Towleroad Guide to the Tube #631

BITTER: Party of one.

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP: Extended trailer for Banksy film.

CONSTANCE: Sean Chapin wrote a song for Constance McMillen and other gay and lesbian students who want to go to the prom.

BAD ROMANCE: The pajama youth banana version.

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  1. patrick nyc says

    I seem to recall the bitter Queen before, it was as annoying before as it is now. Shut the fuck up, no one cares. Oh yea, I hate ugly Queens who think they have a clue and in truth know shit.

  2. dizzy spins says

    wow–that hateratin’ queen is hilarious. “What the hell am I supposed to say back to ‘LOL’?”

    I hope he does spoken-word performances

  3. TANK says

    Birds? Seriously? There are more worthy things to hate in the morning than birds…like joggers. Ya know those assholes who are up at the crack of dawn to jog around when you’re pulling in with hangover…and that urge to serve and hit them takes over. I hate morning people.

    Anyway, a youtube rant about things people hate! How original? He should submit something to the pwnage olympics.

  4. says

    I would like to strongly urge people to go to youtube and leave positive comments and respond to the bigoted, anti-gay, negative comments being left on that little kids GaGa video…it’s just sick and wrong what some people are saying about this little kid! I have responded to many of them but can’t keep it up and it would help to have other positive voices chime in and support this kid.

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