1. Nick says

    “thanks mom.” for this statement, he holds press conferences to sanctify his freedom of speech?!

    “I can remember so many times when I almost lost him.”
    Yeah, running away from you!!!!!!

  2. says

    Hey AM, better watch out or Sarah Palin will be all over that statement. After all, she selectively chooses who can use the word “retard.” Emanuel and a homo, bad; pasty white fat ass pig Rush, good.

  3. says

    PatrickNYC: LOL

    I can’t stand the group that produced it, and disagree strongly with them on pretty much every social issue.

    But this commercial, in and of itself, is pretty benign. After all the buildup, this does appear to be a bit of a let-down.

  4. Robert says

    I agree. $2 Million on this!? I could have made a better commercial with $200! Jesus Christ Bananas on a Stick, couldn’t that money have been put to better use, like funneling it into Haiti or into our struggling public education system?!

  5. TANK says

    ’tis a benign tumor, but a tumor nonetheless. She looks like she’s had one too many facelifts… FOF is a hate group, so as benign as this is, they’re both implicated in hate. I’m sure some propaganda ads for totalitarian regimes were quite wholesome looking…in fact, many were. Meh, off with their heads.

  6. says

    This ad would be meaningless if, in reality, Pam Tebow had no choice. She did have a choice, one which is constitutionally guaranteed. It is ironic that they want to take that right to choose away from all women.

  7. ggreen says

    Mom looks like Timmy in drag. They talk exactly alike like, “baby talk”. The sound the the illiterate grasping for control of the media and the country.

  8. Mike says

    Yep, pretty benign – lets see what the other ad looks like though. This whole abortion argument IMHO is yet another example of the right wingers twisting words. They say they are pro-life… duh! Basically, everyone is pro-life; and I doubt very few women plot how to become pregnant so they can experience an abortion. Pro-choice people aren’t pro-abortion – I dare so that no one is pro-abortion. This whole discussion is being kept alive because there is a cottage industry which has sprung up that makes $$$ by keeping this (and gay marriage btw) as a “controversy”. Focus on the Family fans the flames so the donations keep rolling in, they live off hate. (Wasn’t there an episode on Supernatural, X-Files or Buffy which showed such creatures.) The republicans keep talking about it cause it rallies their base of lemmings to vote. It’s just a diversion tactic to keep people from taking action on what matters, like health care, global warming and energy reform. Gay rights and abortion have become the “bright shiny object” used for distraction. Will people ever wake up? Ugh!

  9. DR says

    To the best of my research, this isn’t the ad which will be airing during the game. This one was supposed to be the one which was more in-depth. CBS thought the one submitted went too far and actually told them to scale it back.

    If this is the more dramatic one, I wonder what the one airing during the game will be all about….

  10. Jonathan says

    I’d love to see P-Flag take this script and put other people in the roles. Perhaps CBS would help them produce it to.

    The problem with this ad isn’t the content. It’s the link at the end. And if you follow that, you will see that FOF is slick and disingenuous, talking about how they support families and are interested in a society of strong families, they just fail to be very up front about they only want families to be strong on FOF’s terms.

  11. Ugh says

    It’s worse than an anti-choice ad because it’s not an upfront delivery of a choose life message. That message is decidedly vague. What is clear is its link to Focus on the Family. Ultimately it’s just a glossy ad for a hate group.

  12. Alex says

    From a pragmatic standpoint, I’m just glad that there goes $2 million that Focus on the Family didn’t spend on suppressing us. Would you rather they spend $2 million on airing one anti-abortion Super Bowl ad, or $2 million on anti-gay campaigns?

  13. GregV says

    The ad itself is totally benign. It’s the implied legitimization of a group with a history as a promoter of anti-gay hate that is the problem.
    To paraphrase another poster from last week, would CBS have allowed an ad with the message: “Be nice to your parents and keep your room clean…A message from the friendly folks at the Ku Klux Klan.”

    I do wonder, too, does CBS’s change of heart extend to the ad they had previously refused from the United Church of Christ?

  14. says

    Just so I’m clear on this, Mrs. Tebow: because you had a difficult pregnancy in 1987 and CHOSE to carry your baby to term, you are lending your support to an organization that believes other women should not have the same CHOICE that you had … because your son is a good football player?

