1. DN says

    They used Virginia Foxx? Oh my god, they must be desperate.

    And what’s that woman doing in the background at 2:00? Seriously.

    And they also use the Ocean Grove case – talk about successfully getting only half the story out there.

  2. Disgusted American says

    why is it when I see Perkins I feel the need to BUST him right in the mouth? He’s the Perfect candidate to do that Homphobic test too…where they attach a probe to your penis,and watch gay porn…perkins would most likely have a RAGING HARD-ON!

  3. gaytheist says

    Not that I’m surprised, but I love how they make these sweeping claims that ENDA will destroy our ‘first freedoms’ without any actual claims as to HOW it will do that. No need to talk about the how, I guess, just scare enough people into thinking they’re going to have their freedoms taken away. Also no need to address the fact that LGBT people haven’t fully achieved their full freedoms in this, “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

  4. says

    Can someone please explain to me how ENDA will cause people to lose their jobs because of their religious beliefs? Oh wait, you can’t! Just another broad-brushed stroke of propaganda coming from the right. Feed on the fears of the ignorant and uneducated and they’ll pour money into your coffers, while grabbing their guns.

    Sadly, this is the kind of crap my mom reads and sees. She falls for it every time. Thankfully, my father is level-headed and manages to talk her out of this nonsense.

  5. BART says

    This is simple preaching to the choir, nothing more. At least Tony Perkins didn’t have that odd, creepy grin on his face that he usually dons when Fox News has him on.

    We all know this is utter nonsense. And ENDA no more takes away people’s right to free speech or will shut down churches or any number of “the sky is falling” than someone walking into a crowded movie theater and yelling “FIRE!” will stop Hollywood from making movies, you know, just in case one day at one theater there actually is a fire.

    But I take comfort in the fact most people in this country are onto people like Tony Perkins and his organization and when talking to many straight friends, are creeped out by them. These people do themselves more harm than good every time they open their bigotted, ingorant, half-truth mouths.

  6. Greg Broderick says

    Something that seems to have been missed by many of the commenters is that this YouTube video is merely a trailer for the complete video, which is being sold by the FRC at the referenced web site for $15. As a trailer, it isn’t meant to contain the full arguments, only to provoke those who watch the trailer to purchase the complete video.

  7. TANK says

    But what isn’t missed is that a person who’s willing to shell out $15.00 for this is someone who is lost to persuasion and to relevance in the future of this bill. No reasoning with them.

  8. says

    I’m sure glad that this doesn’t fall under ‘bearing false witness’ in the 10 commandments. He’d be in real trouble if it did! Just a continuation of the proud tradition of distortion and outright lying that continues to define many christian sects today.

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