1. jason says

    Why is Knapp coming out just before the release of her new album? This has got “commercial marketing ploy” written all over it. I also don’t believe that she’s gay. In a couple of years, she’ll do an Anne Heche on us.

  2. Dan44444 says

    I used to listen to Jennifer Knapp in High School. This is a great story, and I’m very proud of her.

  3. Tone says

    I applaud this woman’s courage, particularly in the face of cynical comments here. I wish her all the best on her journey.

  4. says

    I’m sure there’s a commercial element to it because, let’s face it, if you’re shooting for commercial recording success ANYTHING you do has to have an element of self-promotion in it. But as she’s been in a committed same-sex relationship for 8 years, the notion that this is just a marketing ploy and that she’ll “Heche out” seems unlikely.

    Good on her.

  5. Josh says

    Just once, I’d like to see a high profile, newly out queer artist +Christ emulator (like JKNapp) confront these willfully ignorant evangelical rubes on national television. I would rejoice if he/she declared unashamedly: “the form of Christianity you practice is the spiritual and physical enemy of every self respecting gay person in this country. It is also the enemy of our loving allies and we number in the millions. On behalf of these decent Americans, I declare war on your religion at the ballot box and will drive your ignorant cult from the public squares, back into the prayer closets where it belongs.”

  6. princely54 says

    I love when assholes like that ‘pastor’ talk about someone else claiming to be a Christian. That’s HER fucking business if she does identify as Christian and who made him, or anyone else, the gatekeeper for who describes him/herself as a Christian?! Would he go to a prison where some serial killer has converted to Christianity and say, “Well, since I see you have sinned, you can’t be in our club/faith?” Fuck no, he wouldn’t! He’d run back to his church and to the press raving about the new convert in town.

    Why is homosexuality elevated to an almost unforgivable sin with these Bible-beaters? What are they so afraid of?!

  7. Chris says

    Jason’s issues regarding women seeping out once again. I’m honestly not saying this to be a bastard, but I really do think therapy would do you good Jase.

    As for Jennifer coming out, good for her! I don’t care if there were commercial motivations, more out stars can only be a good thing.

  8. New Jersey Girl says

    There is a real problem with Modern Christianity’s translation of the original Koine Greek word Malokoi…as Knapp tries to convey.

    The Christians of the world have mis-translated the words and twisted them to mean ‘homosexual’ for their own hate filled, genocidal agenda for the 21st century.

    Drop your bibles and step away from the religion!


  9. topher says

    Jeez, that guy’s arrogance is rampant.
    “…who understand the bible as sacred text”
    “I don’t think they do.”

    I’m speechless. That alone must be the single most arrogant, self-righteous, self-serving and violent thing I’ve heard this week (you know, when you let it marinate for a while).

  10. walter says

    ted haggard isn’t gay he just frequents call
    boys for the conversation and drugs. he is doing gods work healing from the inside. protect us from these fucking hippocrits.they all forget the teaching of Christ was love not hate. what makes them better than Christ

  11. sherri says

    This isnt about one sin versus another sin or judging one another. The word of God is what is at stake here. It comes simply down to this. Either the word of God is true or it is a lie. Jennifer Knapp has decided it is a lie, written long ago and misinterpreted. WHether that be a homosexual or a liar, murderer, or an adulterer that would say “there” given part of sin that is mentioned in the Bible is erroneous and other people start to believe, “well if that part is old and misunderstood than so is that part and all the way to, so is the part about Jesus being the only way, truth, life”. WHere do we stop dissecting it for “our own Way”, “our own Truth” and “our own Life”. This is NOT about homosexuality!! WHat is on trial is the word of God! Yes we all sin but I don’t exalt my sin and say it is ok and God’s word is a lie. That is what makes me sick. So come out if you feel the need to come out but don’t attack the Word of God! People, don’t go blind just cause someone is blowing smoke in your eyes!

  12. says

    Sherri – Your argument isn’t quite sound. We know that the Bible was not written in English, but you presume that it’s meaning was accurately translated. You also presume that things don’t change in the Bible. They do – Mark 7:18-19 suggests that Jesus declared all previously things “unclean”, clean.

    Each and every alleged reference to homosexuality (and there are only a handful), when put in context, are a non-issue. God is far more concerned with murder, adultery, theft, and – wait for it – incorrect religious teachings (Revelation 22:18, 19)

    You suggest that declaring that homosexuality isn’t a sin, is exalting a sin and saying God’s word is a lie. God’s word isn’t a lie, unfortunately what you read – assuming you are reading, rather than listening to someone’s “interpretation” today is not exactly God’s word. I suspect theologians will ponder this question every day for a while to come, but those of us who have come to peace with our sexuality orientation, and God’s love (and justice) know that we are not to be condemned for being gay. I, like every other gay man and woman, was made like this, and God’s creation is perfect, and He see’s that it is good. I sin, like everyone else, but being in love with my partner is not one of those sins.

  13. Knapp time says

    I wonder how understanding the gay community will be if one of the most out there ACT Up leaders become a evangelical Christian… the hypocrite you want to bash is probably looking back at you in the mirror. Christian music gave Jennifer Knapp her platform, she is now crapping on. I wish the Pastor would have looked at Larry King and said.. Larry everything might be relative or what ever you feel, but how does your wife feel about your adultry with her younger sister? Larry is senile.. This was a PR stunt to sell records for Ms Knapp, to sell a few CDs .. otherwise the now enlightened Jennifer would have come out 4 years ago with no projects on the horizon. yes it’s real brave… before you discount my post- I have worked with HIV/Aids patients, so this isn’t some narrow minded view, with out some real experiance. I love all people but truth is truth.. even Act Up would agree on that..

