Openly Gay Candidate Craig Lowe Wins Gainesville Mayoral Election by 35 Votes, Triggering Automatic Recount

Craig Lowe has beaten opponent Don Marsh in the Gainesville, Florida run-off mayoral election, by a tiny margin of 35 votes. The close vote forces an automatic recount:

Craiglowe"The race of mayor was close through the entire evening but got closer and closer as the final precincts came in. In the end, Lowe received 6,098 votes to Marsh's 6,063. Since the margin of victory was less than a half of a percent, the recount is mandatory. The canvassing committee was meeting later Tuesday night to decide when the recount would occur."

Lowe was the target of ugly anti-gay attacks during the campaign.

If elected, he'll be one of 71 gay mayors nationwide, according to the Gainesville Sun.

Here's the Sun's live blog of the evening.


  1. Steve Kat says

    Well Craig Lowe won. I’m proud that I called about 100 people for him today in the get out the vote drive.

    What I learned was that every vote counts. I did talk to Craig, and he said the voting machines were very accurate, he doubts if the margin will change in any recount.

    And I wouldn’t buy Marsh’s comments at all. the Tea Party people have a built in element of homophobia, and they have done many bible thumping things around the country, showing they are part of our own “Christian Taliban”. People who seem to forget that Jesus said something about Love thy neighbor as thyself, and nothing about gays.

    What really caught my eye also is the comment about 71 gay mayors nationwide. I only knew of 3, including counting Craig

    But this is how, little by little you knock over homophobia, and teach people that gay people are good people.

    Everyone needs to be involved. BTW, I live not in FL, but in MD. But all I needed was a PC and a phone.

    You can help too. Pls get involved in politics to help elect LGBT friendly politicians.

  2. Jason says

    Not a huge surprise. I went to High School and College there. U of F does a good job of getting their new students to register in Alachua County since this will be their home for at least 4 years. I registered immediately and the first President I voted for was George Bush. I voted pretty conservative; but not necessarily Repub. The delineations weren’t that clear back then. Anyhow, Alachua county is a small pond of liberals surrounded by a sea of Southern Conservatives in Northern Florida. There outlier status is due to the population of 45,000 generally liberal minded students and probably another 8-10 thousand Faculty. This is good to see; glad that my hometown in the heart of Baptist country can do something like this.

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