1. Rick says

    Bradley Cooper looks goofy in that photo, but he is not a bad-looking guy overall. However, it is damn-near impossible to take a bad photo of Ryan Reynolds, from any angle. Just about any snapshot of the man will activate my reptile-brain longings.

  2. gayalltheway says

    @Alex – I was going to say that as well. Bradley Cooper has his moments when he looks OK on camera and then there are times like this picture shown above, where he just looks … a little weird. Definitely not a troll but also not a stud/hunk per se.

  3. Disgusted American says

    If I didn;t know who they were already – I woulda said – “who’s that sexy gay couple?” mmmmmmmmmm…and yes…….I know its not PC to say – but they LOOK GAY.

  4. Walter says

    they would make a great couple only if you do not find narcissistic looks obsessed superfial elitists “power couples” repulsive …. obviously Andy and some of his readers aspire to this shallow lifestyle … far too disgusting to many no matter how much progressive charity (self-promoting networking) they do

  5. DireFates says

    >>So Cary Grant – Randolph Scott classic Hollywood.

    Is there anyone alive who can write the tell-all about Grant and Scott or will the true details of their story be lost in the mists of time?

  6. Rob West says

    To really enjoy Bradley Cooper rent “Wet Hot American Summer” and see him get f**ked.
    For the life of me, I still can’t believe such a bad movie has such a great scene.

    Also in the cast: Christopher Meloni, Paul Rudd and David Hyde Pierce.

  7. Contrarian says

    The parlor game of closet Hollywood: Name 10 bankable actors under 35 who are indisputably HETEROsexual. Ya know, the kind nobody thinks (except desparate gay fans/projectors) are secret queens. Bet ya can’t do it!

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