1. Dawson James says

    That’s nice. What a shame her show wasn’t taping during the National Equality March back in October because I know she supports us so long as she can get some publicity out of it.

  2. says

    An ally is an ally in a time when there is a vast potential to change the rights of thousands of gay service members and the repeal of a policy that forces them to repress their identity upon threat of dishonorable discharge. A person could also see this as a positive gesture that is bringing attention and awareness to this discrimination and appreciate this opportunity to move towards change. I would encourage this mentality in others.

  3. says

    It’s one thing to worry about Griffin’s blunt edge style making counterproductive jokes about not bending over in the shower and gay men wearing boas in the barracks, but there is nothing on HRC’s site about this event supposedly only four days away.

  4. Rinnie says

    Can I be Debbie Downer for a second? Does anyone still believe that anyone in the government really gives a crap? IF they repealed it there will be strings attached. Our politicians are the most evil people on the planet. Democrat-Republican they are all cut from the same evil cloth.

    What should happen is that EVERY gay person in the military comes out and asks their straight friends to pretend to be gay and “come out”. A significant impact to the size of their fighting force is the only thing that will make a difference. They won’t prosecute everyone. They can’t. Especially not now.

    That would work a lot better than

  5. E. says

    Good for Kathy!! I’m surprised to see some kind of bitchy comments above… She’s always been an ally to our community, and really spends quite a bit of time trying to bring attention to gay rights issues.

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