  15. Mary says

    It’s a shame you liberals are soooo lost! The ad sends a great message. If you knew the Lord you liberals would think differently about the sanctity of life.

  16. Kristy says

    You people are insane. Recovering alcoholics don’t cry about all the beer commercials, what do you care if the mother of an amazing kid wants to express her joy that she didn’t have the abortion that the doctors said she should? Get a life.

  17. peterparker says

    @MARY: You mean we liberals should think more about the sanctity of life in the same manner as Scott Roeder who assassinated Dr. George Tiller in Dr. Tiller’s own church?! Is that the sort of ‘sanctitiy of life’ to which you refer?

    @KRISTY: We care because we believe people should be able to do with their own bodies what they and their doctors deem acceptable–not what government and other people decide is acceptable. And we care because this ad is pushing Focus on the Family which is a hate group that targets homosexuals.

    Now, MARY and KRISTY, why don’t you both trot on back to where you can be around troglodytes like yourself?

  18. LiamB says

    Mary, your “Lord” actually endorses abortion, quite often. Try actually reading the bible for a change, rather than listening to your “holy man”‘s cherry picking.

    Kristen, it matters because these types of commercials rely upon emotional pleading rather than facts in order to push a dangerous agenda. Yes, any medical treatment should be given long thought before undergoing. More so, I’d say when your child’s life is involved. However, what they conveniently leave out of these emotional wrenching stories of rainbows and fluff is that nearly 1 in 2 women in her position die. As in, they no longer exist. As in, not going to be around, ever again.

    Crap like this just serves to make the poorly educated believe that their doctors and those “evil liberals” are trying to make them kill their babies! It’s unethical and deceitful, no matter how you try to pretty it up. No matter which way a woman might lean in her decision, she always deserves the truth. Period.

  19. DR says

    So, that’s it?

    FotF gets weeks of press, conservative AND liberal alike support its right to air the ad, and it’s so benign that unless you know what FotF is about, it’s just a feel good ad which makes the UCC ads look overly political and hateful.

    If you’re a rep of FotF, looks like a 2.5 million well-spent.

  20. TANK says

    Yeah, DR. That’s it. Go to the holocaust museum on a thursday, or whenever. Check out their propaganda section. It’s an eye opener. I went with my uncle, and he could barely get through it given his upbringing. wholesome, family positive messages in the service of hate.

  21. Kim says

    I can see from your posts that you are anti-God, and liberals to boot. The good, will always win out over evil and your posts are pretty evil. Human Beings DO NOT have the right to make a decision to kill another human being, that is what the ad was about. Tim Tebow, was given life, instead of death. No one has the right to kill one of God’s creations, not even you.

  22. LiamB says

    Really Kim? Cause according to your bible, God seems pretty okay with people killing “his” creations, including children. Try reading. I know, it’s a novel idea to actually study your own religion.

    And, btw, last i checked, Jesus was pretty much against judging others. Not to mention that claiming that being liberal makes one “godless” is pretty arrogant and, well, asinine.

  23. DR says

    Tank, just because you don’t agree with the ad doesn’t make it propaganda, and you have a hell of a lot of nerve comparing an ad about a woman who chose to have a child to Nazi propaganda. That’s just ignorant.

  24. TomJ says

    Yes, it’s disappointing that a group such as FOTH is very, VERY stupid concerning homosexuality, and some of the human condition in general.

    But what’s the deal with this ad? Pro Life or Pro Choice – I have no problem with a group expressing a message not of hate, but love.

    My concern is… what’s next? (To quote the right-wingers.) Will their next message of love point to the continued anti-gay misunderstanding?

    I assure you it will. Now, where’s OUR expression of love? A dating service ad? Sigh.

  25. GregV says

    I looked at the second spot on their site. It was nearly identical to the first, except that it ends with Tim tackling his mom out of the camera’s frame and then they giggle as she says, “I’m tough.”

    I also watched their detailed discussion about this story, and it seems to me it is not what it is being mischaracterized as.

