Gay Movies Can Now Be Screened in Malaysia, On One Condition…

New censorship guidelines in Malaysia now allow the screening of movies which feature homosexuality.

On one condition.Shelter  

Said Malaysian Film Producers' Association president Ahmad Puad Onah: "We are now allowed to show these scenes. As long as we portray good triumphing over evil and there is a lesson learnt in the film, such as from a gay (character) who turns into a (straight) man.  Previously we are not allowed to show these at all…We can do almost anything now but we are urged to give due considerations on the film's impact on certain areas like public order, religion, socio-culture elements and moral values."

Films with the gays getting killed in the end would probably pass muster as well:

"It is not just homosexuality – subjects such as illegal racing can also be depicted.

A report at the weekend said local movie V3 Road Gangster was being shown in the cinemas since the illegal racers either died or were caught by police at the end."


  1. Lexxvs says

    Yeap, Muslims always so advanced and tolerant. The religion of peace on countries of peace. Not.

  2. says

    I just wish Teabaggers could read. They’d realize what an amazingly FREE COUNTRY we live in, right here, right now.

  3. RJ says

    I can see it now… at the end of every gay film, a silent movie-era card pops on the screen reading, “And he realized the error of his ways and wasn’t gay anymore!”

    Wait… is it okay if they kill themselves at the end? That way they’d be no different than 50’s-era gay pulp novels, where the women either killed themselves, went insane or went back to men; or the men either killed themselves, went insane, or went to jail.

  4. says

    Why would you use a pic from Shelter? Lol That would still not be allowed to be shown there according to their new guidelines. Good movie, though. =P

  5. Michael J says

    This sounds like Hollywood’s Production Code — the industry’s self-censorship that was in effect in the US from the mid-1930s to mid-1960s. Films were allowed to depict what the Code’s administrators considered immoral behavior as long as in the end the transgressors were punished. The code was written by a Jesuit priest, and the long-time head of the Code’s administration, Joseph Breen, was a devout Catholic.

  6. Lessthan says

    It sounds like an eighties slasher flicks. All the “naughty” teens bite it, while the uptight prude survives.

    Lol, it would be great if they did like south park’s Kenny and made the deaths random. I can see a romantic movie about a straight couple overcoming the obstatcles to their love aided by the quirky gay friend. As the couple walks into the sunset secure in the belief that love overcomes all, a giant roc plucks quirky gay friend from the ground and flies off.

  7. Soren456 says


    Yeah, that’s what I was wondering: No suicide option? That was always the Christian requirement.

  8. jaragon says

    The still is from the wonderful movie “Shelter” (2007) which would never be shown in Malaysia

  9. k says

    “Shelter” is one of the best gay films ever — and you are right, it would never be shown there. Such a shame.