Anderson Cooper to Test Live Studio Audience


Anderson Cooper will soon test a studio audience for AC360, according to Media Bistro:

"For the next two Thursdays, Anderson Cooper will host AC360 in front of a live studio audience. The site Starflow Entertainment, which publicizes live studio audience tapings of programs, has the listing. Last month, Cindy Adams hinted that CNN was adding 'a nightly talk show for Anderson Cooper…' These shows appear to be what Adams was referring to.

It is new territory for Cooper — except for when he fills in for Regis Philbin — but would be a return to live studio audience programming for CNN. 'Talkback Live' aired from the atrium of the CNN Center in Atlanta from 1994 to 2003."


  1. steve says

    meh – def not crazy about this guy

    Cooper’s smug charm & good looks don’t absolve his cowardice

    i know some gay guys get pre whenever they see him, but all i see is a douche

  2. Brian in Texas says

    It’s not like he’s “IN” the closet. There are plenty of public pics of him with his bf. People with half a brain and who pay attention know that he is gay. He just doesn’t talk about his romantic life. If he were taking random women on the red carpet or flat out lying that he was gay, then it would be an issue. Would it be helpful to the gay community if he was “flying his pride flag”?, yes, but it would probably be a detriment to his journalism career. A journalist’s job is to report the story; not to BE the story.

  3. Tonic says

    @ Brian in Texas

    Anderson has no problem being the story in many ways, and wrote an autobiography covering personal events including his brother’s suicide. He could easily acknowledge he is a gay man without naming his boyfriend. In 2010, it’s time to stop acting like BEING GAY is such a horrible thing that it can’t even be spoken about. He is ridiculously rich and famous and has little to lose…except shame.

  4. steve says


    “Would it be helpful to the gay community if he was “flying his pride flag”?”

    no one is asking him to wear a rainbow flag on his lapel – just be a fucking man & own up to who you are

    there are those of us living in the trenches of rural america – *out* members of the lgbt community – without a fraction of a single percent of this man’s money, privilege, or influence – just to build a bigger definition of “gay” for the next generation

    maybe he’ll feel it’s safe to come out after enough of us have shouldered the weight of ignorance to make a better tomorrow – and we’ll welcome him

    “yes, but it would probably be a detriment to his journalism career”


    too bad black, hispanic & asian journalists can’r afford that luxury

  5. says

    Ok, fine, Brian.

    I’ll buy that.

    So, can I say he’s gay without being accused of ‘outing’ him?

    Can the papers say that?

    Jodie Foster kind of lives the same way, and I said she was a lesbian and one of my dearest friends said I should be ashamed of myself for saying that out loud.

    Yeah. Really.

  6. mike says

    He’s in news. Being closeted or glass closeted is regular behavior in news when you are talking about the national level. It’s part of the industry. There are lots of other successful gay and lesbians in news who haven’t officially told the public their sexuality.

    Not announcing their sexuality doesn’t mean they are ashamed of it. Someone like Anderson is out in his regular life in a way he wouldn’t be if he was personally ashamed of his sexuality. It means they expect stating their sexuality to the public would be a bad career move. They keep lots of things to themselves for career reasons, as do most celebrities.

  7. sid says

    “Ugh — I’m sure Edward R. Murrow would be THRILLED.”

    Murrow hosted a popular corny celebrity call in show at the same time as he was hosting his major network news show. Who’d he be to criticize a simple live audience?

    “maybe he’ll feel it’s safe to come out after enough of us have shouldered the weight of ignorance to make a better tomorrow”

    AC’s out in his day to day life and at his workplace. That is as out as the average gay person, so he’s doing as much as most of us that way. He’s not going out of his way to contribute in an extra big celebrity way, but he’s a representative in normal life and to a degree in public life since a lot of people think he’s an OK guy and are aware he is out in public dating guys all the time. He could do more as a celebrity if he chooses to. Maybe he will eventually. Most celebrities take years before they decide the time is agreeable for them to come out to the people if they do decide to do it at all.

  8. Jeff S says

    isn’t doing the new year’s eve show with kathy griffin enough of an outing? and that draq queen drop in florida? he’s gay. we know it. i don’t watch his show because he’s gay or because he’s cute. oh, wait a minute. i don’t really watch his show. nevermind.

  9. Brian E says

    Has anyone considered the consequences of him coming clean about being gay and his job a a journalist.
    Amongst many things he has interviewed state figures and do you really belive that a goverment official from a conservative country, party ect. would have an open homosexual interview them?

  10. vatm says

    it’s sad the fact that coming out might in fact threaten a journalist’s “neutrality”, it’s sadder that journalists actually use this argument to defend their decision to be silent. More so in times like these where “homosexuals” are looked down to the extend of not even being perceived as entitled to the same basic human rights as their “heterosexual” counterparts and further so being denied of those same rights. It is critical for the gay community to step up and be completely unapologetic al about it and show it. Maybe if people like Anderson Cooper stopped hiding their sexual orientation (and that’s what I mean by coming out) we would see a change in that mentality. Maybe he should also hide the fact that he is a man or that he is white maybe he should just broadcast some distorted version of his voice that way his neutrality factor might increase a bit.

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