  14. says

    You know what? Is is SO fucking rude of CNN to bring someone on to tell her to her face how evil she is. That is AWFUL! I’m sick of this shit.

  15. lonjamin says

    Who gives a shit what anyone says about their personal interpretation of the bible or their understanding of religion? It’s all a buch of hogwash. Nothing in the books of faith is original and anyone with an elementary school education should be done with all of it. If it’s the word of a perfect god, why are there so many better writers, before and since? Why all the confusion and conflict over the content? Why is the whole thing predicated on not asking questions? I guess if Adam and Eve had just shut the fuck up, we’d still be in Eden? Fucking our mother to populate the earth? There are shitloads of ideas that were bad that have been discarded through time. Why do we insist on holding on to this one?

  16. geemo says

    Christ taught love not hate. Anyone who preaches hate is an anti-Christian. The Anti-Christ is alive and on the earth in the form of these false prophets, because everything they stand for is anti-christian!

  17. Troy says

    I have to say, she totally called him out on his bullshit. She is a brave woman who if she’s like a lot of other evangelical christians who come out, risked losing her entire social constellation when she told the truth. She’s done her biblical homework and isn’t afraid to hash it out on national television, even though she’s an artist and not a theologian.

    I’ve had this same conversation with a pastor who was also one of my best friend until I came out. It’s humiliating, hurtful and depressing. But it sounds like she’s surrounded herself with a new positive network. Too bad she had to, and too bad they didn’t have her current spiritual leader on to affirm her.

  18. BART says

    Why is it some (certainly not all) Christians think that being gay and being Christian are antithetical to each other. I’m both. I know the word of God. I know the Old Testament (quite shocking, some of the commentors here love to say either the word of God is true or it’s not…yet, I wonder how many have their big asses stuffed into a booth eating crab, lobster or shrimp when they can, or wear clothes of blended material, or would stone their children if their children cursed them… I mean if it’s the word of God, why are we not doing that? Come on, if your faith is that strong, lets start stoning the insolent children.)

    But when it comes to being gay — which I don’t believe is a “sin” because the “sin” part of this has been misinterpretted by MAN to fit their need not God’s. Don’t even get me going on the context of which things were written…can these judgemental Christians tell you to whom and why Leviticus was written? Doubtful. In fact, I know most can’t.

    I’m a Christian, I don’t apologize for it and I relish in the fact I am saved in Jesus Christ. I’m also gay. It’s my sexuality…just as God made me.

    My suggestion to most of these so-called Christians, who seem to know nothing about Jesus Christ, the man and his mission on earth…stop calling yourself Christians. You’re not. Call yourselves Old Testamites, Judgementalists, or Leviticites. Because you’re not Christians.

  19. romeo says

    I started watching this program, but then thought why am I watching yet another dense TV interviewer thinking it’s okay to debate my right to exist. Kudos to Knapp, but the way this was framed was offensive at the most profound level. The interview should have been about her and not the morons King had on with her. And Haggard?! Why would anyone think such a total failure would be an authority on anything? When you screw up that badly, you keep your mouth shut and your head down.

  20. TANK says

    hey, that’s pastor’s not a REAL christian…or rather, knapp isn’t a REAL christian…or neither of them are REAL christians. They don’t know the jesus I know based on their “mistranslations” of the stories of other human beings.

  21. Jay Croce says

    Who the hell besides some weirdo Xtian wannabe singer would appear on Larry King? He’s a freakin corpse with suspenders. She’s desperate for attention.

    It’s a classic case of misery loves company.

  22. ChrisM says

    Larry King? Didn’t know Larry King was still alive or at least alive and still on television. It’s like giving an interview in a vacuum – nobody knows you’re there and virtually nobody cares. I think informercials get a bigger audience than Larry King – and at least they’re interesting.

  23. KPC says

    Sigh … I guess since so many people believe this baloney then it is important that it be discussed. I sure wish the day were here when people felt able to think for themselves and not in fables. Seems unlikely that mankind as a whole will ever be able to make that leap.

  24. Nikko says

    Right on, ROMEO. Thank you for expressing exactly how I feel when media thinks “our (homosexual) right to exist” is considered something open for debate!!! Disgusting and offends me at my deepest level. KPC, yeah i feel your sigh!

  25. Lin says

    I never heard of Knapp before today, but it DOES say in the Bible that being with the same sex IS an abomination. I am surprised at Botsford for not being more forthright as I have listened to him on the radio, and he did not even sound like himself. Point blank, Knapp IS wrong in her beliefs AND her personal lifestyle.

  26. Perkins says

    *shrug* I should point out that, while male homosexuality is specifically forbidden in the bible, _female_ homosexuality is not even mentioned… At all… So, if one is _really_ wanting to judge people by the letter of the law as laid out in the Old Testament, there’s no problem here whatsoever…

  27. billmiller says

    The ‘average’ Bible contains over one million words. As one wh grew up in the church, I find it sad that as Jennifer points out, that all these so-called christian ‘leaders’ can point out if homosexuality. There are many misinterpreted sections of this book. Just look at the closet case, Phelps, and the clown who told folks the world was ending a couple months back. Jesus said that it is sinful to judge others, try to keep that in mind!