    It has been mentioned here that abortion was illegal in the Philippines, and she never says that anyone was knowingly suggesting that she have one. Instead, she says that the doctor in the Finipino town where she was living misdiagnosed her as not being pregnant with a baby but, rather, having a tumor that needed to be removed.

    The commercial’s message really never says much more than “We’re sure glad our Timmy survived.” But the peculiar situation in which she found herself in a third-world country two decades ago would seem virtually non-applicable to the abortion debate in the developed world in 2010.
    Still, her husband looks into the camera at the end of the (internet-only) story, firmly telling girls “Don’t. Kill. Your Baby.”

  26. Lawrence says

    well, they gay dating ad did not make it is a sad thing. FOF ad wasn’t as bad as the other say it is.

    The worse part is now the Extream Right side will use our word to go against us say we are anti anything that is not gay. Are the movement getting so stupid? We should get all the fact before we attack!

    I think CBS might take that gay dating ad if they don’t kiss. Hold hand and lock eyes is good enough, don’t need the make out. They are not that handsome anyways. People watch the games want something relax in between, so offer something like that to them. Not selling 2 not so good looking guys kissing on TV. Come on. Too heavy tase in gay love. They should push for universal love between 2 human being not some special love between us.

    Universal love cannot be single out by the extream right group. It is more excepten by those don’t understand what to be Gay. It is not sex but the emotion attachment between two human being regardless their sex. That the image we should sell to the the public.

  27. TANK says

    “Tank, just because you don’t agree with the ad doesn’t make it propaganda,”

    No, the fact that they it was never explicitly mentioned that pro-choice is wrong makes it propaganda.

    “and you have a hell of a lot of nerve comparing an ad about a woman who chose to have a child to Nazi propaganda. That’s just ignorant.”

    You’re a fool. If you can’t see the parallel between the inhenret message of a desire to strip an entire demographic of a right to choose and the the stripping of all human rights of another demographic, you are a simple minded person. You are an agent of intolerance, and we are done.

  28. John says

    I have no objections to the ad itself.

    It is an appropriate and tastefully done advertisement. But fundamentally, it does not change anything politically for me. Mrs. Tebow’s belief that she made the right choice notwithstanding, I see no reason to legally prohibit others from making a different choice. While I don’t doubt that she’s earnest, the mere profession of faith does not give one the right to impose punitive sanctions against others. They have just as much right to be free from her faith as she does to practice it.

    That’s the problem with the Republicans.

    They can never seem to separate their personal preferences from matters of public policy. There’s no wall between the public and the private with them. There’s no wall between church and state. There’s no wall between means and ends. While there are plenty of racist, sexist, and homophobic scoundrels in the Democratic Party, at least they don’t try to interject their bigotry into the penal code. More than anything, it is this sort of general pettiness that makes it impossible for minorities in particular – who know what arbitrary and unjust laws can do to a community – to justify voting for the GOP.

  29. says

    Unintentionally hilarious. You’d have thunk FotF would have focus-grouped the ad… because it looks more like a ‘coming out’ ad than one with an extreme-right-wing, anti-civil-rights, anti-choice, anti-woman agenda. Someone needs to spoof that.

  30. john says

    Such hate many of you spew because someone dares to disagree with you! The Tebows will not respond to you in kind because the power of the Spirit of God is much stronger than hate. If you want to be free from it cry out to the only God – the One that created you.

  31. Dancobbb says

    I agree, it’s very odd… it does come across as though her son is gay! She says she he’s “different”… and she loves him.
    Without knowing the provenance of the ad, I might conclude that he’s gay. While I despise Focus on the Family (a wholely fraudulent organization)… I have no problem with this ad whatsoever. So what if this dope and his mother want to be in an ad that directs people to Focus on the Family…. it only makes them look all the more ridiculous!

  32. DR says

    Tank, I will not compare the FotF to the systematic government-sanctioned genocide of 12 million people by the Nazis. That’s ignorant, intolerant hyperbole, and insulting to the Holocaust survivors I know.

  33. kouros says

    Perhaps I don’t understand, but are we not empowering the folks who want to kill the GLBTQ community when we connect online to view their news, blogs, etc.? I refuse to read web news published by FOX et al.

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