife and himself. His name’s a brand…he’s an industry…and given that he’s an industry, nothing he does or says is his alone. MOney’s on the line, he knows it, and he’ll do whatever it takes to restore his profit margins.

  11. patrick nyc says

    The only thing more boring than playing golf, is watching it on TV. Kind of like watching paint dry. Rich white men getting away from their wives, no wonder Tiger and his Dad liked the game.

    Lets not forget, while there is no taking away the fact he’s the best, several courses would not let him play when he first became a star.

  12. JZN says

    He is not apologizing to the people he is apologizing to all those former sponsors.

    The day I am let down by a professional athlete is the day I reexamine my life.

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