Gay Print Publishing Puts Itself ‘Out There’


Here's something that isn't written about so often anymore — the launch of a new gay magazine. The makers of Out There are defying publishing's hard times with "an international queer Culture, Voices, Arts and Travel bi-annual targeted at professional, discerning gay men in major cities across the globe."

The first issue's cover star is actor Alan Cumming, photographed by Minh Ngo.

It's on sale in London this week, and they're planning an international launch beginning in New York in May. Or you can visit them online here.


  1. Jake says

    Holy crap no wonder they aren’t worried it costs £10. Seriously it better be a huge jam packed super glossy otherwise it is destined to fail miserably. The only £10 magazines I have spotted before were one off, art/fashion related and were basically books.

  2. Tom A. says

    What *is* a “discerming” gay man? One who asks for 2 pay stubs before hooking up on manhunt?

  3. Gianpiero says

    “International Homoculture”??? Riiight. I’m guessing that translates as lots of glossy ads for underwear (because bikini briefs speak every language!) and expensive vacation spots, editorial “content” that consists of reviews of hotels at those same places, and a page on expensive gadgets called something like “Tech Trends.” Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

    And on the cover of their “Freedom Issue,” they put a photo of a man with his head in his hands. Nice.

    Wake me when they show signs of originality. There are plenty of interesting Voices, Queer Clicks and stories about The Big Apple here on Towleroad, thanks.

  4. says

    Never judge a book by its cover, so they say

    I suggest you all try it out before making your judgements – 200 pages or stories, it’s pretty much a bookazine, certainly not all white, certainly not all buff, only one underwear ad and insiders travel editorial.

    I hope we prove you wrong, especially Gianpero who has gone to stereotype – give it a go…

    Highlights of what’s in the mag available at:

  5. Alex says

    Out There goes against presenting the stereotypical image if gym bunnies and is certainly not “all white.” It features a diverse range of subjects and thought provoking articles. Its mission is to showcase alternative gay lifestyles and highlight exciting and emerging gay cultures and lifestyles across the world.