Hearing Set in Mississippi Lesbian Prom Case; School Instructed Constance to Take a Guy, Wear a Dress

A hearing has been scheduled in the case of Constance McMillen, the Mississippi lesbian high school student whose story has made national headlines after her school canceled the prom because she wanted to bring a female date. The ACLU is suing the Itawamba School District.

ConstanceThe AP reports: "In the court documents, McMillen said Rick Mitchell, the assistant principal at the school, told her she could not attend the prom with her girlfriend but they could go with 'guys.' Superintendent Teresa McNeece told the teen that the girls should attend the prom separately, had to wear dresses and couldn't slow dance with each other because that could 'push people's buttons,' according to court documents."

The ACLU is trying to force the school to hold the prom and open it to all students, although plans are already underway for a private prom.

A Facebook group in support of McMillen has more than 320,000 fans.

McMillen appeared on Michelangelo Signorile's Sirius radio show yesterday. Constance's mother is gay. Listen to that interview HERE.

McMillen has talked about the support she has received and the hostility from her home town in an interview with Dan Savage. Said McMillen: "Anytime I feel like this is too hard, I think about the support I'm getting. And I’m just ecstatic that so many people would come together like this. I never dreamed there could be so much support out there for me. It’s just amazing. I’m so thankful… The locals don’t like me, but I can’t help it. And things were really hostile in school last week after they cancelled prom. People were rude, and if people talked to me at all it was real short answers. There are a few people who are with me, my real friends, people who are intelligent enough to realize what's really going on here. But the majority are not on my side."


  1. JNJ says

    I’m all for equality, but they should have two proms. The school should host a prom for all the kids that got pissed at this poor girl because they canceled prom – and the girl, her girlfriend and all the other classmates that supported her, should be hosted their own private prom. You tell me which one would be more memorable?

    I know, I know, this isn’t the answer to the problem – but I hate that this girl, her classmates and the town turned on her because of a school decision.

  2. Chrissypoo says

    What a dumb comment from the principal: She can go, but only with guys.

    It is very similar to what the anti-marriage people try to say:”No one is taking away your right to marriage, you have the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex just like everyone else.”

    I don’t know how to respond to such stupidity.

  3. CKNJ says

    The principal and all involved in this decision are a bunch of hateful, ignorant, bigots! I hope they get to read these comments because they need to know what enlightened intelligent people think of their moronic myopic decision! They are so far right it’s wrong!

  4. Jerry stults says

    The bigots of that town are shameful. proms are for all. same sex partners are just as good as any body on this earth.

  5. jpeckjr says

    I agree that the principal and the school system should not have cancelled the prom and should have allowed Constance and her girlfriend to attend together. If the public school is sponsoring the event, all students should be allowed to attend. There is a basic civil right to associate freely with persons of our own choosing.

    I do not agree, however, that a prom is a basic civil right or that any school system should be required to host one.

  6. Sean says

    The funny thing is that most of the people whose buttons would be pushed are the people who are in charge…not the students.

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  8. Anthony says

    If Constance gets to wear her tux to the prom, that would mean that the football team could all show up in strapless mini dresses. That would be great.