1. Taylor says

    “The longtime Archie cartoonist said Archie Comics wants to reflect what high schools are like in America, where being gay ‘isn’t a big deal anymore.'”

    Well…except maybe, in Itawamba County, Mississippi.

  2. says

    If the folks at Archie think that being gay in high school is “no big deal,” there’s an Oprah show about two kids who killed themselves after severe and pervasive anti-gay bullying that they ought to check out.

    AND … “Archie” has never been about portraying reality as we know it. If the kids who read the comic (I don’t know any kids that do, but there must be some if it’s still in print) vicariously experience a world wherein being gay is completely non-controversial, that’s a step in the right direction. So … bravo – I guess.

  3. unruly says

    Sometimes a self-fulfilling prophecy is best. Normalize being gay in society in all forms of media and exposure (including comics) and eventually society itself will start to normalize being gay.

    I applaud old school comics to treat this as a non-controversial addition.

  4. gr8guyca says

    Any time there is a positive portrayal of a gay character, it’s a good thing. And the fact that the creators are making it, “not a big deal,” is even better. The character, Kevin, seems like the Neil Patrick Harris of the cartoon world.

  5. Twood76 says

    I haven’t read Archie in YEARS but it’s wild that Jughead is setting Veronica up for a fall. When did she ever come under his radar? Riverdale has plenty of bitch goddesses (Reggie, Cheryl Blossom, or even Betty, if you catch her on wrong day) who would take pleasure in Ronnie mooning over the new gay guy but Jughead. Jeez, I will never sleep on the overeater in the corner ever again – bitch may be plotting something while downing her third burger!

  6. says

    Will wonders never cease? CONGRATULATIONS to Archie Comics for acknowledging the reality of LGBT young people. I’m sure the usual right-wing groups will be going absolutely APESHIT over this, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

  7. Vikram says

    Yes, people still read Archies a lot… in India and other places outside the US. Each issue sells at least 10000 copies in India and its not too wrong to say that Archies helps set a certain image of the US for many people here in India. So something like this – if its for real – is truly quite a big thing. I would never have thought it possible because Archies is still a family help company, and has always made much of family values. There was even a time when they had allowed a hard core evangelical group to use their characters, though that’s mostly an embarassing memory now. Still, a few years back when I’d interviwed Michael Silberkleit, then the Archies chairman, it was quite clear that a gay character was not on the cards. But another family member, Jon Goldwater, has taken over and has been shaking things up. This is the most radical move so far.

  8. FML says

    Very cool for Archie Comics to be doing this, though it’s somewhat disappointing that the gay character looks like a cross between Troy Donahue and a Ken doll.

  9. finkles2000 says

    I read Archie comics all the time as a kid. I even remember watching “The New Archies” television show, and buying those comics. And yup, I STILL read them – whenever I’m sick, I always buy a couple double-digests along with my 7-Up and medicine. They’ve been an inclusive bunch (I remember Veronica adding a wheelchair ramp to her house so a friend could attend a slumber party) for years, and I’m glad to see that they’re adding a gay character.

  10. says

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