1. Ben says

    What an idiot Atlanta reporter…typical FOX news type…misquoting the time when the Eagle ATL bar was raided. Six months ago to the day….DUH…not a year ago today.

    You even said the right time, six months ago to the day earlier in your report.

    Typical FOX news reporter…ugh…unskilled, bad memory, jittery voice, unprofessional, no on camera presence. Anyone directing or coaching in her ear or what?

    Yawn……get your facts right. Than talk!

  2. jakeinlove says

    Ben, hello, It’s Fox “news”. There are no facts less known anyone to check them…

  3. luke says

    So that was another waste of taxpayers money… and another night when the police could have been catching murderers and rapists.

    Let’s hope the bar patrons/owners win their case against the GA po-po…