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    First off, I don’t believe a fucking word that comes out of Barney “Elmor Fudd” Frank’s mouth. He wreaks of excrement every time he opens it. All we ever hear is “it’s in the pipeline” or “it’s going to happen soon.” These exclamations of progress are thrown out to placate our community.

    I have no problem working within the system, but at this stage of the game it’s time for the Congress to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Do what’s right, not politically expedient.

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    I’m with Keith, I’m all for working within the system but there comes a time when you have to asess the situation and realize you’re not being taken seriously. When that realizaton comes, it’s then time to move on to more effective measures.

    Larry Kramer said you have to have anger in order to protest effectively and effect change….he was right on the mark.

  3. Ian says

    @J.R. This did NOT make us look like a crazy rude fringe group. They were actually very polite, apologizing for the interruption but explaining that we were running out of time.

    We need to put pressure on Congress, and letter writing just isn’t working anymore.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have no problem with these forms of non-violent civil disobedience — and would be happy to actively participate and get arrested if necessary. We have to make it clear that we are here and we want out rights. I applaud this group’s efforts.

  5. Rann says

    Go GetEqual!!! Those who deride their methods would have said the same about some of the pioneers in other civil rights movements. God forbid we upset the apple cart or someone gets arrested. Those with that attitude are not helping. Thank you to those brave enough to actually do this!

  6. Keith says

    I must agree with the posters who support GetEqual and their efforts. They’ve done more to bring this in to the media, and people’s living rooms for discussion, than anything the HRC has done in the past decade that I can recollect. Personally, I think a multi-pronged approach of protest, civil disobedience, and working within the system is needed to move equality legislation forward. . .so kudos to everyone who is working hard, from whatever angle, to affect change and bring legislation forward to promote equality.

  7. Zlick says

    Well, I’m not gonna pick apart every little thing they do, since – at least for now – it seems they intend to do a little civil disobedience at every opportunity. Great. Some actions will be better than others. The stuff they did yesterday made news outside of gay media, so that’s fantastic.

    Yes, there’s an angry edge to the gay rights movement. But anyone who believes it “tars” the entire movement or the whole gay community are those who already believe all us queers are handed revised Homosexual Agenda sheets on the first of every month.

  8. Rodney says

    I’m starting to believe that some people viewed candidate Obama as some sort of supernatural figure capable of relieving all our woes in one stroke. When it turns out he is just a mortal man, they’re so livid they decidedly do an about-face and start attacking their own.

    All the while, the Tea Party crazies delight in the shadows as we devour ourselves.

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    Why was part of the audio blanked out? It sounded like someone on the committee began to say something like “this is the problem with this, there’s no end to it. We’re never going to satisfy them (laughs)”. Then the audio goes blank. Trying to shield a homophobic committee member? What else did he say? So now we have a (dem?) member of congress who thinks our civil rights fight is a “problem” and reacts with derisive laughter? Where’s the rest of the tape? Who cut the audio? We must know who our true allies are and who are the ones that have been USING us for decades.

  10. Bostonian says


    I agree with you. Can someone investigate this and find why and who was blanked out (in the 2nd video starting @ :45) ?

    They start off saying: “this is the problem with this, there’s no end to it. We’re never going to satisfy them”

    And what did they say after that?

  11. says

    The video with their conversation with Representative Polis was very disturbing. They are actually lecturing Rep. Polis who is gay on how many states its legal to fire someone who is LGBT- lecturing a Rep of Congress who is gay? Nice touch.

    Polis gave a very good answer, which is sad- but showed something- would you rather us go ahead without the trans protections- because that is the hold-up. Of course they cry no to that.

    It was obvious they had their talking points, but not much to go beyond that. If you’re going to go to all this trouble- be able to make a cogent article to a gay congressperson who I would assume you feel is not your enemy.

    Seeing Congressman Polis lectured by these four was just painful to watch.

  12. FunMe says

    Wow, GetEqual is the organization of TODAY.

    HRC really is becoming a joke, especially with their desperate ways of coming to blogs to discredit them. They are so transparent when they post it’s funny.

    The train has left the station and activists like the one in these vidoes are the ones who going to make the difference NOW.

    Thumbs up for these individuals! Go GetEqual!

  13. Norm D PLume says

    Bravo! This is how we win equality! Not by voting for Democrats, not by “being patient”!

    A HUGE “Fuck you” to self-loathing queers like DOUGCHGO and J.R. who are ready to make excuses for every homophobic anti-gay Democrat in Congress, but attack every gay activist who takes a stand!

    This is what democracy looks like! This is what gay activism looks like! It’s new and it’s not familiar to most of the old farts here, but get used to it.

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