1. says

    That’s not far from me . . . and I’ve gone to that event (albeit on a very off and cold night, so I left having eaten some spaghetti) . . . terrifying. But I have to say, that part of Carroll Gardens felt more old school Brooklyn to me (very tough, working class Italian neighborhood) and I felt my NYC defenses instinctually go up when I walked over there.

    I hope those 5 guys are met with some serious consequences for their actions.

  2. jayson says

    I am the guy that was beaten, I’m a very private person and have been cooperating with the police thinking it was the right thing to do. Now with out my permission its all over the news. I feel betrayed and out’ed by the police and media. This attention is just making this whole thing worst.

  3. Viewer says

    Jayson, wouldn’t you want people to know so that they can be alert and protect themselves? I’m not one for making you uncomfortable or putting you in the spotlight, but actions as violent and senseless as these need to be reported on and not swept under the rug.

    You wouldn’t ask it from any other victim, would you?

  4. TampaZeke says

    Why does it ALWAYS take four or five big ole strappin’ HE-men with weapons to show a single gay man how weak, effeminate and defenseless he is?

  5. Alfonso says

    Don’t be scared, Jayson. Be mad! I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, but I would wish that you don’t allow yourself to be a victim. We’ve all read about, in disgust, about this happening to our brothers and sisters. Stay strong, brother.

  6. jayson says

    I was alert and carefully, and it still happened. I think the amazing things gay people do should get more news then something like this. Going public will not stop this type of thing from happening. It’s ignorance that caused this. It’s the same as racism. Hate is hate. I just wish the choice to go to the media was mine and not the NYPD.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    I hope you recover quickly, JAYSON. I am very relieved that you know that you didn’t do anything to deserve the attack from those savage cowards. Too many gay people feel they could have avoided this kind of incident, and they blame themselves. Thank you for not making that mistake.

  8. Maverick69 says

    Jayson, As someone who grew up in the neighboorhood I understand how you feel. On the other hand, these crimes need to be reported so everyone remains vigilant in the area, which is very remote any time of day. You did the right thing in reporting this crime. You should be proud and empowered. Also note, those cowards are just that and they will be caught. They won’t be able to keep their traps shut because they have to prove how “macho” they are and brag to their friends.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and don’t forget to talk this out with your friends and family.

  9. Bill says

    Without question this is an anti-gay attack. I hope the victim can recover.

    Unfortunately gay people need to be always prepared for an attack by haterosexuals.

  10. Steve says

    Jayson: Thanks for reporting this to the police.

    Unfortunately, the more we keep anti-gay crimes “private,” the more they will continue. The only way to stop this is to publicize the frequency of these crimes and pressure our law-enforcement groups to protect us too. We’re taxpayers. We deserve to feel safe in our neighborhoods too.

    Thank you for posting.

  11. Carter McDaniel says

    All those who live near Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn should go to South Brooklyn Pizza on Monday nights (That’s their “gay night”). Show support and solidarity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mob and/or the local Police were involved in the attack.

  12. rafi says

    What else can you expect from Texas, a state full of backwater redneck hillbilly yokels? I make it a point never to spend ANY money when I’m unfortunate enough to pass through that–

    Oh, this was in Brooklyn?

  13. MarkDC says

    How “tough” is it for 5 guys to single out, isolate and follow 1 guy and attack him. Would they have followed 5 Gay guys and tried the same?

  14. says

    Jayson, the NYPD let this story out in the media hoping for a break in the case. The disgusting creatures who assaulted you need to be caught and punished severely. I understand and respect your desire for privacy, but consider, too, that your LGBT neighbors are not safe from the criminals who beat you. I hope you make a speedy and full recovery from your injuries, and see your attackers brought to swift and stern justice.

  15. says

    I am a gay man. I live ON this block (Luquer St. between Clinton St. & Hamilton Ave.). While I’m outraged, I’m far from shocked.

    Please check out the comment I posted on a Carroll Gardens blog today regarding this incident, and some likely perps:

    By the way, having lived here for quite some time, I can honestly tell you that the actual pronunciation of the street is Lou-Queer. No joke. Ironic that such vile homophobic thugs hang out here.

  16. jayson says

    To all my fellow gay brothers and sisters. Although I appreciate the support I am not an openly gay man and I am not out at work nor am I out to my neighbors or some of my family. And the media, council woman and the NYPD feels its ok to use what has happened to me as an example. Now all these gay activist want to hold events and rallys. I just want life to go back to normal. Being outed like this is more traumatic than being beaten.

  17. Amanda says


    I did not know your name until you posted so you are remaining pretty anonymous to someone like me from the general public.

    I was the victim of rape 2 years ago, and I reported it to the police. The process of reporting the rape brought up flashbacks of the event– I felt more trauma going through the process of reporting the crime than I did during the crime. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see my rape reported on the news like this. I am so very sorry that you are having to go through that; my thoughts are with you.

    I am choosing to attend one of these protests because I believe that more visibility will make the streets safer in the long run. I am choosing to attend the rally because of what has happened to me, not because of what happened to you– I hope you can find some sense safety and comfort in that.

    Thank you for reporting it to the police, brave soul. I am so very sorry that there are reminders everywhere and that you are feeling the threat of being outed before you are ready– that sucks.

    In my experience, it will get better.

    Love to you.

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