Hiram Monserrate Loses Senate Seat in Landslide NY Election

Former New York state senator and girlfriend-slasher Hiram Monserrate lost the battle to win back his state Senate seat to Jose Peralta yesterday in a landslide special election which featured an ugly campaign in which he ran on his anti-gay positions.

Fbn  Buh-bye.

NYT: "…the election followed a fierce, if brief, campaign in which a debate over same-sex marriage, which Mr. Peralta favors and Mr. Monserrate opposes, often overshadowed discussions on issues that are vital to many of the largely Hispanic district’s working-class and immigrant residents, like affordable health care and school overcrowding.

With 94 percent of the vote counted, unofficial returns from the overwhelmingly Democratic 13th State Senate District showed Mr. Peralta with 66 percent and Mr. Monserrate with 27 percent. The Republican candidate, Robert Beltrani, an administrative law judge, came in third with 7 percent."

Who's next?

FightBack NY writes: "In the next several weeks, we will together build a stronger, more robust campaign that will set its sights on where we can have the most impact for additional victories in the September primary elections and the November general elections. Each and every one of the remaining 37 New York State Senators who voted "no" to marriage equality-Democrats and Republicans-will be fair game.

Like we demonstrated over the past few weeks: our strategies will be smart, our tactics will be hard-hitting, and we will win a pro-equality New York State Senate in November."


  1. sparks says

    Given the very public scandals and horrible reputation, I’m disappointed that he got 27% — most of whom probably voted for him because of his anti-gay stance (or because of Peralta’s pro-equality stance).

  2. AlexInBoston says

    Congratulations to both Sen Elect Peralta and to the Ardent supporters and workers at FightBack NY!! I am still at a loss to understand how someone who was “Expelled” from the NYS Senate one week could still be legally eligible to run for the same seat the next week!!

  3. walter says

    just goes to prove you can fool at least 27%
    of the population. and now he wants to run for the assembly. shows that politics pay or why else would you fight so hard to keep the job

  4. patrick nyc says

    It is sad that 27% still voted for this creep but not a surprise when you look at the number of Tea Baggers and right wingers, it’s about the same.

    Look how the Catholic Church is mired in a scandal but still spitting out gay hate at the same time, blaming that the media is out for the Pope.

  5. jamal49 says

    @Sparks: It was a motivating factor for Monserrate’s supporters. There were robo-calls stating that Peralta “supports perversion” and is “against traditional marriage”. Monserrate had solid support from the Latino evangelical churches and there was open lobbying for Monserrate by his campaign workers at these churches. I encountered quite a few of his supporters on Corona Ave and up and down Roosevelt Ave in the past week, especially this weekend past.

    But, Peralta’s people were at the top of their game. I must have gotten 3-4 phones calls daily in the last week and people buzzing my apt. asking me to get out and vote for Peralta.

    Needless to say, I am HAPPY that that execrable scum Monserrate lost. He says he’s going to try for the open Assembly seat. It’s enough to almost make ME want to run against that asshole. Monserrate is a dick. He has always been a dick. He will always be a dick. Good riddance!

  6. drifterbob says

    AWESOME! Other anti-gay pols in NY should take notice! The same thing happened here in Massachusetts back in the mid-2000s when this issue was voted on by the legislature. NOT A SINGLE pro-gay pol was voted out after voting for marriage equality, but some were targeted and ousted for voting against us.

    Enough is enough! We’re not going to sit back and take it, even from Democrats!

    This was a smart, funny (LOVED the lipstick slasher protest) and well-funded organization, and hopefully more to come. Awesome job!