1. REYnoldo says

    These folks are great, brave and wonderful and all that.

    But, not good timing, kids.

    The Healthcare Vote is 99.9% of the media’s attention right now.

    No one outside of this blog and others will even know about this.

  2. daftpunkydavid says


    we’ve been waiting for too long, folks.

    this is not an either/or strategy! you very well can manage several issues at the same time, so why couldn’t our elected officials?

    the idea they can’t do this and take care of the economy, and of health care, and of climate change, and of immigration reforms and all other important issues misses the point that this is an important civil rights issue: and if we don’t believe that ourselves, THEN WHO THE FUCK WILL ??????

    I say do what you can today, do more tomorrow, and the following day, until we get what we deserve as equal human beings.

  3. John says

    I am glad to see that unidentified persons can still waltz into the U.S. Capitol office of the third highest ranking official in the federal government anytime they please.

  4. Norm D PLume says

    Fuck Reynoldo and other queers who hate standing up and fighting for equality. We have two enemies: the open bigots and the faggots and dykes who attack us for fighting for our rights.

    Reynoldo, you ignorant piece of dog shit. Militant action is the ONLY thing that’s EVER won freedom and equality in this country. Lobbying and being patient wins nothing. Learn your fucking history and stop spreading bullshit.

  5. Patrick says

    My god… it’s so hard to believe Kip and I were friends in High School. I’m so, so, so proud of him. He does what most of us only dream of doing… standing up in public for what we believe in. You are a personal hero of mine, Kip.

  6. AndrewW says

    This stupidity is going to force Pelosi and the Democrats to say “we don’t have the votes to pass ENDA or DADT.”

    I bet that WASN’T the goal.

    These publicity stunts are so 1960s. In the old days these sideshows were to attract attention. We have PLENTY of attention, that’s not the problem and attention doesn’t change minds or change any votes.

    What’s next a pie in Obama’s face? Oh, shit. I just gave them an idea.

  7. Jane Roe says

    “That witch Pelosi probably wishes she could send tanks to run them over.”

    Er, yeah. I’m sure that’s what’s she’s thinking. Pelosi is clearly the enemy here.

  8. missanthrope says

    “These publicity stunts are so 1960s. In the old days these sideshows were to attract attention. We have PLENTY of attention, that’s not the problem and attention doesn’t change minds or change any votes.”

    Andrew, what do you care? Haven’t you’ve made many statements on Bilerico that lobbying congress on ENDA is a waste of time anyway?

    I agree with your suggestions on community outreach, but we need to use all of the tools we have, sreet protest, lobbying, outreach-everything. Street protests aren’t “just a sixties thing”, if that were nobody would’ve paid attention to those teabagger nuts against health care. But no, they are now controling the debate on that issue.

  9. AndrewW says

    Today’s publicity stunts are a big FAILURE.
    The LGBT Movement doesn’t need grandstanding and childish stunts.

    These childish displays were an effort to get ATTENTION. We HAVE attention, we need results. The only thing to come from these actions is embarrassment.
    Our community looks silly. We tried to make Pelosi look silly. She responded with a big F-You by saying “we don’t have the votes.” She was inviting a very important consideration:

    Do these publicity stunts get more votes?

    They do not. They are NOT helpful. They did not change anyone’s mind or VOTE. They actually hurt us.

    Kathy Griffin made a joke of us, but not as good as GetEqual did. Today’s ill-conceived events will close many doors that were at least partially open. We need people to JOIN our effort, not LAUGH at us.

    It’s easy to be irritating, it’s a lot tougher to be smart. To try to figure out what actually helps us, what helps us achieve our goal of full equality. GetEqual just set us back in time by using tired, old tactics of a bygone era.

    The World has changed, we should, too.

  10. John says

    There’s nothing hateful about Nancy Pelosi personally.

    And comparing her to Li Peng is terribly unfair.

    But she is definitely out of touch. Far from being the wild revolutionary the right portrays her as, Pelosi has a very genteel and aristocratic lifestyle. The Speaker simply does not understand why these LGBT people are causing all this trouble for her. Although she represents Downtown San Francisco in Congress, she spends most of her time “at home” in Napa and Marin County. When she does visit the city, it is almost always to attend a fundraiser in the Financial District or photo-op at City Hall.

    And the truth is her contact with gay people is limited to Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin. Which means her conception of “gay” is limited to wealthy, elite professionals. They don’t need ENDA. As far as I know, none of her children are gay or bisexual either. That’s a part of it too. This issue simply isn’t a priority for her. If her friend Barney can marry his boyfriend, then that’s great. But it isn’t as if he’s going to starve without it, right?

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